Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 176

Xu Que walked into the compound and was surrounded by trees and plants. When he scanned his surroundings, his eyes gleamed in surprise. He was amazed by the design of the entire place!

The yard before him was extremely spacious with pebbles lining the walkway.It was a mixture of black and white colors and looked extremely like a scene from a painting.

There were plants and flowers by the side, thriving in abundance. As he took several steps in, he saw several tall buildings surrounded by lush greenery. Stone carvings ornamented the walkways and it felt like the buildings were surrounded by dense forests.

The entire area looked very majestic and was clearly done up in elegant taste.

"Young master, please come this way!" At the end of the walkway stood several female students who welcomed him.

"Eh… this is such a nice place. One look and I know it’s a place where refined students live in. It really suits my taste!" Xu Que seemed to enjoy the scenery as he walked through. He felt as though he was being overwhelmed by inspiration as a result of the scenery. He even felt as though he was cleansed by this place and maybe even became more holy just by walking through.

The female student smiled at him, "Every stalk of flower and every blade of grass was intentionally arranged by Madam Ya. Many refined and famous students have been mesmerized and inspired by the scenery. Ideas will flow and many great works had been created right here. It must be that young master feels inspired as well?"

Xu Que nodded his head in agreement, "Not bad, not bad at all. I also feel a sense of belonging here. In fact, I feel like I’m swimming in a sea of wisdom first with breaststroke and then butterfly stroke, before swimming freestyle. Maybe I can even swim naked as well!"

The female student paused in shock and was somewhat bewildered. Swimming in a sea of wisdom… What was breaststroke?

She couldn’t comprehend his words at all and was too shy to inquire further. She thus assumed that this handsome, refined and elegant looking young master must be an extremely talented individual.

"Young master, please follow me!" The young female student smiled as she continued to lead the way before they entered a building.

Xu Que nodded his head as he caught up with her, enjoying every bit of the scholarly atmosphere. At this point, he couldn’t hold it in any longer as he broke out in a song, "My old house is in a village. I was born here in this village, born and raised. Don’t look at this village and think that it’s small, there are mountains and rivers and forests..."

(T/N : Song is taken from Love Stories in a Countryside 2 / 乡村爱情Ⅱ)

"..." The female student in front paused, and almost fell down from his strange song.

What… What song was this? Why did it sound so inharmonious?

She then forced a laugh, "Young master, this… This isn’t a village!"

"I know. I just couldn’t help feeling inspired and my creative juices are flowing. Yo, look at the waterfall there. I feel yet another wave of inspiration." Xu Que then pointed at a fake man-made mountain and waterfall in front of him. He then focused the energy in his dantian as he started singing once again, "The great river flows eastward ah! The stars in the skies surrounds the Ursa Major…"
(T/N : Song is Good Man Song by Liu Huan)

"Young master, young master, please stop singing…" The student was extremely anxious as she interrupted Xu Que before whispering, "Young master, you’re not supposed to speak or sing too loudly here. Can you reserve your inspirations for the banquet later on tonight and share it with Madam Ya and all the students around?"

"Oh? I can sing at the banquet tonight?" Xu Que’s eyes twinkled.

"Yes. When the banquet begins, the first item would be sharing of poetic works, as students will compete with each other. Soon after, there would be a competition for chinese couplets. The last portion of the banquet would be for songs and music!"

"So that’s how it is!"

Xu Que nodded his head gently as he smiled to himself. His heart was elated as he laughed to himself. He could act tough again tonight!

Before long, under the guidance of the young female student, Xu Que reached the building.

Outside the building, by the entrance were string of beads hung down like a windchime. When a gust of wind blew, it rang like bells!

As Xu Que walked further into the building, he arrived at the main hall which was filled with students. They sat atop matts and were having hearty discussions with each other!

When Xu Que appeared, everyone cast their glance towards him. Realizing that he was an unfamiliar face, they didn’t pay him much attention and resumed their discussions with each other.

"Young master, please enjoy yourself!" After escorting Xu Que to the hall, she left.

Xu Que nodded his head gently, not minding the attitudes of the students. After all, students tend to disregard each other!

