Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 173

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ successfully for acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ successfully for acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ successfully for acting tough. The reward is 70 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully for acting tough and being smooth. The reward is 200 act tough points!"

Several notifications rang out in Xu Que’s head.

The expressions of those present froze as they stared at him, unable to regain their senses for a long time!

There’s no story to your life, just the word handsome to describe you?

My god, what a narcissistic person! How can you speak such shameless words?

Why hasn’t God struck you dead?

"Boom doom!" The thunder growled in the sky. This sounded like a perfectly normal rumble of thunder without any traces of lightning.

However, some of the students in the crowd twitched in pleasant surprised. They really thought the heavens were going to send some lightning down to strike this young man dead!

Tang Liu Feng was stumped as well. The first time he met Xu Que, he managed to deceive the brutes. Tang Liu Feng thus thought that he’d made a very brilliant friend and that he could learn a thing or two from Xu Que.

Soon after, they lived in the same inn together and had several discussions. Tang Liu Feng then realized that this "Brother Li" was a bit of a cheat!

Today after reaching the Great Lake, Tang Liu Feng’s face was contorted in shock for the most part.

To put it simply, he’d never met someone whose skin was so thick and so irrevocably shameless!

Even Madam Ya was clearly taken aback by Xu Que’s words and only managed to regain her faculties after a long time.

She had imagined this youth to be similar to many other young men of his age, prideful and bold. Whenever young men had the chance to describe their past, they would always brag about the noble deeds they had done in order to win the affections and attention of women.

However, Xu Que didn’t speak like that at all. In fact, her impressions of him had far surpassed her expectations.

This caused Madam Ya to look at Xu Que with increasing interest. She realized that this young white robed youth had fascinated her. And her interest in him grew rapidly.

"Heheh…" She covered her mouth and laughed gently. A refined and gorgeous looking lady had her attention completely on Xu Que, "Young mister’s reply is very different from most others!"

Even without realizing it, the way she addressed him changed from "young man" to "young mister"!

Xu Que realized this too. He maintained his smile and clasped his hands, "Many thanks, many thanks!"

"I wonder what’s young mister’s name?" Madam Ya smiled and asked.

Xu Que straightened up as he stuck his chest forward, "This humble subject’s name is Li Bai of the Heavenly Explosion Faction and came from Tsinghua University. I’m currently single but I own a house and a car!"

"..." Madam Ya paused once more and blinked several times before she broke out in another fit of giggles.

She had never heard of such a strange introduction and yet she felt like it was extremely interesting!

The students in the crowd all frowned, Heavenly Explosion Faction?

Fuck! This kid was really ruining the impressions of the educated, and disgracing all of us. He actually joined a fight-and-kill sect like a hooligan? And the name of his Sect was so distasteful and crude. It’s so hard to tolerate him!

Amongst the crowd, someone had an expression of suspicion and shouted out, "He’s not a student of Eastern College. But I’ve never heard of Tsinghua University!"

"I don’t know as well. Have any of you here heard of Tsinghua University?" Several people within the crowd turned around to ask.

Most of them shook their heads when they heard this.

"Young mister Li, since you’ve managed to answer all three questions correctly, let’s move onto the next stage. It’s now your turn to ask three questions. If within ten seconds, nobody manages to get the right answer, you win!" Madam Ya spoke in a gentle voice as her eyes seemed to glow while she smiled and spoke.

Xu Que’s eyebrows were raised. ‘Hehe... it’s now my turn to ask the questions. I’m going to give you such a hard time!’

Xu Que started straightening his white robes, ensuring that there weren't any creases. He then look towards the crowd in a lofty and dignified manner as he spoke, "The first question. All of you here had been invited to the event. You realized that you had accidentally dropped the golden invitation while on the way here. What do you do?"

As soon as this question was asked, everyone around were astonished before they reveal cold smiles.

"If the golden invitation was dropped, then it can’t be helped. I would just have to go home and curse my poor luck!"

"No, Madam Ya is magnanimous and generous. You can get another invitation from her!"

"Ai, that’s not right. This is a trick question!"

"That’s right, it’s a trick question. If the golden invitation has dropped, the correct answer would be to do what he did. Take the test and attempt to gain entry!"

