Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 168

The brutes paused in utter disbelief. They didn’t even say anything wrong and these students started cursing at them?

Were the students these days so crazy? Did they have a death wish?

At this point, the ruffians were angered.

One of them stood up and shouted out, "Son of a bitch! You should die!" before slapping the student right across his face.


The Bright Saint College student were stumped. Indeed, they didn't expect this brute to be so quick and thus didn’t have enough time to dodge the slap.

The loud and crisp sound of a slap rang out within the entire tea shop and attracted the attention of everyone once more!

There were countless of students within the tea shop and some of them recognized these students from Bright Saint College. When they realized that they had been beaten, they were stupefied.

"My god! The students from Bright Saint College has been hit!"

"Fuck me, this is a huge deal!"

"Haha! They’ve just thrown away their dignity! Bright Saints College, Fire Nation’s most reputable college, the cream of the crop, were beaten up by thugs from the streets, pu!"

"Haha! Just thinking about it makes me feel like laughing out!"

Several students within the crowd covered their mouths, trying to suppress their laughter as they gloated in the misfortunes of these students.

Some of them however frowned. Afterall, everyone there were students. Seeing their fellow students being bullied this way, it wouldn’t be good if nobody went to their aid!

At this point, several students stood up and scolded the brutes, "You bunch of peasants! How dare you act in such an atrocious manner in broad daylight? Don’t you have any regard for the laws of the Emperor?"

"Emperor your mum! These kids started cursing at us first." The brutes rebutted.

Everyone around had no words to reply, including those Bright Saints College students who gave looks of indignance.

Based on what! It was obvious that kid was scolding you so viciously and the few of you were laughing like fools. Now we can’t scold you anymore? You’re obviously bullying us!

"How outrageous! I shall fight it out with you!" The students from Bright Saints College couldn’t take it lying down any longer as they conjured several spells and clashed head on with the brutes.

"Heh, you bunch are too lawless. Come on then! I shall beat you to death!" The few thugs were enraged as well as they too conjured several spells and started fighting.


Spells clashed against one another as blood spilled out from wounds.

Both sides engaged in a fight while their methods became more lethal by the passing minute as the fight intensified.

The person who was guilty of starting the fight between those two sides had long entered the Imperial City. He was seated within an expensive restaurant, having a meal to his heart's content.

Tang Liu Feng sat across Xu Que as a sumptuous meal sat atop the table. His face was contorted in a bitter and apologetic look, "Brother… Brother Li, can I borrow some spirit stones from you later?"

"Nope!" Xu Que picked up a chicken drumstick and rejected him without hesitation!

Tang Liu Feng forced a bitter smile, "Brother Li, the amount of spirit stones I have on me isn’t enough to afford such an expensive meal…"

Xu Que’s eyebrows twitched as he looked up at Tang Liu Feng and realized that he looked rather poor. Afterall, he wasn’t truly going to make him pay. At this point, Xu Que shook his head, "It’s fine. I shall pay for this meal. Just enjoy it!"

"But that won’t do. A man must abide by his words. Since I’ve lost the bet with you, I have to pay for this meal!" Tang Liu Feng replied seriously. It looked like he was a person who held himself to high moral codes.

Xu Que rolled his eyes, "Let’s do it this way then. I shall help you pay for this meal, but you must promise to do me two favors. First, tell me what’s going on with Flaming Sun Princess and why is she looking for a Prince Consort."

"Oh?" Tang Liu Feng paused in shock before replying, "Don’t tell me brother Li doesn’t know about the Princess and her search for a Prince Consort? That means you came from another nation?"

"Cut the crap and tell me now. If not, you have to think of a way to pay for this meal." Xu Que glared at him, thinking to himself, ‘Or do you expect me to tell you, big brother came here to steal from the Fire Nations and ruin all their plans?’

"Gulp… But many people already know about this. Six years ago, the Flaming Sun Princess already had a Prince Consort. However, some time later, the Emperor announced to everyone that this Prince Consort was too weak and frail. In fact, he was diagnosed with impotence and thus didn’t manage to consummate his marriage to to Princess. Finally, he had died a year ago!"

"What?" Xu Que slammed his fists down on the table in rage.

I am really no better than a dog. This shameless dog Fire Nation Emperor is extremely vile! Forget the fact that he told everyone I was dead, how dare he tell everyone that I was impotent? Besides, it was extremely obvious that in my previous life, I had broken your daughter’s body in!

"Brother Li, you… What’s wrong?" Tang Liu Feng was startled by Xu Que’s sudden outburst as everyone cast their glances over to the table they were in.
Xu Que exhaled deeply and cleared his throat before shaking his head, "It’s nothing! Continue."

Indeed, the look of anger on his face was evident as killing intent started to radiate out from him.

Tang Liu Feng’s heart trembled as he continued in a hushed voice, "Since the Prince Consort has died and the Flaming Sun Princess is still a virgin, she decided to choose another Consort this year. Additionally, this was also the year which the three great sects of the five nations would recruit disciples. This event only happens once every century. Hence, this was the most appropriate time for the Princess to do this."

"Haha! Will they be looking for another Consort with innate talents?" Xu Que sniggered coldly.

Tang Liu Feng paused with a suspicious look etched across his face, "Why would brother Li say this? Could it be that the previous Prince Consort was someone of outstanding origins as well?"

"Of course! The previous Prince Consort was an outstanding man. Besides, everything below his waist was extremely awe inspiring and formidable. It’s nothing like what the Fire Emperor said about him being impotent!" Xu Que started speaking out loudly and proudly.

However when these words fell onto Tang Liu Feng’s ears, his expression changed as he clutched his chest and replied, "Brother… Brother Li, how do you know that the previous Consort wasn’t impotent?"

"Fuck, what’s that expression and that look in your eyes supposed to mean? You’re a prim and proper student but your thoughts are so dirty? The reason I know he wasn’t impotent was because the Prince Consort was from my Heavenly Explosion Sect. I knew him and have seen him on wild trysts with many beautiful women."

"Heavenly Explosion Sect? There’s such a sect in existence?"
Tang Liu Feng raised his eyebrows suspiciously before nodding his head, "I understand now. Maybe it was precisely because he indulged too much in sex and thus weakened his body and died at a young age!"

"..." Xu Que’s lips curled upwards as he continued eating his meal, too lazy to argue with him any longer.

At the same time, he was thinking deeply. If the Fire Emperor had declared the Prince Consort to be dead, wouldn’t he deliver a huge blow to his face by showing up in front of everyone? Heheh... that sounded like a good idea!

Xu Que smiled slyly.

Tang Liu Feng didn’t speak as well as he ate his meal in silence. However, halfway through, he seemed to have thought of something as he abruptly raised his head to look at Xu Que, "Oh right, Brother Li, you haven’t told me about your second request."

"Hm, the second favor… You can decide then!" Xu Que replied since he couldn’t think of any other requests.

However, Tang Liu Feng wasn’t pleased as he replied, "Brother Li, that won’t do. Since I’ve already made a promise to you, I have to fulfill it. If you have any other favors, please ask away!"

"..." Xu Que rolled his eyes once again, "Alright, then… You should change your name."

"Change my name?" Tang Liu Feng was stumped.

"Yes, change your name." Xu Que nodded his head, as he picked up a cup of tea and drank it before continuing, "Change your name to Tang Bo Hu!"
(T/N : Tang Bo Hu was the name of a perverted scholar acted by Stephen Chow.)