Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 164

Sixth ranked mystical flame!

Eight Waste Destruction Flame!

When Xu Que saw this, he nearly fell back from the chair he was resting on.

He had struck it rich! This mystical flame was ranked sixth in terms of strengths. It could only be purchased from the system store for 10,000 act tough points!

Apart from being extremely powerful, it has a special ability as well!

[Eight Waste Destruction Flame]:Adapted from the series, Fight Breaks Spheres/Battle Through The Heavens, this is the most powerful flame belonging to the Yan Clan. After successive generations of forging this mystical flame, it has reached a fiery spiritual stage where it can no longer be altered. It can however transform into a huge pair of flaming wings, increasing flight speed!

Based on the introduction of this mystical flames, it was very obvious that its main strength resided in the fact that it was able to conjure a huge pair of flaming wings!

It can be said that when Xu Que uses these wings, along with his current movement speed, his flight speed would be unrivalled!

"Hahaha! Looks like my fortunes turned good! Indeed, this mystery bag didn’t disappoint!" Xu Que was so elated that one might mistake him for a crazed man. Using his thoughts, he inducted the Eight Waste Destruction Flame into his body.


Xu Que instantly felt intense heat radiate across his body. When he looked down, he saw a black mystical fire appear within his dantian region!

The new mystical flame joined the Bone Chilling Flame and the Molten Green Lotus as the three mystical flames swirled within his dantian. Each of these flames occupied a particular region and would never interfere with each other.

Considering the safety aspects of deploying his wings within the house, Xu Que decided not to do it here since he was in no rush to test it out. He then scanned the items within his inventory and noticed another new item!

It was one of the items he had received from the mystery bag, "300 Tang Poems"!

[300 Tang Poems] : Item cannot be sold. This book contains the vast collection of poems composed during the Tang dynasty. The Tang dynasty was well known for their poetic abilities even up till today, having achieved the pinnacle of poem recital during that time. This volume includes the works from Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Wei, Li Shan Yin and other great composers!"


After reading the introduction, Xu Que’s lips curled upwards.

So this was truly just an ordinary book of poems.

Since they were just an ordinary collection of poems, why did you include it within the mystery gift bag?

Tell me, can this volume of poems combine together with any mystical flames?

Look, other people received useful gifts "300 Children Songs"from Journey to the West. The title of both books are even similar. But that book can be taken apart and put together to form the great sanskrit scriptures!"

"Forget it. At least I gained by acquiring the expensive Eight Waste Destruction Flames. That would give me another way to act tough!"

At last, Xu Que ejected himself from the system store and consoled himself after seeing the book he received. At this point, he no longer had to mood to open more gift bags!

After receiving the Eight Waste Destruction Flames, he was extremely glad. But seeing the volume on Tang Poems dampened his mood significantly. Once again, he felt like luck wasn’t on his side today and he felt like he had finished using up his luck of the day. Hence, he decided to stop wasting time and open the remaining bags another time.


Xu Que then stood up from the chair and started packing his items. When he was done, he stood right before the empty room;and stroked his chin as if he was deep in thought.

"If I leave without saying a word, that might not be too good. But if I tell them that I’m leaving, they won’t let me leave. Besides, they will even call me Dirty Demon King again. Hm… forget it. I shall leave some words!" He whispered to himself as if he had finally arrived at a decision. But what should he write?

As it will be his final words of farewell and as the current supreme leader of the Heavenly Explosion Faction, he had to leave words with dignity as well as character.

After pondering over what to write for almost half a day, Xu Que had a flash of inspiration.

With a turn of his hand, he retrieved an entire bunch of Star Miscanthus. Using the pointed tail end of the plant, he lit it up creating sparkles all around the room. He then started writing large words across the white washed walls.

Before long, he had finished writing several lines of words. Upon examination of these words, Xu Que nodded his head in satisfaction. At the same time, he hesitated for a second before retrieving a piece of paper and wrote more words onto the paper.

At last, when he was finished, he retrieved a spell token from his system inventory and placed it atop the letter.

This spell token was the Divinatory Thousand Swords Spell!

With the nine God Powered Cannons, along with this Divinatory Thousand Swords Spell, this tribe would be able to defend itself even if the entire horde of demonic beasts returned.

This was his last responsibility as the Shaman Demon King.

Afterall, he’s like the wind. He wanted the entire world… No! He wanted the entire universe to watch him act tough. How could he be tied down to such a small tribe for all his life?

He had to leave regardless of his attachment.

Besides, leaving a mark that indicated he had been here was extremely befitting of a man like him!

On the cover letter which he had written were the words, "Su Ling’er my dear!"


Seeing that the sky had just begun to turn bright, Xu Que pushed open the door to his room.

It was early in the morning and a gentle breeze blew across, chilling him as he left.

The entire Sky Demon Tribe stronghold was extremely quiet. Everyone was still sleeping after having a long night of drinking. Some people were within their own houses cultivating. Hence, nobody was on the streets!

"Whew! Goodby then, Sky Demon Tribe!" Xu Que exhaled before walking over to the cave which was filled with protective enchantments. After taking several turns expertly, he walked out and arrived at a forest.

Looking up at the clear skies, Xu Que’s lips curled into a smile. The Eight Waste Destruction Flames flickered within his dantian before transforming into boundless energy and filled his meridians.


At the next instant, a pair of black-colored flames formed behind his back. Each of column of flame was taller than him and was extremely hot. The columns then transformed into a large pair of flaming wings!

These flaming wings were strangely black and looked like they were smoke. The heat radiating out from the black flames were so strong that the air around the flames were swirling around and were filled with immense power!

Xu Que thought something within his head before one of his flaming wings fanned a huge gust of wind.

Controlling these wings felt extremely natural to him as if he had been born with them and had lived with wings all his life.

With a loud "boom", Xu Que’s wings started to move before he shot up into the sky like a cannonball.

As he soared in the skies, his shadow on the ground became nothing more than a small black dot as he disappeared into the skies.

Xu Que was only discovered to have left on the second day in the morning.

Su Xiao Qi knocked on his door and realized that there wasn’t any replies. She then kicked the door open.

When she walked into the room, she saw that the walls were lined with several squiggly and ugly looking words. After she had read those words, she remained rooted to the ground, unsure of what to do.

At the next moment, her eyes turned wet as she shouted out loudly, "Darned monkey! This cursed monkey!" She then hurriedly rushed out of the house to report the matter to Su Ling’er.
When Su Ling’er and the rest of the elders had heard the news, they hurriedly rushed into Xu Que’s room and were stumped as well.

"The Demon King, his majesty… Has left?"


"Did he go off to handle something urgent?"

"Why didn’t he say goodbye?"

Everyone’s faces turned grim. What was happening?

When the entire race was in danger and were caught between life and death, the Shaman Demon King remained by our sides. He single handedly defeated the evil Beast King and thwarted his plans to kill us without ever thinking of backing down.

Now that we are victorious, why did he left?