Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 155


Boundless energy from the mystical flames erupted from Xu Que’s palms into the air, causing green fiery flames which resembled clouds to float within the room.

This was the Molten Green Lotus, which was ranked 19th amongst the most powerful mystical fires. This was the fire which existed at the core of the earth and was refined over ages before being compressed and fused together repeatedly and resulted in this spell.

It would take ten years of that process before the mystical fire would start to form. It would take another hundred years before it took shape. Only after a thousand years would the lotus be formed. This was the legendary fire which was almost unparalleled and used to forge weapons and pills!

Xu Que controlled the mystical flames as he waved his hands gently. The pile of scrap metal on the ground started to levitate into the air and was surrounded by the green mystical flames.


The extreme heat from the flames started to break down the metals and melted it with astonishing speed. Before long, the scrap metal had been reduced to nothing more than a black liquid as it remained floating in the air. The impurities within the scrap metal had been burnt to ash and separated from the liquid.

Before long, Xu Que raised five fingers into the air as he pointed at the molten liquid rapidly.

"Dong! Dong! Dong!"

Thudding sounds which sounded like an extremely loud heartbeat could be heard. As his fingers interacted with the air around him, small ripples started to form.

The black molten liquid which was suspended in the air absorbed the ripples and started moving, taking shape. The entire mass was then divided into nine exact parts. Each part was completely equal to the rest.

When Xu Que was with the Great Change Sect, he managed to construct a pair of God Powered cannons effortlessly. Now that his cultivation level had increased, the strength of his cannon will be much stronger as well. In fact, it was probably as strong as an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator.

Hence, building the nine God Powered Cannons at this point was rather effortless for him as well.

The entire room was filled with immense heat.

Xu Que stood right in the middle of the room. A hand was controlling heat while he fused it together with the black molten liquid. The other hand was used to exert core energy onto the mixture. He did it seamlessly as he started to shape the molten liquid.

At the same time, within the main hall of the tower...

After the young demonic human had taken away 20% of the entire group with him, the hall started to look empty. The rest of them sat on the ground, their faces were ashen and nervous.

Some of them were encouraged by their leaders to sit on the ground and meditate in preparation for whatever fight they had to go through later on.

Some of them glanced around, as their fists were clenched, flexing their arms from time to time. They used their sleeves to wipe the beads of sweat on their foreheads, looking extremely nervous.

It was obvious that most of them were extremely uneasy and couldn’t sit still. Worry was etched across most of their faces. After standing up to pace back and forth, they would sit down for several moments before standing back up again.

Although the entire hall was extremely quiet, a certain sense of nervousness could be felt all around.

"What’s the Demon King doing? Why are we waiting so long for him?"

"That’s right. It’s already been almost an hour but nothing is happening!"

"I just cannot understand. How can he hope to turn the tides in just an hour?"

"Ai, I wonder if the group of them who had just left have already made it safely!"

"I’m afraid the battle outside would be very fierce…"

The crowd started to break their silence and discuss the matter among themselves, probably to help ease the anxiety within their hearts.

However, at the next moment, the discomfort and unease within their hearts started becoming stronger.


Right at this point, a loud blast could be heard several meters away from the tower.

The blast shocked everyone present as they rushed towards the door of the hall and craned their necks out to get a better look. The sight which greeted them astonished them all.

Beyond the tower were dense woods and forests. At this point, the forest was being overwhelmed by a large wave of movement, causing many trees to crash down onto the ground!

The movement was caused by the hoarde of demonic beasts rushing through the forest as they charged through.

When the demonic humans heard that there were more than 10,000 beasts heading in this direction, they were afraid.

Seeing the demonic beasts within their own forest caused them to feel many times worst as their morales shattered immediately.

More than 10,000 beasts? They looked like they numbered in more than 100,000!

The ferocity of their howls and the way they crashed through the trees like a massive tidal wave was extremely terrifying.


"Boom doom!"

Loud crash and thuds along with the fearsome roars of the demonic beasts became more intense as they edged nearer towards the tower. Before long, they had started to surround it.

