Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 158

"Unity is strength…"

Within the hall, Su Ling’er who was initially filled with despair, opened her eyes wide and was thrilled to hear a response from Xu Que.

"That voice… belongs to Sun Wu Kong! He’s singing again! Besides, this song, is giving me an adrenaline rush and psyching me up!"

She looked within the hall and saw that all the members of her race were extremely riled up as well. Their fists were clenched and they were pumped up. It was almost as if the despair which griped them earlier had disappeared!

"The Demon King, that’s the Demon King singing!"

"Looks like he never left. He had always been here, making preparations for our war."

"That’s right. It’s indeed his voice. I never expected that the Demon King could sing and he sings so well too!"

"I can feel the blood in my veins boiling in anger and I feel like rushing out to fight with those beasts."

"Don’t go out. The Demon King is just trying to encourage us and reignite our convictions. He wishes for us to unite and continue maintaining the spell."

"That’s right. Let’s stop being afraid and persevere! The Shaman Demon King will be down shortly!"

The entire group of them broke out in shouts of zeal.

Within several moments, the entire spell within the tower took a brighter turn and shone magnificently once again. In fact, it shone brighter than ever before!

Indeed, Xu Que’s song had been very effective.

His One Star Musician ability caused this song to stir up courage within anyone who listened to it. He managed to soothe the worries within the hearts of the demonic humans and inspired them to feel bold.

Outside the tower, the demonic beasts paused in shock.

Why was there someone singing randomly? And it even came from within the tower…

They couldn’t feel the effects of the song, since his One Star Musician talent only affected those within a certain radius of him. Hence, only the demonic humans on the first floor could feel its effects even though they could still hear him sing.

To these beasts, all that they could hear was just a normal song with strange lyrics.

Still, the strength of the spell was significantly improved that even the Beast King and several other Original Infant Staged demonic beasts were shocked.

The spell was almost going to shatter when it suddenly regenerated and even became stronger?

"That’s not right. The half humans were affected by that song!"

"Could this be the legendary Musician?’

"According to several human tales, there was a fabled Musician who attained the Dao through his musical talents!"

"His musical abilities were able to summon spirits and even control thoughts!"

"I couldn’t tell that these half humans actually had a Musician within their midst. For them to have someone like that with them is advantageous for them! The Musician is too useful. We have to capture him!"

The eyes of several demonic beasts who heard this gleamed in eager anticipation.

At the same time, up above the tower, Xu Que was still hitting the drums while he inscribed the last few enchantments onto the God Powered Cannons.

Soon after, several system beeps rang out in his head.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 90 act tough points!"

"Ding! Everything, including music, starts from humble basics but ensure that it comes rom the heart. Congratulations to host for truly comprehending the genuine meaning of music. You’ve advanced to Two Star Ranked Musician!"

Two Star Musician?

Xu Que paused in shock as his heart was filled with joy.

Looks like even the Musician talent can be upgraded this way. Xu Que felt like he reaped profits! A single "Two Star Musician" book costs 1500 act tough points in the system store!


With his last drum beat, he finished performing the song "Unity is Strength"!

And the final God Powered Cannon was completed as well. Xu Que then entered the system inventory and placed all nine cannons together.

"Oh, looks like it's time to go down and act tough. Demonic beasts huh? Several tens of thousands huh? Hehe… all these will become nothing more than experience points. EXP, come to me!"

He then stood up and laughed coldly while making his way down.

At the same time, outside the tower...

The demonic beasts had already stopped clashing against the protective spell. They realized that the spell had increased in protective strength and was extremely hard to break from the outside.

Hence, all the beasts had stopped on the instructions of the leader and had moved back.

As the leader of the beasts, he did have a foresight. He had realized that the protective spell surrounding the tower was rather extraordinary. He noticed that in order for it to break, he had to destroy the sense of convictions within the half humans inside!

After pausing for several seconds in deep thought, the leader waved his hands and laughed out, "Get the half man half tiger to lead the captured half humans here!"

"Yes, leader!" An Original Infant Staged bear responded before turning around and running in the opposite direction.

Before long, all the beasts behind cleared a path.

At this point, ten demonic humans were being led over. Strangely, the person who was in charge of ensuring they didn’t escape, was also of the demonic human race!

Within the tower, the demonic humans watched on as their faces fell.

"Tiger King? That’s the Tiger King!"

"What… What are you doing? Why are you holding our own race captive?!"

Shouts filled up the entire tower.

The reason was because the person in charge of the captives was the Tiger King!

The crowd completely didn’t expect that the leader of Thousand Demons Tribe, Tiger King, would actually give up people of his race to the beasts. Right atbthis moment, he was walking step by step over to the tower slowly.

"Damn it. Looks like the traitor is Tiger King. He actually sold us out and collaborated with the beasts!" The Sky Demon Tribe elders were fuming as they shouted out, shaking in fury.

Even Su Ling’er had a cold expression on her face, while killing aura emanated out from her body.

Most of the other demonic humans felt a chill ran down their hearts. Right at this point, everyone finally understood why they were being pursued here. There was a traitor from their race who had given them up and it was the Tiger King!