He walked further into the hall and found a place for him to settle down when he started meditating quietly.

Before long, more students streamed into the hall as it became nosier and livelier.

The later groups of students who had just streamed in recognized Xu Que as the person who was granted entry by passing the tests. In fact, the entire process was so unpleasant, hence nobody bothered to interact with him.

As for the students who had been in the hall earlier, they noticed that Xu Que was unfamiliar. Upon closer inspection, they realized that he didn’t wear the crest of his school on his robes and thus didn’t bother about him.

Xu Que shook his head. Students really disregard each other!

This continued for some time until Madam Ya led a pair of highly respected students into the hall which shocked everyone present.

"The pair of great students are here!"

"Young master Mo, young master Zhao. Their reputations have spread far and wide!"

"To be able to be in the presence of this pair of great students is our great fortune!"

"When I heard that young master Mo had just released a book detailing the collection of poems which he had composed, I bought it without hesitation. I even brought it here with today, to read and enjoy the quality of his poems. I’ve benefited greatly from every single word."

All the students rose to their feets to welcome the pair of Greats from Bright Saints College!

Xu Que’s lips snarled.

‘Fuck! I was just saying how students tend to disregard each other and yet you show so much respect to the both of them? You bunch of scums! When you look at me, the poem deity, you pretend not to notice. And now you offer so much reverence to this cheap fake goods? You… All of you are a disgrace to the refined!’

‘Fine! Since you showed plain disregard for me, I shall ensure your social statuses are ruined to the ground… Pui! Or rather, by tomorrow, all of you shall be memorizing my poems!’

Today, this Poem Deity shall use his "Li Bai’s Drunken Poems" and send all of you back to your damned remedial classes. You would even have to stand at the back of the class and memorize nothing but my poems.

Xu Que felt rather insulted as he shook his head in discontent. Still seated down, he started sipping some tea.

At this point, a shadow brushed past him and was extremely overwhelmed by meeting Xu Que, "Brother Li, we finally meet again!"

Xu Que gave him a sideward glance and realized that it was Tang Liu Feng. Xu Que then greeted him plainly, "Tang Bo Hu, where did you run off to just now?"

Tang Liu Feng gave an awkward glance, "Brother Li, this humble subject is not as fearless as you are. Standing there, I simply couldn’t stand all the attention on me. Hence, I had to escape and ran off to the side of the lake, where I was praying fervently for you."

"Pray? What did you pray for? Was it even possible that I would fail the test?" Xu Que’s eyebrows twitched.

"Gulp, haha… This humble subject underestimated your talents." Tang Liu Feng laughed dryly, and was filled with bitter regrets. "I was sincerely afraid you would get beaten to death brother Li!"

"Have a seat, and some tea!" Xu Que didn’t seem to mind. He knew that Tang Liu Feng was weak and had a fragile disposition, unable to withstand such a tense scene. It was very normal.

Right at this point, the pair of Great students from Bright Saints College had been welcomed by the crowd as they strode to their seats.

Madam Ya was all smiles as she stood by the pair of them. She scanned the crowd for a while before realizing that Xu Que was seated with the rest of the students. She seemed to ignore the pair of them who were standing beside her.

Her smile had become more defined as though she was about to walk towards Xu Que to speak with him.

Right at this point, young master Mo asked, "Madam Ya, I wonder which one of these students is Li Bai?"

Li Bai?

When the crowd heard this, they were bewildered.

Several students had entered the compound earlier and didn’t know about the situation which happened outside. Hence, they didn’t know who Li Bai was.

After hearing one of the four great students, young master Mo mention his name, the crowd broke out in discussion. It was such a great honor to be mentioned and handpicked by young master Mo.

Madam Ya paused in shock as well, "Does young mister Mo know him?"

Young master Mo shook his head gently as he smiled, "No, I don’t know him. It’s just that I heard Li Bai had passed the entry test and gained himself a place as a VIP guest. Hence, I wanted to see who was this talented individual!"

What? Someone passed the entry test?

The students who had arrived earlier was shocked beyond measure as their expressions turned to one of utmost surprise.