"Fuck! Indeed, that’s the answer. I was almost deceived by the question."

"Kid, you’ve lost. If I had dropped my golden invitation along the way here, I would attempt to take the entry test!"

Everyone started discussing before providing their own answers within ten seconds. Once they had arrived at a final unanimous answer, they looked at Xu Que tauntingly.

Even Madam Ya was somewhat surprised. She didn’t expect Xu Que to set such an easy question and yet something didn’t feel right!

Indeed, Xu Que’s lips curled into a smile as he looked around, "You bunch of foolish, handicapped retards. If you dropped your golden invitation while on the way here, all you have to do is pick it up! Hehe… and you still had the cheek to be so confident and say that you would take the test. With such low IQ, you should test your sisters!"

"..." Everyone around fell silent.

Nobody had expected the answer to be of this nature but it had made perfect sense which meant that nobody could refute.

However, Xu Que’s mockery and harsh scoldings caused the rest of the students to glare at him in anger.

If Madam Ya weren’t around, the students around would’ve rolled up their sleeves and rushed to fight it out with him!

Someone then scolded out fiercely, "Outrageous! You are such a disgrace to the educated. How can you speak such crude words? You’re not fit to call yourself an educated student!"

"That’s right and you are extremely gutsy. You actually dared to utter dirty words before Madam Ya!"

"Do you even respect Madam Ya and her status?"

The crowd started criticizing Xu Que, hoping that Madam Ya would punish him!

At this point Madam Ya opened her mouth in shock, but that wasn’t because of the answer. It was because she was somewhat startled by how Xu Que had scolded them so viciously.

Weren't students… extremely particular about their reputation and integrity? Weren't all these students cultured and refined? Why was this kid so different?

Thinking up to this point, she started to smile.

"I believe, young mister Li was just caught up in the moment and forgot to control his speech. However, from now, I don’t wish to hear such dirty and uncouth words anymore. Hence, I would ask young mister Li to pay attention to his behavior!" Madam Ya smiled widely as she spoke to Xu Que. Indeed, she didn’t look upset at all. Instead, it seemed like she was smiling in admiration of his down to earth and genuine demeanor.

Still, she was serious about not wanting to hear anymore foul language from anyone else.

Xu Que then laughed out loudly, "Don’t worry Madam Ya, I’ve always hated foul and uncouth words!"

Long black lines started to form across the side of everyone’s face. You’ve always hated foul and uncouth words? Anyone who believed you is an idiot. You were rattling off vulgarities like reading essays just now!

Right at this point, Madam Ya voiced out, "Coming back to the topic, young mister Li’s question is rather interesting. As such, I shall declare the first round a success! Young mister, please give us the second question!"

Xu Que waved a hand and shook his sleeves before nodding his head, "The second question, I’ll make it simpler!"

"Old Madam Wang’s neighbor is called Er Dan. Everytime they see each other, Er Dan would politely greet Old Madam Wang. Old Madam Wang realized that Er Dan was a rather friendly and good person. Hence, she decided to introduce Er Dan to her son, who owns an inn and was looking to hire a receptionist. When Old Madam Wang’s son first met Er Dan, he welcomed him warmly and asked, ‘You’re Er Dan right?’, to which Er Dan courteously said yes. Madam Wang’s son thus continued, ‘My mother has been singing praises about how polite you are. So, you wish to become my receptionist right? Oh, where do you live now?’ Right after Er Dan replied him, Er Dan was beaten up savagely and suffered severe injuries. Why was he beaten up?"


Er Dan was beaten up savagely? But… Why was he beaten up?

When everyone heard the question, they were all astonished.

Some of the smarter students started to consider Xu Que’s question and brainstormed thoroughly.

"Since Er Dan was only beaten up after he answered the question, that means the reason must lie within his answer!"

"That’s right. The question where where Er Dan lived. And Er Dan was Old Madam Wang’s neighbor. That means his answer must be, I live…"

The student was almost about to speak the answer when his eyes opened wide!

Fuck me! Li Bai you cheap bastard!

This… This answer is too vicious!

I nearly fell for it!

Many students started to realize the answer and were raging with fury as they flared angrily at Xu Que.

Li Bai, screw your sister!