Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 152

He who wears the crown, must bear its weight!

This sentence immediately astounded everyone present within the hall.

Su Ling’er who was afraid that Xu Que would say the wrong things was shocked.

Many other demonic humans froze as well, reeling from astonishment.

It was a simple phrase of eight words and yet was able to stir their hearts. These words were able to succinctly describe their new king’s conviction to bring them to greater heights.

He who wears the crown, must bear its weight. The crown was a symbol of the future for the entire race. Hence the person who wears the crown would have to be responsible for the future of the entire race!

So he understood the importance of this position.

Looks like he did his preparations and is ready to lead the entire race towards a brighter future.

At the next moment, the doubts and uncertainties within their hearts had vanished. When they looked at Xu Que once again, they were filled with reverence and respect.

Even those demonic humans who were displeased with Xu Que for putting the crown over Su Ling’er’s head was renewed with confidence for their new king.

Looks like this monkey isn’t treating the Shaman Demon King position lightly.

Looks like this Great Sage has such a deep thought process and an even louder voice.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

Consecutive notifications rang out in his head from the system. Along with the act tough points he had received earlier, he had earned nearly 300 act tough points!

Although Xu Que’s speech shook many people, there were still several others who weren’t convinced.

An old cultivator was standing outside the doors and didn’t enter the hall. He was laughing with his accomplices outside, "A red butt damned monkey, how could he ever hope to fulfill the promises he made to bring a bright future to our race? He’s just talking big. If word gets out, the entire race would be the subject of humiliation!"

He wasn’t speaking excessively loud, but it just happened that the entire hall was silent. Thus, everyone around managed to hear this.

Everyone’s faces changed as they looked towards Xu Que.

A certain coldness swept into the pupils of Su Ling’er. She knew that there would be some people who wouldn’t pledge their loyalty to Xu Que and surrender to his reign. Hence, she looked out of the door and spoke fiercely, "Today is the grand day of coronation for our King. Who dares to lurk outside and speak rubbish, get in here now!"

Outside the hall, an old man who had wings on his back strode into the hall and laughed coldly, "What? Am I wrong? Just a mere Original Infant Stage cultivator, how do you think you’re going to lead us towards brighter days?"

Everyone present were shocked.

"Eagle King!"

"It’s actually Ashen Cloud Tribe’s Eagle King! To think that he actually came but didn’t enter the hall to pledge his loyalty to the new king!"

"He’s obviously provoking the new Demon King!"

"The new Demon King had just been crowned and someone has already came to stir up trouble. Looks like something’s gonna happen today!"

"And there are also several other tribes who didn’t appear today. Could a civil war be brewing?"

Many people broke out in animated discussion. Worry was etched across their faces.

Their demonic humans race was exceptionally weak at this point. If a civil war breaks out, they might not even be able to recover for the next several hundred years. Their hopes of becoming a strong race would be dashed!
Xu Que threw a cold glance at the old man and smiled, "You’re also a mere Original Infant Stage, level 8. Where did you get the courage to speak to me that way?"

The old man broke out in laughter, "Haha! This Eagle King is of the Original Infant Stage level 8, but I’m still higher than you. I’m more worthy to sit on that throne than you!"


At the same time, everyone were shocked as they gasped at the audacity of the Eagle King.

The Eagle King actually dared to speak such words. Looks like today was going to be interesting.

"So you’re trying to say, that you do not surrender to my reign?" Xu Que asked, smiling as he looked at Eagle King.

"Yes! This Eagle King shall not surrender to a mere Original Infant Stage level 4 cultivator and call him my Demon King. If the demonic beasts outside hear of this joke, they will think that we don’t have anyone more capable to lead us and make another attack on our race. Hence, in order to ensure the safety and survival of our race, Demon King… YOU. ARE.NOT. WORTHY." The Eagle King took a step with every word towards Xu Que as he spoke out loudly.

Seeing this situation, Xu Que shrugged his shoulders and looked at Su Ling’er before asking, "Do we have any rules as to how to deal with such offences?"

