Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 177

"Yo! Is there really someone so fearless as to challenge the King of Acting Tough?"

Xu Que’s brows twitched as well. Hearing his tone, he didn’t sound too friendly at all and was in fact mocking him in a sarcastic tone.

When Xu Que glanced around, he saw a student dressed in blue robes with a certain iciness in his stare. He was extremely self assured with a look of indifference across his face. Next to him was another student who looked like he was contented living in his own world, not caring about anyone else who was beneath him.

Obviously, this student in blue robe was young master Mo. And the person standing next to him was the leader of the four great students, young master Zhao.

Xu Que’s glance rested on young master’s Zhao for sometime, as his brows knotted up. Xu Que wasn’t very pleased for he had seen someone who knew how to act tough as well. He was a damned inferior product! This kid wasn’t speaking at all, as if he was charging and channeling a massive act tough to be presented later on.

At this point, Tang Liu Feng interrupted Xu Que’s thoughts, "Brother Li, you have to be careful. This young master Mo failed to pass the entry test last year. After hearing that you’ve succeeded, he must be thinking of ways to create trouble for you!"

Indeed, as soon as Tang Liu Feng finished speaking, young master Mo spoke out once more, "I heard that Li Bai managed to succeed in the entry test. It’s been said that he’s very different and an extraordinary student. But to me, he’s just a little kid who’s clever in the wrong ways. After all, he wouldn’t be able to excel on the stage with me. I’ve heard many of my friends telling me of his devious schemes and tricks outside. Hence..."

Young master Mo spoke louder with a tone of anger, "I wish to ask this brother Li Bai. Haven’t you gone overboard? If you’re really a talented individual, then this humble subject wishes to teach you a lesson in poem composition!"

As soon as his words landed, there was utter silence within the halls.

The few students who had entered the hall later was filled with delight as they heard this.

"That’s too amazing. Young master Mo is going to exact revenge on our behalf.

"Young master Mo is really a righteous man."

"And he’s right. Being clever in the wrong ways isn’t intelligent at all."

"Under the skies, nobody can be as good as young master Mo in poetry. Even young master Zhao would find it hard to compete against him in poetry. Their reputation will leave a mark on all of history!"

Madam Ya could feel the taunts and mockery within young master Mo’s eyes, as she smiled outwardly, but trembled slightly deep down.

She had seen the talents exhibited by this two students and had also witnessed Xu Que’s unusual wits. However, she never expected a challenge to be issued so abruptly and so early into the banquet.

Xu Que was still seated on the matt, eating his own dessert, impervious to everything else that was happening. He even urged Tang Liu Feng to eat more!

Tang Liu Feng was extremely anxious as he forced a bitter laugh, unable to even swallow his own saliva.

The glances of everyone fell to Xu Que. In the entire hall, the only people who were eating were Xu Que and Tang Liu Feng.

Young master Mo’s glance fell upon them as well as he taunted once more, "Is there nobody here named Li Bai? Or could he be… afraid?"

Everyone stared harder at Xu Que, their faces were filled with smiles, gloating in his misfortunes.

"Li Bai, why are you still sitting there pretending not to hear anything?"

"He really has no respect for anyone. Outrageous! It’s your honor that young master Mo issued a challenge to you to compete in poetry. And you’re there pretending to be dumb and mute?"

"Hurry stand up and acknowledge, unless you’re afraid. If you’re afraid, you can just voice it out. I’m sure young master Mo won’t put you in a spot!"

Everyone started taunting him.


Xu Que looked around them as he sighed out before placing his utensils down, speaking out sorrowfully, "In this entire life, I’ve begged for someone to rival my talents and failed to find anyone worthy. Although I’m extremely lonely here, I shan’t take challenges from just any roadside dogs or stray cats. If I were to accept every single challenge, I will overwork myself to death!"

Roadside dogs or stray cats?

Everyone opened their eyes wide and were astonished beyond words.

Young master Mo was one of the four great students from Bright Saints College, the school endorsed personally by the Fire Emperor. Every single one of them was an extraordinarily talented individual and young master Mo was the most talented out of the extraordinary talents, the cream of the crop. He would inevitably become a high ranked official in the nation and rise to a top position in the imperial courts!

And yet the unknown Li Bai had referred to him as a roadside dog or stray cat? That was outrageous!

Young master Mo glared at him icily as his face fell. His glare was fixed on Xu Que, as if attempting to strangle him to death with his stare.

Even the expressionless and calm looking young master Zhao was frowning, as he stared at Xu Que as well.

Students were well known for being extremely prideful. When a challenge was issued, even if one knew that he would lose, he had to accept the challenge.

Losing would just entail a moment of embarrassment. But being a cowardly tortoise, hiding in his shell would entail a lifetime of embarrassment.

Indeed, Xu Que was giving off a fearless and arrogant attitude and even taunted the highly respected young master Mo. Comparing young master Mo to a roadside dog and stray cat was extremely offensive to all the students present, since they revered him. Additionally, everyone saw it as excessive boasting, without any grounds to support his taunts!

Even Madam Ya was somewhat taken aback by this display. She had never imagined that young mister Li would ever speak such ridiculous sounding words. The biggest taboo to a student was speaking words he couldn’t back up. And Xu Que had made himself sound extremely proficient in the literary arts by ridiculing young master Mo.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

At this moment, Xu Que had earned a substantial amount of act tough points as the notifications rang out in his head. However, he was still extremely composed. He confidently used his chopsticks to pick up a piece of dessert and placed it into his mouth calmly.

When everyone saw him, they were filled with anger and yet nobody dared to step forward to scold him further.

Xu Que’s performance outside had left everyone with a fear of him. They were worried of being made a fool off if they got the better of him.

"Haha! What an arrogant young man!" Young master Mo laughed coldly as he walked further down the hall and sat at the same table as Xu Que, staring right into his eyes. He then started reciting, "Haughtiness invites failure, modesty welcomes wisdom. A gentleman of prudent disposition is as graceful as jade!"

With every word uttered, the crowd was filled with amazement.

"Great words. Haughtiness invites failure, modesty welcomes wisdom. Young master Mo is a genius!"

"That’s right. A gentleman of prudent disposition is as graceful as jade. That’s how we, as students, should behave!"

"That Li Bai only knows how to be boastful and praise himself. He must be a talentless, useless good for nothing. Young master Mo clearly cannot even be bothered with him. That’s how a true gentleman should behave!"

Madam Ya’s eyes gleamed as she looked towards young mister Mo, her eyes were filled with admiration.

When Xu Que heard this, he stared right back at him. Fuck me. You even used the line ‘haughtiness invites failure, modesty welcomes wisdom’? Aren’t you forcing me to use my skills on you?

According to your words, praising myself isn’t convincing at all huh?

Since that’s the case, don’t blame the act tough king for abusing you in front of everyone. How dare you act tough in front of the act tough king?


Come on then!

Didn’t you mention something about competing in poetry?

Who the fuck can’t do poetry? Is it a big deal that you can write two lines of good words?

Haha! Let’s compete then and see who’s the unrivalled act tough king.

My mighty system, my one and only ally through thick and thin, hear my words and break through the dimensions of space and time.

Listen to my calls, according to the rituals of our agreement. Using my blood as a request and my body as your weapon, use my soul as a sacrifice, from the covenants drawn up from the days of old. I chant this old spell to revive the prophecy. Hear my commands, and fight this battle for me!

Show yourself, 300 Tang Poems Book!