It must’ve been the Tiger King who revealed that the coronation ceremony was to be held here today and thus brought all the beasts here.

Tiger King looked into the tower and noticed that everyone was glaring at him in anger. He didn’t seem to mind as he sniggered, "Keke... what traitor? The throne was supposed to be mine. Today, I’m just claiming back what’s mine."

He looked at the human looking Beast King and spoke respectfully, "Besides, I’ve already extended a hand of friendship to the Beast King. As long as I am the Demon King, our race can live under the protection offered by the beasts. We shall help them plant herbs, mine ores and minerals, forge and smith weapons. We no longer have to hide from them anymore. What’s wrong with that?"

As soon as his words were spoken, everyone in the tower broke out in raged discussion.

"Outrageous! You traitorous idiot, how dare you speak such words ever?!"

"Help the beasts plant herbs, mine ores and minerals, forge and smith weapons? Won’t we be their slaves then?"

"You cowardly traitor. Even if we were to die, we will never agree to becoming slaves!"

The demonic humans started shouting in anger.

Tiger King laughed coldly and shook his head, "Being able to serve the Beast King should be an honor and privilege. Since you disagree, you should just die."

As he finished speaking, he took a step back and pushed his dozen of captives forward. These captives were covered in blood and were evidently badly injured.

Indeed, these dozen of captives were the first group of people who had left the tower in a bid to escape. None of them from the group had managed to escape. In fact, everyone who left the tower either died or were taken as captive and were severely wounded. It seemed like they didn’t even have any energy to speak.

The Beast Leader stood right in front of the tower and stared at the demonic humans. He then taunted while laughing, "Keke… I shall give you a chance to come into my service and become my slaves. If not, this will be your fate!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he palmed the demonic human captive kneeling down next to him!


A loud crashing sound could be heard. The captive didn’t even have time to scream and instantly became a mist of blood as his remains scattered on the ground before him!

This scene caused everyone within the tower rage out in anger as their eyes nearly bulged from their sockets.

Their convictions in the strength of the spell started to shake unsteadily at this point!

That captive who had been killed with just a single palm was of the Original Infant Stage and he was level 8!

Just a mere slap was enough to kill him and disintegrate his entire body into nothing more than just a puddle of blood. This showed how powerful the Infant Transformation Stager was!

"Forget it. Killing them like this would only dirty my hands."

At this point, the Beast King frowned as he cast his eyes down at several Original Infant Staged beasts. He then spoke plainly, "As for the remaining captives, I shall give them to you. Eat them cleanly. I don’t wish to see a single bone or meat remaining!"

"Many thanks to our King!" The beasts were clearly excited as they leapt forward and started tearing into the flesh of those captives.


The remaining captives started letting out screams of agony as they witnessed their own flesh being torn apart by those beasts.

The entire scene was gory and grotesque. Just watching on sent chills running down their spines as their scalps felt numb.

"Stop it!"

"You bunch of wild beasts!"

"You crazed and vile things... There shall be punishment for your deeds!"

Within the tower, the crowd were extremely agitated as they shouted out in anger.

Clearly, they were powerless to prevent the beasts from killing thier own comrades. The captives outside suffered painful, agonizing deaths. The sight of such a gory deaths befalling their own kind was too much to watch!

Tiger King stood by the side as he watched on and his face didn’t even exhibit sympathy of any kind. Instead, he stood there laughing while the entire scene unfolded. He then shook his head, "Why haven’t you knelt down and begged for your lives? If not, this shall be your fate."

The Beast King then looked into the tower and mocked once more, "I still stand by what I said earlier. Fall to your knees and kowtow to me. You shall then live, and become slaves of mine!"

"..." The entire hall was filled with silence.

Everyone around had witnessed the horrifying scene. Some of them were clearly enraged, while others were extremely afraid, unable to contain their fear any longer.

Such a death was way too frightening. Maybe before the protective spell gave way, the best solution was to end their lives to prevent such a painful death!

As soon as this thought formed in their heads, the brightness of the spell was significantly reduced once more.

Seeing the evident decline in strength of the spell, the Beast Leader laughed out loudly, "I shall give you another 3 seconds. Either you kneel down and kowtow to me, and become my slaves. Or… Die!"

"Hahahaha!!!" Right at this point, a cold laughter reverberated across the entire hall.

Everyone within the hall paused before turning their heads to look at the source of the laughter.

Xu Que had jumped down from the upper deck and stared right into the eyes of the Beast King. He shook his head and shouted out, "Outside the tower, behind the forest, you’re acting tough while your father is frowning!"

"Eh? A monkey? That’s cute. Are you the new Demon King? You should come and be my pet!" The Beast King was visibly angry as he glared at Xu Que. After scrutinizing him, his face was filled with mockery and taunts.

Xu Que stood still and smiled, "You idiotic retard. My imperial band lacks a flute playing boy. Why don’t you fall to your knees and kowtow to me? I might consider taking you into my band. If not, you shall have to swallow my cannon!"

As he finished, he flipped his hands and retrieved a single God Powered Cannon from his inventory.

With a loud thud, the cannon landed heavily onto the ground and aimed right at the demonic beasts standing outside.