Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 157

"Roar!" Several Golden Core Stage demonic beasts reared their heads and roared. Immediately after, they bared their fangs and claws before charging towards the tower.

Right at the same time, the protective spell from the tower glowed brightly.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The thuds rang out consecutively as all the demonic beasts smashed against the protective spell. Their skulls cracked and blood gushed out from their wounds while their entire bodies flung high up into the air.

The protective spell however, glowed brighter than ever and didn’t even seem like it took any damage at all!

"Haha! We’ve succeeded! The power of this spell far surpassed our imaginations!" Someone from within the hall shouted out in glee.

"The most important thing now is to dispel all our fears and doubts and increase our courage and faith. That will help increase the strength of the spell."

"That’s right. Let’s continue to maintain this. Nobody can break through our spell!"

Seeing that everyone around were in good spirits, their confidence in their survival increased as well!

"Whoosh!" Several sounds could be heard coming from the skies. After that, some shadows emerged as it landed right outside the tower.

The leader was a tall and sturdy looking male. Based on his appearance, he looked exactly like he was of the human race. He had an extremely overpowering aura emanating from him. Indeed, it was the Infant Transformation leader everyone was worried about.

He had a certain coldness in his eyes and his expression was stoic. He scrutinized the protective spell around the tower as his lips curled upwards showing his displeasure.

Behind him, there were several beasts who were extremely massive. A cold snigger lingered on their faces as they glared at the demonic humans within the hall.

"Leader, it seems like these half-humans have many tricks up their sleeves. Their death is fast approaching and yet they still wish to struggle." A twin headed lion said to his leader.

The black bear stood on its hind legs and laughed out, "Just a broken damned spell. Do they really think it can stop us?"

"Keke… Pitiful ants!"

"We shall tear them into pieces in no time."

Many other Original Infant Stage beasts started laughing out.

Within the hall, the demonic humans’ faces fell as they glared at the beasts angrily. All of them maintained their level of convictions and upheld the strength of the protective spell.

However, most of their states were directed at the leader who was standing in the middle of several large beasts.

A demonic human elder then shouted out, "If I’m not mistaken, he’s the leader of the demonic beasts. As soon as he broke through the Infant Transformation Stage, he morphed into human form."

"His killing intent alone is extremely overpowering!"

"Indeed, an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator is extremely powerful!"

Su Ling’er’s expression was grave as well as she stared at the man viciously. Ever since her Tribulations had ended, she was just a short distance away from breaking through to the Infant Transformation Stage as well. She could feel the aura being emanated from him and realized that the strength he possessed was indeed terrifying.

Although she was just half a step away from becoming an Infant Transformation cultivator, the difference in strength between herself and the leader was vast, and was like heaven and earth.

It seemed like the demonic beasts had just elected a new Infant Transformation Stage young leader to lead them. That’s the reason they were so fearless and bold to lead an entire army to attack the demonic humans’ race.

At this point, most of the army were still outside the Demon City. The Infant Transformation leader and several other more powerful beasts had proceeded ahead to kill first. They wanted to wipe out the new Shaman Demon King and the entire race as soon as possible.

However, they were a step late. Under Su Ling’er’s guidance, the spell within the tower had already been activated.

Besides, she managed to encourage everyone around thus tapping on the conviction within their veins to strengthen the spell.

After the demonic beasts’ leader scrutinized the spell, he taunted, "A mantis trying to stop a chariot. You half humans are just like ants. How can you stop me?"

As soon as his words were spoken, his body started giving off immense power, coursing through the entire region. In fact, the power radiating out from him was so powerful, it just permeated through the entire spell and entered the hall.


Everyone within the hall could feel his strength and their faces turned pale. The level of confidence and conviction plunged tremendously, causing the spell to weaken.

This affected the brightness of the white light as well as it dimmed down significantly.

Seeing something like this happen, Su Ling’er’s face fell as she shouted out, "Don’t be affected by him! This spell was created by our ancestors! Please concentrate harder. Focus on your convictions. They will not be able to force their way in. Hold the spell, just for half an hour. Half an hour more and our Demon King will lead us in the counterattack!"

The Sky Demon Tribe elders hurriedly echoed her, "That’s right. We have to maintain our confidence and conviction!"

"If the spell breaks, we are doomed for sure."

"Maintain it and allow the spell to strengthen. They can’t do anything about it!"

Under Su Ling’er’s repeated words of encouragement, the people within the hall gritted their teeth and concentrated hard.

The entire spell seemed to have regained a little of its original splendor.

However, Su Ling’er was secretly worried deep down as well. The entire army could already be seen from where they were. If the demonic beast leader decided to charge their way in…

Outside the tower, after seeing the tower increased its strength and glow even brighter, the beast leader didn’t seem to mind it at all. He mocked and laughed once more, "Let’s test it out and see how your broken spell can withstand the power of my 60,000 strong army!"

His pale face and devious features grimaced before he reared his head to let out a loud howl.

"Chi!" The Beast King’s roar!

The sound was filled with tremendous power!

The protective spell seemed to be able to defend against the demonic beasts’ attacks but it wasn’t able to block out sounds.

The demonic humans within the tower started to tremble in fear after hearing his ferocious roar. Their morales started to crack as they all felt the immense urge to kneel down before the Beast King out of fear.

