Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 163

Xu Que watched on as the Beast King turned tails and fled after being so afraid. He even commanded the beasts to retreat as well.

Of course, Xu Que was extremely displeased. He was looking forward to converting those demonic beasts into experience points and help him push forward to the Full Foundation of the Original Infant Stage. This change in plans frustrated him to no end. After the Beast King roared out, all the beasts down below turned around and fled at once, just like a receding tidal wave.

"Monkey, when I’ve fully recovered, I will come and wipe out your entire race!"

The Beast King probably realized that fleeing just like that was too embarrassing. Hence, after fleeing some distance away, he turned back and shouted viciously in an attempt to get some face back.

Xu Que was enraged when he heard this.

"Damn it, you retard child! You ruined my big plans. I shall blow you to pieces!"

He then stepped atop his Lightning Haste and chased after the Beast King. At the same time, he flung his hands towards him. The Buddha’s Fiery Lotus in his hands hurtled towards the Beast King and through the air.

Seeing a scene like this, the Beast King opened his eyes wide in shock before decided to flee once again.

However, that burst of radiant lotus was glowing brightly within his eyes and was reaching him before he even realized.


The entire sky lit up in flames before a second ripple of shockwave coursed through the air and smacked right into him.

The Buddha’s Fiery Lotus exploded right before the Beast King in all its splendor.

Even the extremely strong body of the Beast King was blown into smithereens from the effects of the blast and became nothing more than a mist of blood!

It can be said that the combination of both flames, the Buddha’s Flaming Lotus was Xu Que’s strongest show of strength ever.

Being in the 6th level of the Original Infant Stage, along with the Soaring Dragons Nine Transformations, the strength of the fiery lotus was extremely terrifying. Even a first level Infant Transformation Staged cultivator was unable to defend himself against it!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator. The reward is 1,000,000 experience points and a storage ring!"

"Ding! Since this is the first time that the host has killed an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator, a big mystery bag has been rewarded. Would you like to open it?"

Several notifications rang out in Xu Que’s mind.

At the same time, down in the tower, the demonic humans watched the boundless might exuded along with the sky filled with fire and were appalled.

"That Beast King… Has died?"

"So… He was killed by our Demon King just like that?"

"Not even his body remained… He was completely turned into ashes!"

Everyone were mumbling to themselves in utter disbelief.

Su Ling’er and the rest of them had already stopped firing the cannons.

The demonic beasts came very quickly and left even faster. Hence, they didn’t bother chasing after them and focused on the fight which happened in the air as their hearts were filled with fear.

Su Ling’er had seen Xu Que conjure the Buddha’s Fiery Lotus once before but she realized that this time, it was much more powerful than the previous one. It was so strong that even an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator was defenseless against it and was turned to ashes!

At this moment, all the demonic humans were filled with a sense of relief and gladness.

Because the person who was holding onto that golden rod, the person who was floating in the air, the person who had killed an Infant Transformation Staged King, was their Demon King!

Someone who was able to lead them and show them a brighter, glorious future!

"Shaman Demon King! Shaman Demon King!" A young demonic human was filled with motivation and awe as he shouted out.

Everyone around paused before they joined their voices together and cheered out.

Hence, under this dilapidated and broken down tower within Demon City, cheers of "Shaman Demon King!" rang out and echoed across the entire city.

Xu Que was still floating in the air as his lips twitched while he watched on!

The next day, Xu Que, along with Su Ling’er and the rest of them returned to Sky Demon Tribe’s stronghold.

Despite the fact that he was the Demon King, Demon City was inhabitable. Hence, it was best that he returned to the tribe domains.

Furthermore, the Sky Demon Tribe had changed their name to Demon King’s Tribe!

This caused the Sky Demon Tribe members to be elated. Additionally, Xu Que had brought back the God Powered Cannons for them. Tales recounting Xu Que’s heroism had spread all around.

The entire Tribe members who weren’t present were stumped by their stories. When night came, they held a lavish dinner and invited every single leader of each tribe to celebrate where they rejoiced ‘till morning of the next day.

However, the crowd’s favorite Xu Que had returned to his own room earlier to pack his luggage!

He was headed towards the Imperial City!

