Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 170

"Madam Ya’s gong has sounded?"

"Fuck, is someone trying to take the entry test?"

"Let’s go take a look. The last time someone took the test was a year ago. Young master Mo was a student from Bright Saints College and failed it. Since then, nobody else dared to answer the questions!"

"Young master Mo was one of the four most talented students from Bright Saints College. A year ago, when he attempted the test, he answered three questions within two seconds each. It’s such a waste that he ultimately failed it!"

"Who is this person attempting the test this time? Could it be the most talented student amongst the four of them from Bright Saints College, young master Zhao?"

"That’s possible. Afterall, the Flaming Sun Princess might attend the event today. It’s been said that the four great students would be present as well!"

"Wah! This is such a rare sight to see!"

"Let’s move closer to get a better look…"

Across the Great Lake, students were all startled as they craned their necks and squinted their eyes to get a better look of the entrance where the test was to be conducted.

To these students whose life revolved around pens and paper, witnessing someone attempting the test was even more exciting than watching a pair of elite cultivators fight against each other.
Xu Que had been startled by the sound of the gong and was glaring at the person who hit it angrily.

After the student noticed that he was being stared at by Xu Que, a chill ran down his spine and he hurriedly entered the compound in fear.

Tang Liu Feng noticed that everyone’s attention was upon him. He shivered slightly and felt weak in his knees.

He felt like he had just been kidnapped by a pirate ship. He had originally came with plans of just queuing up and using his golden invitation to gain entry. He would then find a quiet corner to sit down and have some food. He would stay till the end of the event and thus fulfill his own personal mission of being present for such a grand event.

Afterall, he wasn’t on good relations with the students from Bright Saints College. He wished to remain as low profile as possible and avoid being seen by anyone.

And now, the gong had just been hit. Even if he wanted to hide, there was nowhere for him to hide.

Tang Liu Feng stood firmly rooted to the ground as he looked at Xu Que in agony. His heart was almost crying, "I was so happy to be here today. Why did my stupid mouth have to tell him about the test? All of a sudden, he said he wanted to take it. It’s uncomfortable being here. I am about to cry…"

Xu Que didn’t even notice him at this point as he stood outside the entrance of the compound, basking in the attention of everyone. From time to time, he would even pretend to be an extremely respectable scholar, looking up at the skies, deep in thought.

His mind was filled with the system notifications as his act tough points soared!

"Young master, let’s begin!" the female student spoke.


Xu Que nodded his head as his face turned serious. He then strode over towards the wooden board in a dignified manner, looking extremely imposing and awe inspiring.

At the same time, he called the system out, ready to cheat in this test!

Everyone looked at Xu Que and were stumped.

"Eh? Why is it the white robed man who’s trying to take the test?"

"Based on his appearances, it doesn’t look like he’s from our Imperial City?"

"Look! He’s with a student from Eastern College!"

"Hahaha! That can’t be. Could he be a student from Eastern College? If it’s really true, how would they have the guts to attempt the test?"

"They really overestimate themselves. How can an Eastern College student ever be worthy?"

"Could it be that the Eastern College students didn’t receive Madam Ya’s invitation and are hence trying to take the VIP entry test?"

"Hahah! That sounds very possible!"

Everyone were stumped as they cast astonished glances over. Before long, they all broke out in laughter. This was indeed an interesting scene. A nameless nobody had come out just to seek attention.

Someone revealed a look of utter disappointment as he shook his head, "That’s such a shame. I had assumed that it was one of the four great students who had come to take the test."

"That’s difficult. One of the four, young master Mo had already failed. It looks like nobody in Imperial City will take this test lightly!"

"Indeed. This test has too many consequences and too much risks. Just failing it would mean the person would become the butt of jokes!"

"Not necessarily. Look at this white robed kid. He knows fully well that he wouldn’t be able to pass and yet he’s still trying. We should learn from his determination. Hahaha!"

At last, laughter started to break out across the entire lake.

Tang Liu Feng was looking down as if trying to find a hole in the ground so that he could squeeze himself into it and hide. He was too embarrassed to meet the eyes of anyone!

Xu Que however, was looking up proudly with his chest stuck out. Step by step, he walked over in confidence, ready to act tough.

When he reached the wooden board, he pulled away the satin cloth covering the question.


He tugged off the red cloth before flinging it high into the air making it float gently down to the ground.

His movements were all fluid and very intentional, without the slightest hesitation.

