Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 165

Run away?

That’s only something losers and failures would do!

But he’s our powerful and awesome Shaman Demon King, his majesty. He clearly won the war for us, so why was there a need to run away?

Everyone present were thrown into confusion. When they looked up, they could see the few lines of scribbles he had left behind. He had used the Star Miscanthus to write those words and thus the writings on the wall were glimmering. To them, the splendor and magnificence of the Shaman Demon King was the same as these words on the wall.

After carefully looking at the words left behind, someone started reading it out aloud.

Farewell Once Again, Sky Demon Tribe.

Author: Heavenly Explosion Faction’s Great Sage Equal To Heaven, King of Demons Sun Wu Kong

Gently, I take my leave,

Just as I have gently came;

I gently wave my hands,

And bid farewell to the western clouds.

The golden willow by the river banks,

Is the bride to the setting sun,

The reflection on the surface of the river,

Shall forever live in my memories…"

Up to this point, someone exclaimed, "It’s a farewell poem!"


Something seemed off about it!

An old man frowned as he spoke out, "The golden willow by the river bank? There aren’t any golden willow trees planted along our rivers!"

"And also the western clouds! I’ve been living here for 710 years but I’ve never seen clouds looming over the west?" Yet another old cultivator spoke out after thinking.

"Right! And also… Bride of the setting sun! Who was he speaking of? It can’t be that the Shaman Demon King wants a concubine for himself right?" Someone else then asked in shock.

As soon as these words were spoken, Su Ling’er blushed a deep shade of red and looked down in embarrassment. Her heart was coyly scolding, "This silly monkey, he’s always so inappropriate. Even after becoming the Shaman Demon King, he’s still this way…"

"Good poem! What a good poem! He’s painted such a lovely picture of our tribe domains, even though we all know it’s so hideous that birds won’t even come here to shit…"

"The Demon King’s ability to express himself in poetry is absolutely incredible!"

"Wait a second! Have you seen the title of the poem? Farewell again Sky Demon Tribe? Again? Has the Shaman Demon King left us once before?"

"Not necessarily! I’ve always felt like the Shaman Demon King looked extremely familiar and intimate. As if I’ve seen him in my dreams…" A demonic human with the body of a peacock spoke out in between blushes.

"Shameless! Kong Xiao Jiu, you actually fantasized about the Shaman Demon King in your dreams?" Someone else asked and scolded him.

"I... I’m a male!" Kong Xiao Jiu replied indignantly before a look of stubborness flashed across his eyes, "In my next life, I shall become a female peacock and then… I shall be a concubine to the Shaman Demon King!"

Everyone remained silent as they pondered the meaning of the poem before breaking out in animated discussion. They were talking about how the Shaman Demon King had such wondrous literary talents.

Su Ling’er still carried a strange expression on her face. When she walked to the table, she saw a letter under the spell marker!

He had written the letter to her!

She started to open the letter slowly.

‘Ling’er, this Great Sage is going to save the world! I shall leave the race to you. With this Divinatory Thousand Swords Spell, you will be safe. Remember! You owe me a favor. When I return, I definitely will cook noodles for you. Wait for me!’

‘Yours sincerely, a man who’s like the wind, Sun Wu Kong!’

When Su Ling’er read the last line, her face turned a deep shade of red. When she saw the way he ended the letter by referring to himself as ‘a man who’s like the wind’ she let out a giggle.

All her memories of their time together flashed in her head.

When they first met, he was just a red butt monkey not worthy of a second glance.

The next memory that flashed in her head was of him saying. "Be good, little rabbit", and the way his face softened when he was trying to calm Xiao Yu down.

When he was refining pills, Su Ling’er recalled that confident expression on his face along with his passion for alchemy. She almost fainted as her heart melted, recalling him that way once more.

During the Lightning Tribulations, he displayed his valiant and heroic side along with his comical side when he chased after the lightning clouds.

When the Beast King assaulted them, it was him who stayed behind and vanquished the Beast King single handedly. In fact, it seemed like the Infant Transformation leader wasn’t a match for him at all.

And now, he had finally left. He was exactly how he described himself, a man like the wind.

He had left quietly just as he had came quietly. With a wave of his sleeves, he didn’t leave with the clouds, but…

He left with her heart.

At the same time, Xu Que had been travelling for an entire day using his terrifying looking flaming wings heading towards the Imperial City.

Originally, he was about six or seven days away from the city but with this pair of fiery wings, after travelling for just a day and a night, he could already see the Imperial City from where he was.

Looking through the fluffy clouds ahead of him, he could tell that the entire city wasn’t that huge. It was the size of a dozen football fields. The streets were wide and spacious and was clearly bustling with activity. He could also see that the topmost part of the Imperial Palace was glowing splendidly with gold rays of light. In addition, a certain powerful aura radiated from it.

The palace looked like it had hundreds or maybe even thousands of rooms!

Just looking at the Imperial Palace was enough to make anyone sigh in amazement!

Afterall, this was the Imperial City of the Fire Nation. Xu Que’s inherited memories from the previous owner meant that he was extremely familiar with this place and yet this was the place which brought him the most heartache.

Today, he finally returned with the motivation to revive Xiao Rou and to seek revenge upon the Fire Nation to quench his anger!

"Heh... I wonder if the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xian managed to retrieve the map of the Fire Nation’s Imperial Tombs or have they already betrayed me?"

Xu Que stopped in midair and whispered to himself.

Several seconds later, a smile appeared on his face. He then called out for the system in his head, "System, cancel the effects of my Disguise Puppet and restore my original body. I wish to keep this particular Human Skinned Mask in my inventory for future use!"

"Ding! The Disguise Puppet effect has been cancelled!"


Xu Que’s body was then enveloped in a bright ray of light.

At the next moment, he was once again a young and dashing man in his black robes. At this point, he was on the road leading up to Imperial City.

Just before he entered the city, he chose to wear the Human Skinned Mask of Hu Ge. He then took a short walk around the to see if he had been betrayed.

(T/N : Reminder: Xu Que called himself Hua Wu Que while he was wearing the mask of Hu Ge and had used this same appearance when he met the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan earlier in the novel.)

If Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess had given him up, there would be posters all around the city with his face on it. Not using any disguise would lead to someone to discover his identity and recognize him.

If nobody recognized him, that would be more convenient. Still, he decided to wear the mask of Hu Ge anyway and walked into the city.

Thinking up to this point, Xu Que smiled as he walked around, ready to attract the attentions of anyone who would notice him.

Just as he was thinking of this, he saw a tea shop up ahead which was packed with people. In the midst of the crowd, he saw a young man and woman who looked very refined and educated as if they belonged to a renowned sect!

"Ai, I wonder why all these people are gathering within this tea shop?" Xu Que’s eyes gleamed as he spoke.

If he had been betrayed, the commoners probably wouldn’t recognize him. But this pair of lofty looking young man and woman would probably recognize him.

Besides, with so many people congregated within the tea shop, something big must be happening.

Xu Que kept his hands behind his back as he looked up to the sky at a 45 degrees angle and whispered, "Fuck me good. I’ve finally seen so many people. The more people, the better. Hahaha! It’s time to showcase my true acting tough skills!"