His plan after finishing with Sky Incense Valley’s test area was to cross his Tribulations before quickly heading towards Imperial City. He was still bent on breaking into the Imperial Tombs to steal the Genesis Fire Herbs. He would then break into the other four nations’ tombs to steal the required herbs in order to concoct the medication required to revive Xiao Rou.

He never expected to bump into Thousand Demons Tribe where a series of incidents happened, which compelled him to stay. At last, he even became the King of Demons!

The occurences of so many strange incidents which drew him into this conflict left a bitter smile across Xu Que’s face.

However, with the nine God Powered Cannons, they no longer had to live their lives in secrecy. In fact, they can now strengthen the entire race create a brighter future for themselves!

Hence, Xu Que decided that it was time to be on his way as well!

Ever since he left Pan Shan Village, he had wasted considerable amount of time. He became much stronger as well and even earned a truckload of act tough points.

Reviving Xiao Rou--bringing the dead back to life, isn’t a simple affair and just the thought of entering the Fire Nation’s Imperial Tombs was enough to make his head hurt. Yet, he still had to break into the other four nations’ Imperial Tombs as well.

He realized that he couldn’t just rush into it without proper planning and yet he mustn’t delay it any longer.

With his current capabilities, the chances of successfully breaking into the Imperial Tombs were slim but they were much higher than before. Especially since his he managed to cultivate God of Hell’s Compulsion, he could strengthen his physical body and gain control of the elements. Indeed, it was time for him to depart.

Thinking these thoughts in his head, Xu Que summoned the system interface and checked out his own statistics.

He did earned a significant amount of act tough points, having amassed more than 5,000 points. He was considered rather wealthy!

And his experience points was 3800000/4800000. He still needed one million points in order to ascend to level 7!

Xu Que’s attention turned to the big mystery pack which he had received after killing an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator for the first time.

"The last time I acquired a similar reward was when I killed the leader of the Fallen Spirits Sect. That was the first time I killed an Original Infant Staged cultivator and thus earned the reward. From that bag, I received the Bone Chilling Fire. Now that I’ve gotten another one, I wonder what it could contain?" Xu Que mumbled under his breath, his heart was filled with excitement.

However before he opened it, he saw yet another pack - a big growth bag!

He had opened a bag like this once before as well. That was when he crossed over into the Foundation Building Stage. However, he had forgotten about that bag because he got into a conflict with Fallen Spirits Sect and Celestial Sect.

Hence, he had the chance to open the big growth bag thrice as well as the Big mystery bag!

"Keke.. Which one should I open first? Oh, let’s open the big growth bag first. Afterall, I have three chances with it!" Xu Que considered for a moment before using his thoughts to open the big growth bag within his mind.


As soon as he did, several rays of light swirled around it before revealing its contents. At the same time, the system notification rang out.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for acquiring an Intermediate Escape Emblem!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for acquiring a book on Tai Chi!"

 [Intermediate Escape Emblem ]: Enables the user to teleport to within 50 km of current location!

[Tai Chi Manual ] : Ancient punching method that teaches the user how to control his strength and covert gentleness to strengths. Acquiring all ten manuals will complete the entire set!’

Xu Que paused in shock.

Tai Chi… ancient punching method? Fuck me. Isn’t this a world of cultivation? What’s the use of knowing Tai Chi?!

"I’ve been made a fool. Looks like my luck isn’t very good today!" Xu Que’s lips curled as he shook his head in resignation.

At least he received an Intermediate Escape Emblem, which filled his heart with relief.

The previous escape emblems which he received were all of the beginner’s level, and only allowed him to travel up to 5km of his current position. Now that it has increased by ten fold, it was rather useful.

"Forget it. Looks like this big growth bag isn’t going to yield me anything fantastic. Let me try the mystery bag." Xu Que still had two more chances to open the big growth bag but he turned his attention to the other pack.

The previous time he had opened something like this, he had acquired a mystical fire. Xu Que will never forget that moment. Afterall, it was his first time killing an Original Infant cultivator. His heart was filled with anticipation.

"System, open the mystery bag!"

Xu Que took a deep breath before announcing to the system.


As soon as the bag opened, three rays of light shrouded the items within as the system notification rang out.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for receiving a free upgrade in the system store. An additional class of items have been added!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for acquiring a book"300 Tang Poems ""

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for acquiring the sixth ranked mystical flame ‘Eight Waste Destruction Flame!’"