As soon as the red cloth was pulled away and revealed the board, everyone stopped laughing as it turned silent. Their eyes focused onto the wooden board and the golden words written on it.

Xu Que glanced once and read every single word. He didn’t even have time to ask the system for he was too elated!

Damn it! This question is too easy, right?

"If a person takes 15 minutes to eat a bowl of rice, how long would 8 people take to eat 8 bowls of rice?"

Isn’t this just a simple riddle? How can such a question be difficult for big brother here? What kind of silly joke is this?

Xu Que looked at the question and was very clear of the answer.

However, to everyone around, such a question wasn’t really a test of intelligence. It was more of reflex and a person’s reaction.

As soon as the red cloth was lifted, a person would spend two second reading the question. He would then have another eight seconds left to think and answer!

Hence, many people could answer the questions without a problem but with the time constraint of ten seconds, the difficulty level rose. The testee had to be able to think quickly on his feet!

"Ai, this question… I know it too!"

"Haha! I know the answer as well! If a bowl of rice takes 15 minutes, 8 bowls of rice would take 120 minutes. It’s obviously testing our mathematical skills!"
"It’s too easy. If I had known, I might have given it a shot as well!"

"No, you're wrong. This is a trick question. Indeed, 120 minutes is correct. But you’ve forgotten that 120 minutes is the same as 2 hours. So if your answer is 120 minutes, you’re wrong. The proper answer should be 2 hours."

"Fuck, so that’s the answer!"

"Looks like Madam Ya’s questions aren’t very easy with the time constraints."

Everyone finished reading the questions and knew the answer to it almost immediately. It was two hours!

"Young master, 10 seconds is up. Please write your answer out on the board. If not, you would be taken to have failed!" The female student reminded Xu Que.

Xu Que’s lips curled upwards as he stepped forward. Using a sliver of core energy, he concentrated it onto his fingers and wrote the answer on the board.

15 minutes!

Everyone fell into deep silence. Immediately after, everyone broke out in laughter!

"Haha! This kid is wrong!"

"The answer is 2 hours, not 15 minutes idiot!"
"I have nothing to say. With such a low level of IQ, where did he get the confidence to attempt the test?"

"The students of Eastern College are really trash!"


Sounds of taunting laughter rang out across the entire lake.

Tang Liu Feng’s face turned pale as he wanted desperately to jump into the lake. He felt that he had lost too much face today.

"Brother Li, your… answer is wrong!" He looked at Xu Que and told him resentfully.

Xu Que shook his head and looked around at everyone laughing. He sucked in a deep breath of air and shouted out, "All of you shut up. You bunch of retards, which one of you here said the answer was 120 minutes?"

As he lashed out at the crowd, everyone froze in shock.

Soon after, a student seemed to be angered as well, "It was me who said it. What’s wrong? 120 minutes is closer than your answer!"

"Did your mother keep her placenta until it was extremely old before deciding to give birth to you, hence your mental retardation? Oh no, compared to the people behind you, you’re half a retard at best! Now, I wish to ask, which one of you here said the answer was two hours?" Xu Que asked mockingly as he faced the crowd.

At this point, the crowd seemed to be rather riled up.

Another student stepped forward and smiled coldly, "It was me! This question is very easy. Two hours is the right answer. Anyone can guess that and still be correct!"

Xu Que sighed, "Indeed, God has sprinkled intelligence over all of humankind…"

When the student heard this, he revealed a satisfied grin, having been praised.

Xu Que then continued, "God has sprinkled intelligence over all of humankind… But only you were carrying an umbrella!"

The student paused and everyone else were taken aback as well.

Intelligence sprinkled over all of humankind? Only you were carrying an umbrella? Didn’t that mean he didn’t receive any intelligence from God?

That student then realized what Xu Que meant and raged out.

Even before he could reply, Xu Que then looked at the rest of the crowd and asked, "Who else agreed that the correct answer was two hours? Those who did, your brains are severely damage! You’re even worse off than that half retard!"

When these words were spoken, the entire crowd was extremely furious.

"Outrageous! You dare to insult us."

"What a humiliation to the educated!"

"You answered the question wrongly and don’t dare to face the consequences."

"Obviously, you became angry after knowing you are wrong. What a person undeserving of respect!"

Everyone shouted out across in anger as they scolded him.

Xu Que seemed to ignore their scoldings and looked towards the female student, "Little sister, why don’t you tell them the correct answer!"

The female student forced a smile, "Congratulations young master. The correct answer is indeed 15 minutes!"