Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 154

"What?" Su Ling’er paused in shock.

Everyone around opened their eyes wide open and were astonished!

With a single charge, without losing any lives, wipe out the demonic beasts completely?

How… How was that possible?

Many people around here had witnessed Xu Que’s methods during the Lightning Tribulations. They had also seen his temperament earlier on when he punished Eagle King.

However at the end of the day, this new Shaman Demon King was just an Original Infant Staged cultivator.

Besides, no matter how strong he was, there was only one of him. How was he going to fight against an army of thousands? There isn’t even a need to discuss the Infant Transformation Stage cultivator!

"Impossible! You’re just boasting. You’re clearly afraid! They have 10,000 demonic beasts outside and an Infant Transformation leader. How can you be so sure that none of us here will die?" At this point, the young demonic human shouted out.

He was despairing, feeling helpless and had lost his wits. He just wanted to rush into battle and fight it out with the demonic beasts till his death. He had already told himself that the faster he died, the faster he could get on with it instead of feeling afraid and dreading on it.

When Xu Que heard him, he shook his head as his face fell before he shouted out, "So what if they have 10,000 beasts? So what if they have an Infant Transformation leader? Let me tell you, I shall kill whatever comes today!"

As he shouted out loudly, everyone around started to calm down and looked towards Xu Que.

Xu Que looked around before he started pointing to the crown on his head and the tower they were in. He then shouted out, "I’ve said this before. The person who wears this crown must carry its weight! It doesn't matter how many beasts they have. With me around, you will all live. I am the best defense… Whoever comes, I shall kill!" He spoke loudly and with conviction. Every single word he spoke echoed across the entire hall loudly, hurting the eardrums of everyone present.

Some of them gazed at him dazedly, their hearts were trembling and filled with fear. When their thoughts returned to the number of beasts out there waiting to slaughter them, they were suspicious about Xu Que’s promises and worried about their lives.

This new Demon King was just a mere Original Infant Stage level 4, how could he dare to make such promises and speak such glorious words?

"Those who believe in my words, give me the time it takes to burn an incense befor you can join me and kill all those beasts. As for those who don’t believe me, please flee for your life now! I shall not have anyone obstructing me!" Xu Que spoke these words before walking towards the stairs of the tower.

He then proceeded up!
Within the hall, the rest of them casted wary glances at each other, unsure of what to do.

Regardless, Xu Que’s words still gave most of them a glimmer of hope and gave them something to look forward to which left them thinking that maybe a miracle was possible.

After going through numerous hardships with Xu Que, Su Ling’er naturally believed Xu Que as well. Without further hesitation, she shouted out, "Sky Demon Tribe and myself will stay here with the Demon King!"

"We, the Sky Demon Tribe members, pledge our lives to the Demon King and shall follow him!" Several other elders hurriedly responded.

To these group of demonic beasts, they didn’t had to consider at all because they knew that this was the best and only way.

Hence, they were extremely supportive of Xu Que. He was a creator of miracles, this monkey… Oh no, the Great Sage, the Shaman Demon King!

Soon after, there was silence within the hall for several seconds before the rest of them stood up and replied, "We the Enchantress Tribe are staying with the Demon King as well. We pledge our lives to him!"

"Jade River Tribe shall stay with you as well!"

"Count Ashen Cloud Tribe in. Since the new Demon King has already been coronated, we should follow him!"

Many other leaders of different tribes made the decision to stay behind with the new Demon King as well.

Of course, most of these tribes who decided to stay were present on the day of the Tribulations and had seen how powerful Xu Que was. That’s why Xu Que’s words brought them tremendous confidence.

There were several other tribes which had yet to make their decision and were hesitating.

Although they didn’t express their desire to remain behind, it seemed like there was nowhere else for them to go as well. Were they going to flee? There were thousands of beasts outside, surrounding them. Where could they flee to?

If they didn’t flee, would it be easier to just charge out and fight with those demonic humans, with death as a better alternative than waiting it out here? However, they knew that should they go out, they will be butchered into minced meat within the first minute!

Hence, even if they didn’t vocalize their support for Xu Que, it could be seen from their actions that they would rather stay behind and wait it out, and choose to rely on their last glimmer of hope. They placed their last remaining hope on the young Shaman Demon King.

In fact, even that young demonic human man who shouted loudly about rushing out to deal with the demonic beasts also seemed to have been convinced. However at the last moment, he shouted out with disbelief and resignation, "Crazy! All of you are crazy! You actually believed that pack of lies from that monkey!"

The Sky Demon Tribe elders shouted out in response, "Outrageous! How dare you show disrespect towards our Demon King?!"

"Hehe… Demon King? Look at how cowardly he is. He’s already ran up the stairs into hiding! Comrades, please do not be deceived by his words. Think about it carefully. He’s just a mere Original Infant Staged cultivator, of the 4th level. No matter how strong he was for his cultivation stage, how could he ever hope to fight with an Infant Transformation leader? If anyone of you here wishes to survive, follow me and kill our way out! Let’s cut a blood path for ourselves and survive to preserve the line of our race!!!" The young demonic beast started encouraging the rest of them once again.

As for those tribes who had chosen to stay, they weren’t offended and remained silent.

Several tribes present who were still unsure of what decision to make stood up abruptly. There were several dozen of them and seemed to have been convinced by that young demonic beast. Apparently, the line about preserving the line of their race had swayed them as they chose to leave along with him.

Hence within the large hall, around 20% of them had chosen to leave which made the entire hall seem empty.

"You will regret this! When the demonic beasts come around and surrounds you, everyone remaining here will be trapped and face inevitable death! If you choose to follow me and fight out way through, there might even be a chance for survival. Staying here is just like a tortoise hiding in its shell. It’s such a disgrace to our race!" The demonic beast taunted loudly before he left.

He clearly refused to believe that this Original Infant Stage monkey was able to save these people. He truly believed that leaving and fighting his way out would help increase his chances of survival. Hence, he tried to convince more people to come along with him, strengthening their forces outside.
Most of the remaining people within the hall gritted their teeths and clenched their fists. They decided to remain loyal to their new Demon King!

Regardless of whether they chose to stay or to leave, it was a huge gamble to them. If the gamble paid off, they might be able to survive. If they lost the gamble, their lives would be lost as well.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the tower...

Xu Que walked into an empty and spacious room as he bolted the door. An entire mound of scrap metal lies within the room!

These scrap metal had been found and kept within the tower by the demonic humans years ago. When Xu Que couldn’t sleep the night before, he roamed around the entire tower and collected them all. Now, he had retrieved them from his system inventory and laid them out within the room.

"Hehe! I can finally put these scrap metal to good use. Great army of demonic beasts huh? Looks like the information you received from the traitor is pretty accurate. You should know then that this Great Sage had just completed his Tribulations and know that the one thing I’m lacking in the most is experience…"

Xu Que’s lips curled into a smile as he called out the system, "System, I wish to purchase materials enough for 9 God Powered Cannons! Also, I wish to add the Divinatory Thousand Swords Spell! This time, I’m going big!"

(T/N : Just in case some of you forget what the Divinatory Thousand Swords Spell does, here is the manual)

[Divinatory Thousand Swords Spell]:

This spell has origins from the olden days of battle and was a menacing killing skill. It encompasses the entire area and casts a protective shield around it. Should an intruder trespass, he will instantly be thrown into confusion and lose his bearings. The skies and ground will flip as a thousand swords will descend upon the victim causing an inevitable death. (Note : This spell doesn’t affect cultivators who are of the Infant Transformation Stage and above.)