Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 161

Nine God Powered Cannons!

There were nine of them!

All eyes were gaping wide as they stared at it, completely astounded!

Just a single God Powered Cannon along with a high grade spirit stone was enough to severely wound an Infant Transformation Staged elite cultivator.

But now, the Shaman Demon King has taken out nine of them!

My god!

This... This was simply a defiance of the heavens!

Everyone around found it hard to believe. Their eyes and mouths were wide open. Some of them even swallowed their own tongues in shock!

Outside the tower, the Beast King watched on as his vision turned dark and he almost fainted in mid air, nearly falling to the ground.


He shouted out in anger as he suppressed the need to throw up. His face was filled with anger and shock!

Just a single cannon was enough to almost kill him. Now that nine cannons were out, if they were to all fire at him simultaneously, won’t he be reduced to ashes?

In that second, the wounded Beast King’s face turned pale!

He glared at the nine God Powered Cannons with a sense of greed welling up within his eyes.

"Come, come, come! Stop daydreaming. Let me give you a crash course on how to activate the cannons using the inscriptions. Such a crash course would only teach you how to control a low grade spirit stone. But when it comes to dealing with all these beasts, it’s more than enough!" Within the tower, Xu Que shouted out for everyone to follow his methods.

"Watch closely everyone and follow my actions. Move both hands in a gradual and circular motion. Your left hand then swirls in one direction and your right hand follows suit straight after. Yes, yes... Ling’er has got it right. My Ling’er is so clever!" Xu Que simply demonstrated his crash course methods in activating the cannons. Since Su Ling’er was very bright and intelligent, she learnt it quickly just by watching.

Before long, many other people from different tribes managed to grasp the concept as well. Although they were all very unfamiliar with such things, it didn’t prevent them from learning how to operate it.

Soon after, the entire crowd shifted the nine God Powered Cannons outside the tower. These black cannons were aimed at different directions, pointing straight at the beasts which lurked nearby.
Xu Que smiled happily. Regardless of who operated these cannons, as long as they managed to kill, he would get the experience points anyway!

"Come, we can start using the cannons!"

Seeing that the demonic beasts were all charging towards the tower, Xu Que waved a hand and gave the order to start firing.

At this point, Su Ling’er and the rest of them retrieved a low grade spirit stone before inserting it into the slots at the back of the cannon. Then, they started activating it via the series of hand movements taught by Xu Que as gold light filled the entire area. Once they controlled the gold light, the cannons were ready!

"Pow! Pow! Pow!"

The nine God Powered Cannons first erupted in loud sounds as the inscriptions on the cannons radiated extremely bright gold light.


At the next moment, the bright rays of light exploded and shot out in all nine directions. Just by looking at it, it resembled the Kamehameha with its blinding rays of light.

The entire mass of rushing demonic beasts were utterly destroyed as they charged towards the tower. In the blink of an eye, they had been reduced to ashes!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing 3 Golden Core Stage beasts. The reward is 500,000 experience points and 3 golden cores!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing 68 Core Bearing Stage beasts. The reward is 680,000 experience points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing 129 Foundation Building Stage beasts. The reward is 1,030,200 experience points!."

Following the system notifications, Xu Que realized that he had earned a great deal of experience points.

Up in the air, the beast King didn’t move for a long time and didn’t attack as well. He was still regenerating and healing himself.

The reason he didn’t move wasn’t because he was suppressing his desire to kill. It was because he was at the critical point in his healing process. Apart from speaking, his body was unable to move at all. If he tried to move, he would rupture his meridians and mess up the core energy coursing through his body!

However, deep within the recess of his pupils, that look of greed was becoming more and more intense.

He knew that if he’d able to obtain these nine God Powered Cannons, his status amongst his demonic beasts counterparts would increase considerably. It was even possible that he would ultimately become the strongest beast amongst the five kingdoms. He would be the sole leader, with more than a hundred thousand men beneath him!

"Just you wait monkey. Although your God Powered Cannons are very powerful, I’ve been hurt by the cannons before. As long as I stay away from that beam of light, there’s nothing you can do to me!" The Beast King laughed coldly.

He admitted that he had overestimated his abilities and assumed that it was just a normal cannon. That was why he allowed the bright ray of gold light to hit him.

But with his reflexes and speed, avoiding the gold ray of light would be too easy!