The most terrifying thing was that after the loud roar rang out from the Demonic Beast King, 60,000 demonic beasts started charging towards the tower and resembled a huge tidal wave at sea. They seemed to have been given courage by his roar as they crashed against the protective screen fearlessly.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The protective spell around the tower started shaking violently as it received severe damage from the oncoming horde with the intent of destroying it.

Beast after beast charged right at it, using their horns, claws or even their own bodies plated with armor to destroy the protective spell.

"We’re doomed! We’re doomed! Our spell is going to be destroyed!"

"There’re so many! There’re so many beasts! It’s too horrifying! We’re going to be trampled by them till we’re minced meat…"

"I can’t take it anymore. Under such an unrelenting assault, what hopes of survival do we have left?"

Just a single roar by the Demon Beast King caused tens of thousands of demonic beasts to become enraged.

The protective spell belonging to the tower became weaker and weaker. Most of them within the hall had grown pale faced at the point as well.

Just a few moments ago, everyone was filled with confidence and conviction in their abilities to survive. After seeing the sheer numbers of their enemies, that sense of confidence had been shattered.


Yet another wave of beasts charged against the spell, causing the entire tower to shake violently once more.

This was a clear sign that the spell was about to be broken!

"Everyone hold onto your convictions! For our race! Everyone hold on! If not, the spell is going to break!" Feeling the strength of the protective spell diminishing rapidly, Su Ling’er shouted loudly in fear.

However, her encouragements this time didn’t work as they used to. It was clear that these demonic human Elders had completely lost their courage and their will to fight. At this point, they weren’t even thinking of fleeing. Their minds were completely blank.

"What should we do? What should we do now? The spell is going to be completely destroyed at any moment. With this many beasts trying to destroy it, even the tower will come crashing down sooner or later. But… We’re just a minute away from successfully defending the tower for an hour. Sun Wu Kong, I’m sorry. I… I cannot hold on anymore…" Su Ling’er closed her eyes. She knew that in a matter of ten seconds, the protective spell would be completely shattered. When that happens, the entire tower would come down with it and be completely destroyed by the beasts.

Based on the way things had turned out, it was clear that the situation was hopeless and irreversible. Even though she was the bravest of the lot, the amount of conviction within her heart started to fade little by little.

Right at this moment, on the upper floor of the tower, Xu Que could feel the tower beneath his feet shaking violently as well and startled him.

"Fuck me! An earthquake? Why can’t you let me study in peace? Pui! I mean let me finish up my cannons in peace?" Xu Que shouted out angrily.

He had almost completed the God Powered Cannons. When the ground shook, he got a shock and almost blew his own balls apart.

However, when he craned his neck out of the window to look, he saw the huge army outside the tower. He also noticed that the spell was reduced to an extremely faint light. It was evident that it wouldn’t be much longer before the spell breaks.

"Damned retards! These demonic human ancestors were really useless. What a weak spell they created. Its capabilities only extend this far? It can’t even last an hour of assault!"

Xu Que then hurriedly called out for the system and asked, "System, is there any way to save this useless protective spell? Should we give it some blood or infuse some enchantments into it?"

"Host, the protective spell was created by the blood of the strongest demonic humans of that time along with several other powerful magic. This protective spell is extremely potent and is unrivaled in strength. No other additions are required to strengthen it." The system replied coldly.

"Fuck me! Extremely potent? Unrivaled in strength? System, are you trying to be funny? The spell is about to be destroyed. Is this what an ‘extremely potent and unrivaled in strength looks like to you?" Xu Que grimaced and remained speechless.

"This strength of the protective spell comes from the presence of blood belonging to the demonic human race and conviction of the people. The spell is strengthened when their conviction and confidence increases. The system suggests that the host can think of a way to encourage the demonic humans, so as to improve their conviction and confidence in the spell." The system suggested an alternative for him in a neutral tone.

"Encouragements?" Xu Que repeated after the system before a brilliant idea struck him. He then asked, "Would singing work as well? I have an amazing work of a lifetime which is popular and hasn’t failed me. It’s lyrics are gold and would definitely solve the problem. I guarantee, just hearing these lyrics would ensure that they would fucking be confident once more. They would work together so well they might as well make love to each other."

System : "But just any simple motivational methods would do as well."

"Yeah! Wouldn’t that be too simple? Watch me…" As he spoke, Xu Que shut his eyes and decided to solve two problems at the same time.

Using his incredible amount of soul strength, he concentrated hard on two tasks simultaneously. With one hand, he was inscribing enchanted words onto the God Powered Cannon. At the same time, he purchased a musical instrument!

A drumset!

He hurriedly withdrew the musical instrument from within the inventory.

Soon after, he cleared his throat before using his left hand to hold onto a drumstick tightly. He then hit the cymbals ferociously.

"Chiang!!!" The sound of a loud and crisp sounding vibration rang out all the way from the upper floors down to the lower level. At the next moment, a rhythmic beat could be heard.

"Dong dong dong, dong!!!"

Xu Que took in a deep breath as he pressed his throat, while emitting a low voice.

"Unity~ is strength, unity is strength. This strength is as strong as metal, it’s as tough as steel…"

In that instant, a firm and unwavering voice singing could be heard. This was coupled with the fast paced and loud beat which was being drummed out and sounded out into the ears of the demonic humans who were afraid and trembling at this point.

Unity is strength!

This strength is as strong as metal!

It’s as tough as steel!

No it’s tougher than steel!

It’s stronger than steel!

All who heard this were shocked.

The moment they heard it, they were once again filled with the will to fight. A certain hot blooded rage filled their hearts and circulated throughout their bodies!