Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 153

"What?" Immediately, the faces of everyone present fell as panic filled the entire hall.

"Demonic beasts? How did they know we’re here?"

"Unless someone revealed our position to them?"

"What’s going on?"

Everyone started looking at the injured demonic human and started plying him with questions.

The wounded demonic human was pressing tightly against his bleeding wound and replied agonizingly, "I... I don’t know... I’m from Sea Cloud Tribe. Actually, our entire tribe along with our Tribe King were here but… They wanted to organize a show of strength against the new Demon King to protest his rule. Hence, we were ordered to wait in the forest. We didn’t expect a large group of demonic beasts to appear and started killing us without even speaking."

When Xu Que heard this, his eyebrows twitched.

Show of strength to protest my rule? Keke... the whole group of you were asking for death. Tried to act tough but ended up eating grass instead!

Everyone around started to panic the moment they heard this.

"As soon as they approached, they started killing? Looks like these demonic beasts had planned it out thoroughly."

"We’re doomed. We’re probably already surrounded by them!"

"That’s not right. How did the demonic beasts know that we were having a coronation ceremony here? And they chose today of all days?"

"There must be a traitor who delivered this piece of information to them."

"That’s right. We’ve been in hiding here for so long and nothing has happened. If it weren’t for a traitor, there’s no way that so many demonic beasts would come here."

"What an evil traitor! He actually liaise with our long time enemy to kill his own race. I wonder who it is!"

Within the hall, all of them started becoming angry!

Someone then asked, "How many demonic beasts are there? If we join forces, we might be able to fight it out with them?"

That wounded demonic human had intense fear written across his face as he shook his head in despair, "We cannot win them. Their numbers are far too many, with many waves of them. I don’t know exactly how many, but it’s definitely more than 10,000 of them. Also… Also, they have an Infant Transformation Stage leader!"

"What?" Hearing these words, everyone trembled in fear.

More than 10,000 of them? And they even have an Infant Transformation Staged leader? That’s… They definitely want to wipe out our entire race!

"We’re finished!" One of them looked around hopelessly before he sat down on the ground.

"More than 10,000 demonic beasts. Even if they were all of the Foundation Building or Core Bearing stages, they can all trample us to death with just their sheer numbers!"

"No. Just the Infant Transformation Staged cultivator is enough to kill everyone of us here!"

"We’re doomed! Our race… it’s going to be extinguished!"

"What did we ever do to them to deserve such a fate?"

In a short span of time, the entire hall was filled with cries of desperation as everyone felt that the situation was hopeless.

Su Ling’er and the rest of her tribe had frowns across their faces and looked very grim. They were clearly worried as well.

The Sky Demon Tribe elders started to tremble as they cried out, "The heavens wished to annihilate our entire race!"

"Why… Why is our race treated so unfairly?!"

Su Ling’er looked at Xu Que before sighing. She was frowning as she asked, "You’ve just taken your new position and they wouldn’t even wait until you’ve settled down. Now… Now, what should we do?"
Xu Que laughed out before he placed a finger on Su Ling’er’s forehead, "You shouldn’t frown too much, you will have wrinkles if you do. As for those demonic beasts… Hehe... I’ll kill all of them regardless of their numbers!"

Kill all of them regardless of their numbers!

These words spoken by Xu Que were filled with killing intent, causing those who heard it to feel a chill in their hearts!

Su Ling’er paused and shook her head, "They have an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator leading them. At this point, even if we inform our Patriarchs, they might not even be in time to react!"

"I’ve never been afraid of Infant Transformation cultivators, ever!" Xu Que replied as a certain sense of eagerness gleamed in his eyes.

Infant Transformation Stage! Ever since the fight with Zhang Danshan, the sect leader of Celestial Sect, Xu Que had always been rather cautious about cultivators in that stage.

However, now that he had already broken through to the Original Infant Stage, he was rather excited to test his strength against an Infant Transformation Stage leader once more.

"No, we cannot sit around and wait for death to claim us!"

Right at this moment, an old man stood up from the crowd and shotued out, "If we continue to stay here, we will die. Why not fight our way out and charge right into the demonic beasts? We have a better chance of survival if we do that."

The entire area fell into silence as they considered his proposal. Soon after, everyone started agreeing with him as a certain crazed desperation for survival could be seen within their eyes.

Even in animals, once they were forced into a corner, most of them would become agitated and bite in order to survive. Much less in their current situation with so many tribes around, plus the fact that they had been oppressed for so many years. Today was the day the demonic beasts had pushed the demonic humans to a corner. All of them present were willing to fight to their death.

There were several responses to the old man’s words.

Several younger demonic humans stood up and replied, "He’s right. Let’s fight it out with them!"

"Besides, several other tribes are already at the frontline fighting with them. Let’s join up with them and show the beasts our strengths!"

"Since we’re dead anyway, let’s give it our all in this fight!"

"Even if we die, we should drag several of these beasts to hell with us!"

"Kill them!"

"Let’s fight!"

More and more demonic humans started standing up and shouting. Their veins were bulging as they were filled with hot blooded rage.

Several slightly older demonic humans stood up and looked towards Xu Que before replying, "Demon King, your majesty, please lead us into war and kill those beasts outside!"

Right at this point, Xu Que shook his head and replied coldly, "There are 10,000 demonic beasts outside with an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator leading them. Are you confident of winning them? Even if you did rush out and fight, how many among you will survive?" Xu Que completely disagreed with the fact that they should give it their all and fight it out. He felt that it wasn’t worth it.

His words were like a bucket of cold water to the faces of all those who wanted to fight. All of them simmered down in reaction to his words.

However, there were several others who were even more agitated by him and replied, "You are the Demon King, how can you ruin our morale here? If you’re scared, you can stay here and await your death. Do not drag us along with you."

"Hehe!" Xu Que sniggered coldly once more before shaking his head, "I admire your courage in wanting to go out and fight. However, even if you wish to do that, you should evaluate the circumstances first. At this point, a large army is outside, surrounding us, and you fools still wish to charge your way out. That’s as good as committing suicide. Only a retard would do that!"

"Then what do you say we should do? Hide here and wait for them to come in and kill us? Then I would rather die in battle!" Someone replied mockingly.

Xu Que laughed once more, "Why would you have to die? I am here. Why would you want to sacrifice your lives and fight ‘till death? We haven’t gotten to that stage yet!"

As soon as he spoke out, everyone was shocked.

They started casting astonished glances at Xu Que.

Su Ling’er was clearly shocked herself as she asked, "You… You have a plan?"

She had bore witness to Xu Que’s incredible powers many times before and now saw how Xu Que still remained so calm in the face of such a situation. Seeing his composure gave her a sense of hope!

Could it be the Buddha’s Fiery Lotus? No, that can’t be. Although the Fiery Lotus is extremely powerful, he wouldn’t be able to defeat so many beasts and an Infant Transformation leader with that alone. He must’ve some other plan!

Su Ling’er looked at Xu Que in anticipation.

Xu Que laughed out, "I have a plan. With a single charge, without losing any lives here. I can guarantee we shall slaughter them without leaving a single soul alive. They shall beg for their fathers and mothers while dying!"