When Xu Que heard the Beast King laughing from above, he raised his head to look and his face fell. He then shouted out, "You rebellious kid, why haven’t you come down and made peace with your father? Where’s your mother? Get her to come and serve your father!"

"Outrageous!" The Beast King was enraged as he shouted out in anger. His eyes were almost bulging out in fury showing his level of displeasure.


The Infant Transformation Stage leader sent his boundless energy rippling outwards with immense killing intent towards the tower. His killing intent was so great that it seemed to carry the strength of the mountains.

Several Golden Core Stage cultivators within the tower turned pale at this instant as they fell to the ground and spat out mouthfuls of blood.

Even many Original Infant Staged cultivators were unable to withstand the crushing pressures emanated from the body of the Beast King. All they could do was to focus on their soul strengths and attempt to resist the effects of it. In fact, even Su Ling’er who was almost an Infant Transformation cultivator could feel the immense pressure.

However, there was one person who didn’t react the same as everyone else!

The color of grass might change in seasons, but the color of mountains remains eternal and unwavering!

With his hands behind his back and his clothes flapping in the wind, he had a smile on his face and was radiating toughness. It could even be said that he had attained a new level of acting tough as it emanated out from his body!

"Just a little Infant Transformation Staged cultivator is just a grain of rice to me. How dare you try to attempt to outshine me?" Xu Que’s expression revealed immense dissatisfaction but he still smiled coldly. Since his soul strength was extremely powerful, he wasn’t the least afraid of such pressures!

Within the hall, the demonic humans were astounded as well.

The Shaman Demon King could actually withstand the crushing pressures emanated out from the Infant Transformation Beast King. In fact, he looks so relaxed and calm. He’s really very powerful!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

The system rang out abruptly in Xu Que’s head.

Up above in the air, a cold look flashed past the Beast King’s eyes. He gritted his teeth, "Dead monkey, I shall let you run your mouth now. But when I’ve fully recovered, I shall give you a taste of what it means to be neither dead nor alive!"

When Xu Que heard this, he was elated. Before this, he thought that this mentally challenged Beast King was charging some extremely powerful spell in the air, hence he didn’t attack for very long. Now Xu Que knew that he was healing his wounds!

At this point, Xu Que shouted out ferociously, "You have the audacity. I challenge you to a fair combat, here before everyone, to settle our scores once and for all!"


As soon as his words landed, Xu Que mounted his Lightning Haste spell and soared up into the sky. Clutching onto his golden rod, he charged towards the Beast King.

When the Beast King saw this, he opened his eyes wide and almost vomited blood.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Fuck your mother!

The Beast King truly wanted to slap himself on the mouth. Why was he so loose tongued to tell that cursed monkey that he was healing his wounds?!

Within the main hall, the demonic humans watched this scene and couldn’t control their emotions any longer.

This Shaman Demon King actually requested for a fight while the Beast King was healing his wounds.

And he even pretended like everything was normal and asked for a fair fight before everyone!

How could that ever be fair? The Beast King was injured to such an extent. In fact, he hasn’t even stopped bleeding and you requested for a fair fight?

What a shameless Shaman Demon King!

But…. We love it! Under such leadership of this Demon King, we wouldn’t ever be treated like dirt by the other races!

Smiles were etched across the faces of the demonic humans as they continued to activate the God Powered Cannons, killing the oncoming beasts.

"Here, freaky beast, eat Old Sun’s rod!"

Xu Que had already reached the Beast King and had raised his golden rod and was about to bring it down on the Beast King.

The Beast King’s face fell, as he rapidly shut off the meridians in his body which was channeling energy for recovery. Additionally, he also managed to seal off the part of his body which core energy was flowing and healing. Soon after, he tapped on the remaining core energy from his dantian to move and narrowly dodged the blow by Xu Que!


At the same time, the Beast King spat out a mouthful of blood.

Since he had already sealed up his meridians, ensuring that there’s no damage is taken, he still interrupted his healing process and had to pay a price for it.

When Xu Que saw this, he burst out in laughter and taunted, "He’s really as weak as a chicken. So what if you’re an Infant Transformation cultivator? You can’t even retaliate. In fact, I didn’t even have to hit you. Just the air around my rod is enough to make you spit blood!"

"Ai, don’t tell me nobody in your entire race is capable of fighting? I really have to ask. Is there anyone here? Anyone here at all that can fight with me?"