The hall filled with demonic humans started to turn pale. Some of them were so afraid that they sat on the ground hopelessly, their lips started to tremble in fear.

Such a situation was extremely horrifying!

It was extremely hard for them to imagine how they would’ve survived after rushing out to fight these beasts. Seeing them from such a distance already struck so much fear within their hearts. If they got any nearer, most of them would probably be too afraid to move. How were they going to fight?

"Ah!!!" A female demonic human couldn’t bear such a fearsome sight. Her courage and morale was completely shattered as she turned the other way and ran.

Even before she could get very far, she sat on the ground in shock as tears streamed down her cheeks.

From the other direction, another horde of demonic beasts were fast approaching. This time, the demonic beasts weren’t limited to land beasts. There were swarms of flying demonic beasts as well. The vast numbers of flying creatures in the sky resembled heavy dark clouds as they blocked the sun from shining.

The entire Demon City has been surrounded by the multitude of demonic beasts.

Demon City has been surrounded. There’s nowhere to run!"

At this moment, everyone had sunk into helpless despair.

It wasn’t that they didn’t believe in Xu Que. It was because under such frightening circumstances, it was inevitable that they would all feel afraid and helpless.

"We’re doomed! We’re all going to die today!"

"My race… Is going to be annihilated!"

"Demon King! Demon King! What are you doing? Why haven’t you come down?"

"No. The Demon King must’ve fled. If not, why would there be no movement for so long?"

"What? The Demon King has fled?"

"It must be so. He must’ve used us as bait and a decoy while he ran away…"

"No. We cannot sit here and wait to die. We have to run too!"

Right at this moment, everyone’s emotions were a whir as they started to panic. Before long, another dozen of demonic humans couldn’t take the suspense any longer as they ran out of the hall.

However, in such a situation where they were surrounded, they had no idea where to run to and moved like headless houseflies.

Within the hall, Su Ling’er and the rest of them looked extremely pale as well. Even though they had utmost trust in Xu Que, it was still impossible to suppress the fear within their hearts!

"Our Queen, what… What should we do now?" An elder whose hands were trembling, asked anxiously.

Su Ling’er gripped her own sleeves tightly and raised her head to look upstairs, where it had been still for a long time. At last, she gritted her teeth and replied, "Stay here and wait for Sun Wu Kong to return."

"But…. But under such a circumstance, even the mighty Demon King would be powerless against such numbers!" The elder replied.

Su Ling’er stepped forward and shouted loudly, "All of you be quiet! Since you’ve already chosen to stay, you should place your complete trust in the Demon King. Since he’s said he can protect us, we will be safe!" Her voice was extremely loud and caused everyone who was panicking to stop and look over.

Su Ling’er then continued, "The Demon King said that he will kill whatever comes our way, and I believe him!"

"..." The crowd turned silent at once.

At first, they were rather confident of his abilities. But seeing the vast number of enemy they had to face, they found it slightly hard to believe that just a mere Original Infant Staged cultivator would be able to turn the tides in their favor.

This situation was such that everyone was doomed to die!

"Boom boom! Boom boom boom!"

The ground beneath their feet started trembling. The heavy footsteps of so many beasts started causing the ground to shake. This was intensified by the fact that the building was extremely old and weak. Many other weaker buildings around had long crumbled.

An entire wave of demonic beasts had already entered the Demon City. This was death inching closer to them!


Several demonic beasts who were leading the group charged first into Demon City, roaring loudly as they inched towards the tower.

Several demonic humans who were lingering outside the tower were so afraid by the sight of so many beasts charging at them that they put up no resistance at all.

What was most hilarious was that an Original Infant demonic human was so terrified that he fled and was chased by a Golden Core Stage beast all the way down the street. He didn’t even dare to turn back to cast a spell. At last, he was caught by the beasts as it trampled all over him. With a huge bite, the beasts took his head off.

It wasn’t that he was cowardly. It was more of the fact that his courage had broken and lost all strength and wits to fight.

Under such a frightening scene, the entire hall was completely calm!

Calm… The calm before the storm!