Su Ling’er paused for a moment before replying, "For speaking out against the King, he shall be slapped on the mouth. If he repeats his actions..."

"There’s no need for that. He shall get slapped!"

As soon as Xu Que’s words landed, a field of lightning formed beneath Xu Que’s feet. With a loud crack, his physical body vanished leaving behind his shadow as he appeared outside the hall at the next instant.


At that moment, a loud and clear sound of a slap could be heard throughout the entire hall.

The old man flew high off the ground and landed several meters away. A large bruise had formed on his cheeks as his mouth gaped wide open in shock.

Everyone within the hall was astonished. They didn’t even saw Xu Que move and yet he could make the Eagle King fall. They were extremely fearful.

An Original Infant Staged, level 4 cultivator could actually send a Tribe King, who was of the Original Infant Stage, level 8 flying?

"Old sparse hair, this King has punched people in the old aged home and kicked children in the nursery. After all that’s done, I even stepped into the mortuary and asked, "Whoever’s not happy, stand up now", but nobody dared to say anything. Now you wish to compare strengths with me? Come on then!" Xu Que shouted out before he raised a backhand, ready to slap him once more.

The old man was furious as he shouted out, "The audacity! You…"

"Piak!" Even before he could finish, Xu Que slapped him once more on the mouth.

"You dare..."



"Piak, piak!"

"Stop it…"

"Piak, piak, piak!"

Seeing every slap land on the face and mouth of the Eagle King, everyone watched on in shock, their jaws were left hanging. Every slap was intentionally and landed where it was supposed to go. He was beaten so viciously that feathers from his wings even broke off and landed on the ground. Eagle King, who had a fearsome reputation for being merciless to his enemies and was of the Original Infant Stage, level 8 was beaten to such an extent.

"What… What’s going on? The Eagle King was being beaten up?"

"He couldn’t even defend himself or retaliate!"

"This new Demon King is much stronger than how we imagined him to be!"

"Original Infant Stage level 4 and he could beat someone of a higher cultivation level, without giving him any chance of retaliation?"

The audience were stumped.

"To deal with people who won’t surrender to me, I have a very simple way of handling it. If you don’t surrender, I shall beat you until you surrender. After all that, you have to kneel down and sing a song of surrender to me!" Xu Que shouted out coldly.

His words were loud as they echoed throughout the entire hall.

Many of them were extremely afraid and fearful.

He then looked at the Eagle King whose face was as swollen as a pig. Half of his feathers were on the floor.

Those who were watching on were trembling in fear. Looks like this Demon King has a gangster side to him as well. That… Seems to be a good quality to have in our King!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

At this point, the system rang out in his head.

Xu Que ignored it. Instead, he was glaring at the pair of wings behind Eagle King’s back and was smiling, "I’ve been eating way too much chicken wings of late that I’m getting sick of it. Maybe I should try eagle’s wings today? I’ve heard that an eagle’s wings are extremely strong in order to carry its body into the sky. That means if I grill it… The meat must be pretty good, right?"

"What? He wanted to grill the Eagle King?"

"That’s way too scary! Our new King wishes to send a message out to everyone who doesn’t obey him!"

The second they heard this, many other demonic humans who were thinking of not surrendering felt a chill ran down their spines. They didn’t dare to bring up the topic of rebelling ever again.

At this point, Eagle King was curled up on the ground trembling in fear.

He had really been beaten till he was scared and confused. This monkey was obviously only level four. Why did he look more terrifying than an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator?


Right at this time, the sound of something moving extremely quick through the wind could be heard which startled everyone.

Raising his head up, Xu Que could see a demonic human sprinting into the hall. He had a crazed look in his eyes and ignored everyone else. At the next moment however, he slammed heavily into the door as his body was covered in blood.

Such a peculiar situation caused everyone to jump up in shock.

Even Xu Que had stopped and looked at him in surprise.

What kind of person was this! Why didn’t he use his brains? He actually used his head to beat the door?

The demonic human however was still conscious as he lay on the floor and trembled before shouting in fear, "No… Not good! The demonic… Demonic beasts have attacked again. They’re all here to annihilate us!"