Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 162

"Who else is there?" Xu Que’s voice echoed through the skies.

"Pu chi!"


At the next moment, the demonic humans within the tower who had been paying close attention to the exchange between the pair of them, broke out in uncontrollable laughter.

It was extremely obvious that the Beast King had only spat blood because his healing process was disrupted. And yet the Shaman Demon King could say that it was because of the gust of wind from his rod. Indeed, nobody can ever win you, Demon King.

But, this Shaman Demon King… Really knows how to have fun!

And he’s really trying to earn fame for our race!

The demonic humans down below couldn’t help but feel proud of their King. As time passed, they were becoming more satisfied with their choice of leader and were developing a strong liking for him!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

Once again, the system notifications rang out in Xu Que’s head.

However, the Beast King’s face was swollen red in anger. His eyes were bloodshot with hate and he looked like he could spit fire with the rage that was welling in his chest!

"Darned monkey, you’re finished!"

Beast King gave a loud shout before he sent out yet another blast of his crushing pressure, rippling across the air. His long black hair started to stand as it pointed towards the skies. He raised both his hands as he conjured a huge sea of fire while in the air. At the same time, a swirling vortex appeared beside him as it sucked everything nearby into it.

Xu Que felt a chill ran down his spine and felt as if he had been bitten by a poisonous snake. He knew that this was a particular dangerous moment and he was rather taken aback.

The Beast King was of the Infant Transformation Stage, level 1. Although he had taken a severe injury, he was still able to wield such immense power and strength. That was very shocking.

"Infant Transformation Stage is such a powerful realm to be in!"

Xu Que licked his lips as a smile formed across his face. Although he had just managed to cross over to the Original Infant Stage, he couldn’t wait to become an Infant Transformation cultivator.


The sea of fire conjured by the Beast King had coalesced into a huge flaming ball which resembled the sun. It carried powerful rays of heat as it was being hurled over towards Xu Que.

"Cursed monkey, go to hell!"

The Beast King was laughing in a maniacal frenzy. He then dispatched a pair of black swirling conical drills after the ball of fire!


The pair of conical drills cut through the air and increased its speed as it made a beeline for Xu Que.

"Not good! Be careful Demon King!" Within the tower, the demonic humans were startled by the sudden show of power and shouted out in fear.

"Dodge it Demon King!"

"That Beast King was actually a bull! He had cultivated his pair of horns to become deadly weapons. Not only are they indestructible, they contain immense strength and must be avoided at all costs!"

"Dodge it Demon King!"

Everyone within the tower shouted in fear as looks of anxiety spread across their faces.

They had assumed that after the Beast King was hurt, his might would be significantly reduced. Nobody was able to predict that he would still remain so strong!

Su Ling’er slapped the cannon once and fired it at the oncoming demonic beasts before raising her head up to look at the fight. Her face was filled with worry.

However, Xu Que was still laughing coldly.

"Immense strength? Haha!!! I’ve never been afraid! Soaring Dragons Nine Transformation, activate!"


At once, nine blue dragons materialized from Xu Que’s palms as they soared into the sky and blocked out all the light.

At the next moment, he clutched his golden rod tightly and soared towards the pair of swirling drills and the ball of fire.

With his Soaring Dragons Nine Transformation and Killer Blade which still had full Glory, his strength was boundless as well. With such formidable strength, he swung his golden rod down, causing a huge rift in the air.


The pair of bull horns had crashed against Xu Que’s golden rod and… had shattered into fragments, becoming nothing more than powder as it scattered all across the ground.

At the same time, the huge rift in the air collided together with the flaming ball and wrapped itself around the ball. The force from the air rift was so powerful that it completely extinguished the fireball and was now rippling towards the Beast King.


Beast King’s face fell as he shouted out in fear. At the same time, he spat out a mouthful of blood after the force from the ripple knocked into him!

He had suffered yet another injury on top of his existing wounds. The pair of drills or horns were his ultimate weapon which he had used to achieve great strength. It was supposed to be indestructible and yet it was shattered into powder by Xu Que just like that. When he was defenseless, he was then hit by the wave of air ripple and caused another set of serious injuries.

The blood which he spat out was blood from his meridians flowing to his heart!

"How… How could this be? He’s just a mere Original Infant Stage. How could he possess such strengths!"

The Beast King clutched onto his chest as his face turned pale. He glared at Xu Que with intense hatred and fear.

He was the mighty Beast King. One of the five Beast Kings from the five nations and had attained the Infant Transformation cultivation stage. Now, he was filled with dread and fear.

Down below the tower, everyone had sunk into silence.

All the demonic humans were stumped.

They had assumed that Xu Que would suffer severe injuries after clashing with the bull’s ultimate weapon!

At last, the pair of indestructible horns were shattered into nothing more than powder!

This… What kind of strength was this?
How was it possible that an Original Infant Staged cultivator could possess such strengths?

Everyone around swallowed hard. Their new Demon King’s might wasn’t as simple as they imagined it to be. He was too scary!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!

The system rang out.

A cold smile lingered across Xu Que’s face as he looked at the Beast King who was extremely weak at this point. Xu Que shook his head, "Infant Transformation? TOO WEAK!"

The Beast King raged out, "Ignorant monkey. If I wasn’t already hurt, killing you would be as easy as killing a dog!"

"Then why don’t you tell me who was the one who caused your first injury?" Xu Que smiled as he asked.

The Beast King had no words to reply him.

Xu Que didn’t waste any more time as he laughed out, "I know you’re not satisfied with the outcome but that’s fine. When I finally give you this big present, you shall be satisfied!"


As soon as his words landed, Xu Que turned both his palms up as he conjured a pair of mystical flames.

Molten Green Lotus! Bone Freezing Fire!


A strange sound echoed in the air as Xu Que clapped his palms together, fusing both the fires with each other. At the same time, his ten fingers moved in an erratic fashion as he controlled the pair of fires!

"What… What’s that?"

The Beast King’s eyelids twitched as he felt immensely uneasy.

From such a close distance, he was able to feel the full intensity of both flames. One was extremely hot and the other was extremely cold. Feeling both these sensations at the same time made one feel like his entire body was going to explode. At the same time, fear enveloped his entire body.

In that second, the Beast King was already thinking of ways to flee.

He felt that if he didn’t escape now, he wouldn’t ever get the chance to!

One step, two steps, three steps…

He was still hovering in mid air, trying to take small steps back, away from the pair of mystical flames in Xu Que’s hands.

After he had retreated several more steps, the pair of flames in Xu Que’s hands had been fused into a single brilliant fiery lotus.

Beast King’s face fell, as he turned towards his thousands of beasts down below, "Retreat!"

Without another moment of hesitation, he conjured his speed enhancing skill and turned back to flee!

When Xu Que saw this, he was flustered. "Fuck! Why are you running? Nevermind… If you decided to flee alone, why did you ask all your thousands of beasts to flee to! Fuck! If all of you escaped, who am I supposed to act tough to? Don’t run please! My experience points and act tough points..."