Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 172

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

A string of notifications rang out in Xu Que’s head.

He had acted tough extremely viciously this time and almost made all the students around vomit blood.

When it came to intelligence, he was second, with nobody being first. When it came to fighting, he’s the best. He spoke proudly of how extraordinary he was, claiming that he was unrivalled across the entire world. His short speech made the students feel extremely dissatisfied.

And yet they couldn’t do anything about it. Up to this point. Nobody else had managed to solve the questions within ten seconds and even get the answers correct!

After all, this test was supposed to test one's quick thinking and intelligence. The questions were actually easy, but the fact that they had to answer it within ten seconds made it extremely tough!

However, since Xu Que came from the modern days, his brain had already been wired to think in such a manner. He was very familiar with such riddles and thinking problems. Hence, it was only too easy for him to answer these questions correctly.

At the same time, within the halls of the compound, the highly famed and refined woman was seated on a wooden chair. Before her were a pair of students.

"Madam Ya, this young man had already answered two questions correctly. It almost seemed like he didn’t need to think before providing the right answers!"


A glint appeared in those huge, round eyes of Madam Ya as her lips revealed a contented smile. It was clear that her smile could capture the hearts of many men whenever she wished.

She laughed out, clearly intrigued, "I had set these questions myself this morning and only Xiao Lian knows the answers. If what you’re speaking is the truth, there are only two scenarios. One is that Xiao Lian secretly told him the answers. The other is that this person is truly intelligent and whose wisdom surpassed most people! Tell me, do you think Xiao Lian would betray me?"

The pair of students looked down, and didn’t dare to speak!

"Report!" A female student walked in and clasped her hands in salute, with her head bowed, "A report for madam. That young man is about to attempt the third question. But… He just said several words!"

Madam Ya’s lips curled upwards, "Is that so? What did he say?"

The female student forced a bitter laugh as she replied, "He said that he’s travelled far and wide in pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. He’s begged for someone who could rival him but it was futile and that he was lonely!"

"He begged for someone who could rival him, but was futile?" Madam Ya’s eyes gleamed as she nodded her head and laughed out, "For someone to have the guts to speak such words, it must be that he’s an extraordinary person! Did he say anything else?"

"Gulp… He also asked everyone around why was he so good looking and why was he so intelligent. He asked if nobody in this world could ever hold him back!"

When the female student said this, Madam Ya was taken aback.

Soon after, she let out a giggle as she covered her mouth. The sight was extremely charming as she resembled a beautiful flower swaying.

"Looks like this is an interesting kid! Come, I shall meet him in person!"

As she finished, she stood up from her chair as her lips parted to reveal a sweet smile while she walked outside.

The few students paused as their expressions revealed utter shock. Madam Ya… wanted to meet him in person?

After so many years, apart from the four great students of Bright Saints College, they had never seen Madam Ya personally walk out to greet any other talents! And just because he said those words, she wanted to meet that stranger!

At the same time, outside the compound...

Xu Que had already unveiled the third wooden board. The last question came into full view of the entire crowd.

"In situation where spells can be used, what’s the fastest way of turning ice into water?"

As soon as this question was asked, everyone stopped to think.

Ice to water and spells could be used? Of course that involves a fire spell!

However, to use the fastest way? That’s where it got difficult. After all, every cultivator has a different set of fire techniques. For example, if the Fire Emperor would use his Flaming Dragon, he could melt ice in the blink of an eye. But… What if it was a huge block of ice? Then it would take a longer time!

"This question… is difficult!" a cultivator shook his head and spoke.

"There are too many factors to be considered. How was there supposed to be one correct answer for this question?"

"He’s going to fail this time. One of the great four students, young master Mo failed at the last question as well!"

"Hehe... he was just boasting about how he was unrivalled in this world. Let’s see how he will solve this question!"

"It’s unsolvable. This question has no solutions. Madam Ya is extremely wise and it was her who set these questions. It looks like nobody will be able to solve these questions. After all, to gain a place amongst the VIP guests wouldn’t be this easy!"
The few of them craned their necks to look at Xu Que as their faces were filled with mockery and taunts.

As soon as Xu Que finished reading the question, his lips twitched as he shook his head in utter dissatisfaction, "Such a question is for a three year old kid,and you have the audacity to use it?"

As he finished speaking, he focused his energy onto his fingers and wrote the answer on the board!


Xu Que then withdrew his hands and looked at the female student before smiling, "I’ve answered the question!"

Everyone turned their heads to look at the board and were taken aback.

The chinese word for ‘ice’ had been cut vertically in half. Hence, the remaining word on the board was ‘water’!

(T/N : The chinese word for ice is 冰, when Xu Que cut the words vertically into two, the word which remained was 水, which means water)

That’s right. When the pair of dots were cut away from the chinese word for ice, the remaining word is water!

Everyone slapped their heads in frustration as they came to the realization that the answer was too simple. They then wondered why they’ve never thought of it!

Even the female student paused for sometime, not because the question was difficult, but because she was taken aback by how fast Xu Que managed to solve the question.

Who was this person in white robes? He looked at every single question for such a short time and wrote the correct answer down even without thinking. He even had time to taunt people before writing the correct answers down!

Was there really someone so capable in this world? What supernatural intelligence!

"Hehehe… What an intriguing young man who claims to be unrivalled in this world... I’ve finally met someone different!" a laughter which sounded like a chime of a dozen bells along with her enchanting voice came out from the compound.

Madam Ya walked out along with her gorgeous looking face and her charming smile. Her eyes were extremely seductive as they rested on Xu Que.

The students around were all astounded as they opened their mouths wide open.

Madam Ya… was actually so amused by this person that she came out to personally greet him!

My god, looks like this young man in white robes is going to soar in stature. After being noticed by Madam Ya, his future will be really bright from here on!

At this point, many students threw him looks of envy and even more were jealous!

Tang Liu Feng was appalled as he stood there beside Xu Que. His eyes fell onto Madam Ya’s body as if he had been bewitched by her beauty. It seemed like he had never seen anyone as beautiful!

Xu Que had turned his head to look at her as well. This was the first time he had actually seen her in this life. Ooh, not bad... she looked exactly the same in his memories, the matured beauty.

The next glance he took was at her chest. After all, that was the habit of most men!

Indeed, when he looked at her chest, Xu Que jumped up in shock as he whispered, "Fuck! Those are huge!"

It was exactly as huge as a tidal wave! That’s scary. This woman shouldn’t be called Madam Ya. She should be called Madam Waves!

"To be able to solve three consecutive questions set by myself is rather outstanding. Young man, your talents seem to be very distinguished but I’ve never seen you around in Imperial City. Tell me more about your history!"

Madam Ya seemed to have felt Xu Que’s lingering gaze but wasn’t angry. Her lips curled into a smile as she looked at him interestingly.

Fuck me! This is a powerful spell!

Xu Que’s heart raced. He realized that she had almost caused him to lose his senses with her overwhelming beauty. At this point, he concentrated as hard as he could and regained his senses!

He then looked into her eyes and replied in a dignified manner, "Madam asked me about my history. Do you wish to hear my story?"

"That’s right, I wish to hear your story!" Madam Ya laughed out.


Xu Que laughed as he placed his hands behind his back while his expression froze. He then looked up into the skies, "Sorry! But there’s no story to my life. There’s only one word which can be used to describe me. Handsome!"