Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 166

Xu Que walked behind a large willow tree and realized that nobody had seen him yet. He thus entered the system store and spent a single act tough point to dress himself as a student!

When he walked out from behind the tree, his entire demeanor had changed drastically.

Anyone would straight away get the impression that he was an educated, refined and elegant young man.

Soon after, Xu Que suppressed his cultivation level as well.

Afterall, the highest cultivation level in the entire group was of the Golden Core Stage, level 1. Hence, Xu Que adjusted his cultivation level to that of the Core Bearing Stage. When he was ready, he started taking large strides and wore a wide smile across his face. He fanned himself and walked over to the tea shop in a dignified manner.

"How outrageous! You… How can you spit anywhere you wish? There are so many people here and your spit has stained my shoes"!

"Where did you came from, you imbecile? You interrupted my tea drinking session. If you don’t wish to die, scram now!"

All of a sudden, an argument had broken out in the tea shop.

A weak looking student had gotten involved with several brute looking men seated outside of the tea shop.

Xu Que had witnessed everything. The student was about to enter the teashop when he walked past the table. At this point, the brute coincidentally spat on the ground and had dirtied the student’s shoes.

Anyone caught in such a situation would be angered for sure.

However, there were about five or six men seated by the tables. All of them were of the Core Bearing Stage. The student was alone and had an extremely low cultivation level as well. He was only of the Foundation Building stage, level 3.

When the young people within the tea shop witnessed a scene like that unfold, they all looked away and pretended not to notice anything. Some of them even gloated in the student’s misfortune. It seemed like they enjoyed watching the weak get bullied.

One of the young teenagers couldn’t hold his laughter in, "The Eastern College is well known for producing useless pieces of trash. To think they actually dared to send someone here. Aren’t they worried they would be a butt of jokes?"

"Look at him! He’s so afraid, he’s going to cry. Haha!"

"Let’s ignore him. After we’re done with our meal, we should enter the city."

"That’s right. We have to attend Madam Ya’s personal party tomorrow morning. We mustn’t be late!"

"Haha! We won’t be the only ones attending the event. It’s been said that the greatest sect throughout the five nations, Sky Incense Valley along with other powerful sects will be present as well."

"Ai, the competition is stiff! Afterall, in a few days time, the Flaming Sun Princess would choose her Prince Consort. Madam Ya’s event tomorrow is just an appetizer for what’s to come!"

"Since tomorrow’s event is being hosted by Madam Ya, you can be sure to meet the Flaming Sun Princess there too. If anyone is able to distinguish themselves tomorrow and leave an impression on her, he would find himself in a favorable position. Afterall, it’s truly a few days more before the Princess will make her decision!"

At this point, Xu Que was flabbergasted!

Madam Ya’s event was a very common occurrence. But Flaming Sun Princess choosing her Prince Consort? What on earth was going on?!

Could it be that I’ve been betrayed?

"This… Brother, please excuse me!"

Just as Xu Que was reeling from shock, his eyes fell onto the body of the weak looking student. It was the same student who had been bullied earlier.

Xu Que’s eyebrows twitched as he asked, "Do you recognize me?"

"Ah?" The student paused in shock before he shook his head, "This humble subject doesn't recognize you!"

"Look at me carefully. Look at my face... yes, this handsome looking face. Are you sure you don’t recognize me?" Xu Que didn’t believe him the first time and stuck his face forward for the student to get a better look.

The weak looking student took a step back before clasping his hands in a salute and forcing a bitter laugh, "Forgive this ignorant student, but how do I address you?"

"Have you heard of Hua Wu Que?" Xu Que asked suspiciously.

The student was taken aback once again but spoke politely, "Your humble subject is Tang Liu Feng. I’m a student of Eastern College but I’ve never heard of Hua Wu Que!"

You’ve never heard of the name? And you don’t recognize my face?

Xu Que could finally relax. It seemed like he wasn’t a wanted criminal here. But... This Flaming Sun Princess was looking for another Prince Consort? What was she trying to do?

