Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 171


The correct answer was fifteen minutes?

Everyone around were shocked.

"What? Is that possible? How could the answer be fifteen minutes?"

"That’s impossible!"

"How did they work the answer out?"

"The question obviously stated 8 people would eat 8 bowls of rice and each bowl took 15 minutes. Why was the final answer 15 minutes?"

"Is there some internal secret going on?"

Everyone started shouting out, clearly unhappy. They even said there was some internal secret and the answer was going to be correct regardless of what Xu Que said.

Even Tang Liu Feng was stumped as he looked at the answer written by Xu Que on the board. He then looked at the question as his brows furrowed while he concentrated hard. At the next moment, he got it. He then shouted out excitedly, "So that’s the reason, I understand now."

Everyone paused once more as they looked at Tang Liu Feng.

"Understand? You’re just an Eastern College student, understand my ass! There definitely is something strange going on here. Something is corrupted!" Someone laughed out icily.

Tang Liu Feng was furious as he shouted out, "The answer to this question is indeed fifteen minutes. Brother Li isn’t wrong. A bowl of rice…"

"Wait a second!"

Seeing that Tang Liu Feng was going to explain the logic behind the correct answer, Xu Que interrupted him. He then spoke formally, "Brother Tang, when it comes to acting tough, maybe you should allow me to do it!"

"Acting tough? Why do I have to act tough?" Tang Liu Feng asked, surprised.

Xu Que shook his head and didn’t reply. He glanced down at the crowd and spoke in a taunting voice, "With such low level of IQ, how do you dare to despise Eastern College? A person takes fifteen minutes to eat a bowl of rice. So eight people eating eight bowl of rice, isn’t that just one bowl per person? Why are you adding the time? Looks like all of you are nothing more than a trash can!"


The entire crowd turned silent at once!

Everyone’s expression froze and they were completely taken aback!

Right! A person eating a bowl of rice only takes fifteen minutes. So when eight people eat eight bowls of rice, it’s the same fifteen minutes.

Once they realized this, everyone’s faces turned red and they looked down in embarrassment.

This was the group of people who were the most indignant and fierce. One of them even asked if this was a scandal and whether there was internal secrets going on. At last, their pride was completely shattered and their faces were slapped. In fact, most of them were blushing a deep shade of red, as their cheeks felt hot. Their IQ had really been undermined!

This question wasn’t particularly difficult as well. If they had more time, most of them would be able to answer it correctly.

However with only ten seconds, most of them didn’t get it. This was coupled by the fact that Xu Que was mocking them now, causing most of them to be angry and yet they had to grit their teeths and accept that his answer was correct.

Since Xu Que had answered the question correctly, they were all left speechless.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 70 act tough points!"

The system notifications rang out continuously in Xu Que’s head.

Right at this point, the female student then looked at Xu Que, "Young master, if you’re ready, please reveal the second board and answer the next question!"

"Your questions are too simple. There’s no level of difficulty whatsoever. I’m disappointed!" Xu Que sighed as he stretched out to unveil the next question.

When everyone heard this, their lips curled in dissatisfaction.

However, nobody dared to speak out against him this time. They glared at him, hoping that he would make a mistake so that they could taunt him once more.

It was a pity that they wouldn’t be given the chance to do so!

As soon as the second board was unveiled, the next question could be read.

"In a strictly watched examination, a pair of students submitted answer scripts that were exactly the same. When the leading examiner discovered this, he didn’t think that they had cheated. What’s the reason?"

When they had finished reading the question, they paused in shock.

Submitted answer scripts that were exactly the same? And the examiner didn’t think that they had cheated?

What’s there to consider? It must be that the examiner had been bribed!

Actually, a situation like this had happened several times before. When they were taking their examinations, they would notice several examiners who acted strangely as though they had been bought over.

There was nothing to be done!
This was the world of cultivation. Do you think it was so easy to cheat?

Of course, there were many methods for examiners to detect cheating. However, it was also impossible for them to detect every single instance of cheating, since the students were often very innovative in their methods. Hence when a pair of answer scripts were exactly identical, they would always be suspected of cheating. If the examiner didn’t raise this up, it was very normal to assume that the examiner had been bribed!

Hence, to most normal students, the answer to this question must be that the examiner had been bribed.

Even before any of them to open their mouths to speak, Xu Que had already written the answer on the board.

"Because they both submitted blank answer scripts!"


Everyone were on the verge of shouting, ‘The examiners had been bribed’ yet when they saw the answer Xu Que had written, they shut their mouths!

The students in charge of the test paused and looked at Xu Que in surprise,

In actual fact, after knowing the answers to these two question, a person would find that the test wasn’t particularly difficult. A testee would just have to think out of the box and be quick in order to succeed! The difficulty with such questions is that within the first few seconds, most students would think in the wrong direction and thus fail to answer the question correctly.

This educated and refined looking youth dressed in white robes looked like a foreigner and was even together with an Eastern College student. Nobody expected him to have such a sharp and disciplined mind to solve these two questions effortlessly.

"This person isn’t simple. Let’s hurry and inform Madam Ya!" The pair of students spoke to each other before entering the compound hurriedly.

Outside the entrance, the female student looked at Xu Que in surprise as she nodded her head, "Congratulations young master. You’ve answered the second question correctly!"

Xu Que shook his head and replied in a sad voice, "Ai, there’s nothing to congratulate me for."

When everyone around heard this, they raised brows as their hearts froze. Ai, what was going on with this kid? Didn’t he answer the question correctly? Why was he acting this way? He even said there was nothing to congratulate him for. Could it be that he wasn’t confident of getting the third question right?

Tang Liu Feng was stumped as well since he had never seen Xu Que in such low spirits. He then asked, "Brother Li, what’s wrong? Are you worried about the final question? Don’t worry. If you don’t get this right, we shall attempt it again next time!"

The few students by the entrance looked over and encouraged him as well, "Young master, there’s no need to feel this way. Although the third question is going to be slightly more difficult, with your sharp mind, you wouldn’t have any problems solving it!’

"Ai!" Xu Que then sighed out once more as he placed his hands behind his back and looked up at the sky with his face inclined at 45 degree angle. He looked rather lonely and sad.

His eyes squinted as he whispered, "I’ve roamed around the world for many years in pursuit of wisdom and philosophy. I’ve begged for a worthy competitor, someone to rival me and yet it’s impossible. It’s so lonely!"

As he finished, he then turned towards the crowd and spoke in an emotional sorrowful voice, "Please tell me, apart from being so good looking, why am I so intelligent? Why? Don’t tell me that in this life, nobody can ever hold me back?"

In that second, everyone were stumped!

Tang Liu Feng almost fell to the ground face first!

This kid wasn’t worried about solving the third problem but he was fretting about how he was unrivalled in this world?

You begged for a worthy competitor but couldn’t find one? Apart from being handsome, you’re smart too? Nobody can hold you back in this life?

Fuck me!

Big brother, why don’t you just rise up to heavens then?