Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 151

"I don’t want it! I don’t want it! Fuck… You had so many nice things to call me but you decided to address me as Dirty Demon King. Isn’t that a personal attack on my character?"

The second Xu Que heard the title in which was supposed to be conferred upon him, he was extremely unhappy.

He hurriedly took off the crown on his head which was a symbol of the Shaman Demon King and placed it atop Su Ling’er’s head while she wasn’t paying attention.

"Ah! Sun Wu Kong, your crown…" Su Ling’er was startled by his sudden actions and shouted out in shock.

"No! This is YOUR crown."

Xu Que smiled from ear to ear as he waved his hands, "Actually, this Dirty Demon… Shaman Demon Queen position is yours. I just helped you to snatch it from the hands of Tiger King. Hence, this crown is for you to wear. If it weren’t for you, the Great Sage wouldn’t even be bothered to attend the Tribulations and help you steal the throne from him!"

"You… So you did this, all for me?" Su Ling’er was astonished. After hearing how Xu Que had described his actions, her heart stirred up and she was clearly moved.

This was the much coveted throne. How could this monkey give it up to her just like that? Could it be because to him, she was more important than the throne?

Su Ling’er eyes started to turn wet with tears.

Although she was the leader of the Sky Demon Tribe, she had never been treated so nicely in her entire hundred years of existence.

Although this monkey was always mischievous and playful, Su Ling’er knew deep down in her heart that he treated her very well. From the moment he refined pills for her and defeated Tiger King in the Tribulations, to giving up the throne to her.

However, Su Ling’er was very aware of the rules controlling the demonic beasts. Once a King has been confirmed, it cannot be changed.

She looked down and tried to remove the crown from her head, "Sun Wu Kong, I cannot…"

"Don't look down. The crown will drop." Xu Que hurriedly held her hand to stop Su Ling’er from removing the crown. He then noticed the tears dripping down from her face as he raised his hand to wipe it away from her cheeks. He then replied, "Don’t cry. Bitches… will laugh. Seeing you cry, my heart aches."

Hearing Xu Que speak out, Su Ling’er was taken aback once more. Never in her life had a man feel hurt when she cried.

"That must not happen! Shaman Demon King, the matter of the throne is very important. How can you give it up just like that? Please return to your throne Shaman Demon King and resume the procession."

Under such a tense situation, a pair of old crones who looked so hideous that the sight of them was enough to turn stomachs rushed forward and dragged Xu Que back to his throne.

"Let go of me! This King wishes to act tough at this moment. Pui, I mean, I don’t care about this Dirty Demon King position!" Xu Que started struggling from their grip as he shouted out.

"Sun Wu Kong, thank you for thinking of me. But I strongly believe that you can lead our entire race to greater heights." As she spoke, Su Ling’er removed the crown from her head and placed it atop Xu Que’s head once more.

At last, Xu Que finally decided that he couldn’t push the crown away any longer. He thus finally accepted the title of "Dirty Demon King" and became the race’s new King!

The King of Demons was addressed as Shaman Demon King. This was something that couldn’t be changed.

Many demonic beasts fell to their knees to pay their respects to the new King. Only the different King of tribes could escape kneeling down to him. However, they still had to bow to him!

Xu Que sat atop the throne, his face was filled with joy as he received compliments.

He had initially thought of acting tough with his new title as Demon King. At this point, they bestowed the title of "Dirty Demon King" upon him. How could he ever bear to act tough with such a poor title?

Su Ling’er stood beside the throne and saw that Xu Que’s expression was strange. She then took a step forward and whispered, "What’s wrong?"

Xu Que twitched his lips before replying, "Bb heart aches, but bb won’t say why!"
(T/N: Reference to BB stickers)

"Ah?" Su Ling’er was extremely confused, not understanding what Xu Que was talking about.

At this point, the old crone beside him spoke again, "The new Shaman Demon King has to give a coronation speech!"

Coronation speech?

Xu Que froze for a moment before reacting. This was to give a thank-you speech, too easy!

Xu Que stood up lazily from his throne before looking down at all the demonic humans before him. The atmosphere was tense as they awaited for him to speak.

After several breaths, he started speaking, "I wish to thank everyone for allowing me to ascend to the throne. First of, I wish to thank my parents for delivering me into this world and raising me up. Next I wish to thank my teacher who taught me. I wouldn’t be here without him. I also wish to thank my friends for their everlasting support. Most importantly, I wish to thank CCTV, MTV and TVB for the opportunity to stand on this stage. Lastly, I wish to thank my director, Lord of the Common People for giving me the chance…"

"Sun Wu Kong!"

All of a sudden, Su Ling’er caught his attention and glared at him, interrupting Xu Que’s speech!

Xu Que paused, "What is it?"

At the same time, he noticed that the entire group of demonic beasts who were kneeling before him all wore expression of utter confusion!

Su Ling’er then rolled her eyes and whispered, "What are you talking about? The coronation speech is not for you to thank people. It’s for you to speak one or two sentences about your expectations or for you to promise that you will bring our race to greater heights!"

So it’s to speak about my expectations! Should’ve said so earlier!

"Cough, cough!"

Xu Que coughed several times and pretended that none of that ever happened. His expression remained calm and stoic.

The entire group of kneeling demonic humans were stumped and speechless.

Some of them looked extremely displeased at Xu Que. Afterall, he was only of the Original Infant Stage. How was he going to strengthen their race?

Hearing the way he spoke on the stage with all his strange lingo caused many people to lose faith in him!

"Looks like our race has to wait for another hundred years before we’ll get to see a fearsome warrior to lead us!"

"Ai, I knew something was amiss. Look at how several Tribe leaders aren’t here. They must’ve disagreed to him!"

"Even Thousand Demons Tribe didn’t send anyone here. Tiger King probably doesn’t recognize this new King."

Everyone broke out into hushed gossips and whispers. Su Ling’er hurriedly swept a glance at Xu Que and whispered, "Stop speaking. Let me help you with the speech…"

"No need!" Xu Que then interrupted Su Ling’er halfway and smiled. He then casted his glance down at everyone once more.

At the next moment, his smile vanished as he shouted out, "All of you, shut up!"


In that second, the entire hall turned silent and everyone looked up at Xu Que.

Some of them wore looks of fear, while others were expressionless. Others glanced at each other with mocking looks and eyes of disdain.

In actual fact, regardless of how Xu Que performed today, everyone would be extremely displeased with him and would be unwilling to accept him as the new king.

Afterall, Xu Que was just an Original Infant Staged cultivator. Even if there were rumors floating about that he had defeated Tiger King, many people found this hard to believe. They assumed that it was just untrue tales.

To them, only someone who was powerful and mighty would be worthy of becoming their King.

"Sun Wu Kong, please don’t be rash." Su Ling’er whispered in an attempt to remind him, afraid that Xu Que would flare up and attack those demonic humans on the ground.

If he lost his cool and made a move, he would definitely lose the confidence of everyone present.

Indeed, Xu Que stopped playing around as he wore a severe look. He swept his glance around before speaking seriously, "Today, I’ve taken up the position as the Demon King and there are many people among you who are displeased by this fact. But that’s no matter. As long as I’m still seated on the throne, I will take all of you towards greater heights, towards glory. Our race no longer have to hide from everyone but we can walk proudly in broad daylight. That’s because I understand something…"

At this point, he pause before looking at everyone down below once more. He then emanated powerful aura from his body which diffused across the entire hall.

He then continued, speaking loudly and fearsomely, "The one who wears the crown, must bear its weight!"

(T/N: Quote taken from the korean drama series, The Heirs)