While he was deliberating in his head, he looked at this weak looking student and his heart stirred.

"This kid looks dumb and foolish, and is quite pitiful as well. Maybe I should help him out and at the same time, find out about the recent events in the Imperial City."

When he finished deciding on what to do next, Xu Que clasped his hands in a salute, "This humble subject is Li Bai and studied in Tsinghua University!"

The weak looking student looked somewhat bewildered and confused, Tsinghua University? He’s never heard of anything like that before!

At last, out of courtesy, he hurriedly clasped his hands once again, "Pleased to meet you, Brother Li. "

Xu Que eyed the table filled with those brutish looking men before looking at Tang Liu Feng and smiled, "Brother Tang, I saw that the table of men there were rude to you. Why don’t I help you vent some of your anger on them? Then the pair of us can find a place to drink tea together and have a chat. How about that?"

"Ah?" Tang Liu Feng was taken aback before he hurriedly waved a hand, "There’s no need Brother Li. Those men have high cultivation levels and are pretty unreasonable. We shouldn’t go looking for trouble. Why not we take a walk now and find a place within the city to seat?"

"Ai, there’s no rush for that!"

Xu Que waved a hand and insisted as well. He wore a mysterious looking expression as he spoke out, "We are the educated and refined lot of the nation and should watch out for each other. Your problem is my problem as well. I shall help you speak out your grievances."

"This…" Tang Liu Feng opened his mouth to speak.

However, Xu Que interrupted him, "Brother Tang, do you believe that I can go over there and scold them but they will not be angry with me? Instead, they will laugh like idiots."

"Ah? Brother Tang, you must not do that. Those men..." Tang Liu Feng stopped mid sentence, extremely startled. This refined looking man wanted to scold those brutish guys seated by the table. Didn’t that mean he was itching for a beating from those men?

However, even before he could finish speaking, sounds of mockery and taunts were shouted out at the pair of them from behind.

"Hehe... where did this ignorant brat came from?"

"To associate himself with the garbage of Eastern College, it must mean that he’s no better. Probably a wastrel himself!"

"I don’t believe that you’d dare to scold those ruffians over there. Just a mere Core Bearing Stage. That would be equivalent to a newborn calf who’s unafraid of the tiger!"

Sounds of mockeries and taunts continued ringing out.

When Xu Que and Tang Liu Feng turned their heads to look, they saw two pairs of man and women walking over slowly. They were dressed like students as well but looked extremely wealthy!

It was perfectly normal for women to appear in such situations at this time.

In this era, there were many women studying in colleges as well. In fact, there were women who held high positions in court. Afterall, the Empress of Water Nation was a woman!

To sum it up, this era emphasized more about strengths and capabilities than gender.

After meeting the two pairs of men and women, Tang Liu Feng’s eyes seem to avert their gazes as he looked down, not daring to look at them. He then whispered to Xu Que, "Brother Li, we should go. These are students from Bright Saint College."

Xu Que’s eyebrows twitched when he heard that. According to his memories, Bright Saint College was the college directly endorsed by the Fire Emperor. Those who could attend this college indicated that they were highly qualified and were extraordinary students. When they graduate, they would become nobilities of the nation.

Anything with relations to the Fire Emperor, Xu Que wouldn’t be pleased about. Hence he smiled and shouted out, "Where did these silly playthings came from? Please scoot off to whichever hole you came from. Don’t disturb me."

"You…" The few of them opened their eyes in shock and were clearly upset!

However, Xu Que had no regard for them whatsoever. He looked at Tang Liu Feng and laughed, "Brother Tang, watch closely. If I scold that group of people and they still laugh, lunch is on you."

"Ai, brother Li…" Tang Liu Feng opened his mouth.

"Keep watching!" Xu Que then turned around and walked towards the table of brutes seated down who had been taunting them.

Tang Liu Feng was left by himself with the two pairs of young men and women as their faces were filled with astonishment!

Are this kid’s brains rotten? Or is he sick of living?

He actually dared to go?