Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 156

"Why did that happen..."

"His cultivation level was so much higher and yet he didn’t even dare to retaliate!"

"He died just like that in fear…"

Within the hall, many of them had terrified looks on their faces!

The looks on their faces wasn’t just because they had witnessed someone of the same race being slaughtered in cold blood. It was more of the fact that they realized how weak and powerless they were in the face of their enemies.

Some distance away from the tower, several Foundation Building and Golden Core Stage beasts were crushing their way through. They relied heavily on their massive frames and incredible strength to catch many demonic humans who were fleeing.

Blood and flesh flew into the air as the demonic humans were torn into pieces. The war was extremely one sided.

Horns were being blown repeatedly, signalling that the demonic beasts’ army were inching nearer and nearer. The air was filled with the rancid stench of blood which turned many stomachs.

This… Was the smell of the blood of their fellow comrades.

And many tribes along with their leaders and elders were still hiding within the tower. They had placed every last dash of hope on the Shaman Demon King.

"What should we do now?" An elder asked, trembling.

"Should we just watch on as they kill their way into the tower?"

"I’m not willing to just sit here and wait for my death to come. I would rather take the fight outside and battle for my life!" Another hot blooded young demonic human shouted out through gritted teeth.

Frowns could be seen across all the Sky Demon Tribe members faces. Their eyes would often look towards the stairs, anticipating Xu Que’s return to the main hall and to show them the miracle he promised.

But… Under such a situation, was there still going to be a miracle?

There were far too many beasts. How were they supposed to defend themselves?


The ferocious roars of the beasts radiated across the entire area. More and more demonic beasts were entering Demon City and the tower wasn’t very far away from the entrance.

Some distance away, several dozens of Golden Core Stage demonic beasts were viciously lurking around the tower.

Su Ling’er’s face froze as she shouted out, "The Shaman Demon King requires a little more time. Since he isn’t ready, we have to guard and defend him down to the last moment. Everyone, please activate the defensive spells around the tower!"

"Activate defensive spells?"

When everyone in the hall heard this, they were stumped and were rather suspicious.

"In order to maintain the protective spell around the tower, all of us would have to use our core energy for extended periods of time. With so many beasts and an Infant Transformation leader with them, we wouldn’t be able to hold it for very long anyway."

"That’s right. And when the spell does break, we would have wasted all our core energy. We wouldn’t be able to defend ourselves then."

Everyone started to question and doubt her. Many people felt that it wasn’t a good idea to waste their core energy on a spell that would be destroyed sooner rather than later. They thought that a better alternative would be to go out and kill the beasts!

Su Ling’er then replied firmly, "In the face of such strong enemy, we have to cooperate and work together. We should follow the orders given by the Demon King, his majesty. Activate the protective spell and await his return. Besides, the protective spell around the tower was placed by our forefathers. The protective spell is stronger than most. All we have to do is to channel your conviction into the spell and its effectiveness will be increased. Even an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator would find it extremely hard to break through!"

As soon as these words were spoken, the eyes of the crowd gleamed as though their hopes had just been revived.

"That’s right. The spell within this tower is supposed to be extremely strong. As long as we believe in our cause and channel our conviction into it, the spell will be fortified."

"As long as we persevere, even an Infant Transformation leader will not be able to break through!"

"Right. Since we’re already at this stage, let’s take a gamble. Activate the spell!"

"I agree!"

Before long, everyone had made a decision to activate the protective enchantments of the tower and defend it.

The protective spell was supposed to be activated on the first level and would require three demonic humans of at least an Original Infant Stage to activate it. The three of them would have to use a great amount of core strength in order to start it up.

Su Ling’er didn’t even hesitate and was the first person to walk within the radius of the spell. She placed her hands on the beast’s bone which was filled with numerous inscriptions.

"Me too!"

Yet another tribe leader stood up and walked over to the spell radius and placed his hands on the second beast’s bone.

At the next moment, another tribe leader stood up wordlessly and walked towards the third beast’s bone.

"Let’s begin!"

Su Ling’er looked at the other two of them and nodded her head.

Immediately, the core energies from their bodies gushed out from their bodies into the three bones. The spell was activated at once as the inscriptions on the bones started to glimmer and was illuminated.


The tower let out a strange sound. From the highest point of the tower, a layer of light swept across, covering the entire tower in bright light.

"Everyone, it’s your turn now!" Su Ling’er watched the rest of demonic humans with a serious expression etched across her face.


Everyone present nodded their heads and looked at each other before sitting down within the main hall. Their hands were placed across their dantians as they channeled their core energy onto the protective spell around the entire tower.


The spell which enveloped the tower was immediately fortified as the light around it became whiter and brighter.

When that happened, the spell started to regulate itself along with the convictions of all the cultivators within the halls, giving off a magnificent glow to the entire tower.

"We’ve succeeded!"

"At this rate, we should be able to prevent the Infant Transformation leader from breaking through!"

"That’s right. As long as our conviction doesn’t waver, the strength of the spell would be kept at its maximum."

Everyone present celebrated in joyous victory.

The presence of this spell had given them a renewed zeal for survival and allowed them to heave a sigh of relief. Even those who were extremely anxious earlier allowed themselves to relax as their fear dissipated.

Su Ling’er smiled to herself as she looked up towards the floor board and whispered, "As for the rest, we have to rely on you, Sun Wu Kong!"

At the same time, on the upper floor of the tower...

Xu Que had created the frame of the nine identical God Powered Cannons. All that was left was the final step which was to purchase the enchanted rocks from the system store and place them inside the cannons.

The growls and roars coming from the beasts outside had long been heard by Xu Que but he had never been afraid of them.

With his current strength, he had no reason to be afraid of combat, be it single combat or in group fights. He had far too many tricks up his sleeves to be worried!

"Ai, looks like even this tower has a protective spell on it. In fact, it looks rather extraordinary! It seems like core energy isn’t the only thing required to sustain this spell. There had to be the convictions of those who cast in as well. Looks like the beasts are going to attack soon. I better hurry!"

Xu Que noticed the spell becoming stronger as he thought to himself. His eyes squinted as he smiled and whispered under his breath.

At last, when he waved his hands, he retrieved nine enchanted rocks and placed each of it within a cannon. His fingers started caressing the cannons as he conjured the inscriptions over each one.

Before long, one by one, each cannon was ready to be used!

Outside the tower...

More and more demonic beasts had gathered outside. The main vanguard of the beasts had reached as well. Due to their vast numbers, their footsteps caused dust to fly everywhere and the ground even cracked beneath their heels.

Within the hall, the demonic humans looked outside and saw that the beasts were swelling with numbers. Their faces started to turn pale but continued to remain calm and channel their convictions into the spell.

However, with the activation of the spell, they had completely blocked off the outside from the inside. Hence, they were unable to attack from within the tower as well.