Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 150

"You… You want to eat what’s below my waist?" Xu Que was stumped as his heart hammered fiercely in his chest. Luck had arrived at such an unexpected time!

Seeing Su Ling’er’s pretty features on her face and her pair of adorable white ears, along with her bushy tails behind, Xu Que’s imagination ran wild as his heart palpitated.

However, at that moment…

Su Ling’er shot Xu Que a crafty look before pulling a packet of noodles from behind her back and showed it to him. She then smiled playfully, "Oh, the noodles are here. You can cook them for me now!"

"..." Xu Que’s expression froze on his face.

Fuck me! This con artist! This cheat! Where has the trust between humans gone to?

Seeing Xu Que’s confounded expression, Su Ling’er held her smile in and pretended to give him a fierce look. She then glared at him and berated him, "I knew you weren’t being kind hearted when you volunteered to cook noodles for me. You were playing with words that day while we were travelling towards the Lightning Pools."

Indeed, Xu Que had been teasing her the entire day about all sorts of nonsense. He spoke about licking something, about asking her to eat what was below and spoke many other dirty words.He made her blush with embarrassment with all that talk back then.

At last, when Su Ling’er finally understood what he meant, Xu Que then actually cooked two bowls of noodles for her. Su Ling’er was shocked and assumed that she had misjudged Xu Que for being a dirty and perverted man. She felt extremely guilty for the rest of the night.

Earlier at the Lightning Pools, Xu Que couldn’t control himself yet again and teased her once more. This roused the suspicion in Su Ling’er. Hence, she actually ran to her own kitchen, took a packet of noodles and decided to have her revenge on Xu Que.

At this point, Xu Que felt his heart aching as he clutched his chest and shouted out, "You are a liar and a cheater. You’ve stained the pure and innocent trust between us as friends. You are a criminal!"

"After taking advantage of me so many times, I’ve yet to settle scores with you. This is just the first of it!" Su Ling’er glared at him before shoving the packet of noodles into Xu Que’s hands. Half laughing and half wearing a severe expression she replied, "This is your first request. Go and cook the noodles now. Also, we have to leave for Demon City early tomorrow!"

As she finished speaking, she turned away before stepping out into the bright moonlight looking extremely pleased.

Xu Que’s lips twitched as his heart ached painfully.

After being the driver of his vehicle for so many years, he never expected his own vehicle to completely overturn today. He had failed and this was a huge stain on his entire life!

The next day in the morning, Xu Que, Su Ling’er, Su Xiao Qi and several other elite members of the Sky Demon Tribe started making their way to Demon City!

Something worth noting was that when Xu Que woke up early in the morning, he received a system notification informing him that he had broken through to the Original Infant Stage!

Due to the amount of experience points stored over the past few days, he even ascended to level 4 of the Original Infant Stage!

When Su Ling’er and the rest of them saw Xu Que in the morning, they gave bewildered looks and astonished expressions.

Within the span of a single night, he was of the 4th level of the Original Infant Stage!

The speed of his cultivation was too fast!

To this, Xu Que’s explanation was, "This Great Sage is exceptionally smart and powerful. Of course, improving rapidly in cultivation is normal!"

Everyone who heard this was at a loss for words.

Afterall, to all of them, Xu Que was extremely powerful. He was so powerful they literally had no words to describe him.

Since Su Ling’er had successfully completed her Tribulations as well, she was fast approaching the Infant Transformation Stage. However, she still needed several more days before her cultivation powers would swell to its peak for her to cross to the next level. The right conditions were extremely critical in order for that to happen!

Ascending to the Infant Transformation Stage was a huge development in a person’s cultivation level. Regardless of what race the cultivator was from, the Infant Transformation Stage was a pinnacle of existence. A demonic beast could take human form at will once he had reached this stage of cultivation. A demonic human could thus take three forms. He could take the form of human, demonic beast or demonic humans!

To Xu Que, someone like Su Ling’er who was of the Nine Tails Fox race should remain in her demonic human form. Afterall… She was extremely attractive and unique in this form!

When the group of them arrived at Demon City, it was already in the evening and the sky was getting dark.

Indeed, the Demon City wasn’t as glorious as expected. Instead, it was extremely run down and desolate.

The entire city rested on a wasteland of the forest. Many walls of the city had been destroyed. This wasn’t because the city wasn’t upkept well. Instead, it was due to the fact that a huge war had taken place right here. The entire city was thus destroyed beyond any possible means of restoration!

From afar, the area looked like it was a heritage site of sorts and didn’t resemble a habitable place. Apart from several extremely dilapidated huts, there was a single tower standing in the rubble!

The tower looked extremely old and damaged as well. However, there were still many protective spells surrounding the tower. That was the only reason the tower managed to survive the war.

According to what Su Ling’er had said, after the Demon City’s Palace had been destroyed, only this tower remained of the city. Hence, this tower became the new palace of the Demon City!
Hence, Xu Que stood before the entrance of the city as he glanced across at this ‘Demon City’ and was left speechless for a long time!

The Sky Demon Tribe elders shook their heads regretfully as well.

"Ai, my race has really declined over the years!"

"Thinking back to a long time ago, when I was still a young boy, I remembered how glorious and breathtaking the Demon City was. It was even comparable to the Fire Nation's City of today."

"It’s such a pity that war had really destroyed my race!"

"The demonic beasts of those years were the main reason for our down fall! Although the human race didn’t like us very much, they didn’t drive our race towards oblivion like the demonic beasts did!"


After a long time, the few elders sighed out before remaining silent.

Su Ling’er and Su Xiao Qi stood outside the city, their faces were solemn as they watched on. It was as if they were reminiscing about how glorious their city was all those years ago!

Under such a circumstance, even Xu Que who wasn’t a demonic human, felt extremely sorry for the situation the race was in. A look of sorrow was apparent on his face as well.

He actually sympathized greatly with them. They were the offsprings of demonic beasts and humans after all. Why were they ostracized and discriminated to such an extent?

To Xu Que, who was born in an era emphasizing freedom and equality, something like that was hard to accept.

"Let’s go. We shall go into the palace and stay there for the night. Tomorrow morning, you shall be coronated as the new King!" Su Ling’er spoke as she walked into the city.

Xu Que didn’t hesitate as well and followed the entire group of them in.

Afterall, it was the grand coronation ceremony of their new King of Demons and the entire city was filled with many demonic humans. Xu Que had seen some of them in the Lightning Pools before, while others were foreign faces to him.

Most of them were in the cultivation levels from Golden Core to Original Infant. There were no Infant Transformation Stage cultivators.

"Won’t any of the Patriarchs from the race be present for the coronation ceremony?" Xu Que asked suspiciously.

For such an important event, if no Patriarchs were present, it wouldn’t be appropriate.

Su Ling’er however shook her head, "As of today, all the Patriarchs are too advanced in age. Their mortal bodies are almost on the verge of expiration. Hence, the only way to ensure their continued existence would be to remain in secluded meditation to upkeep their lives. Unless something major happens, they wouldn’t come out. Afterall, that would severely impact their longevity and life."

She then looked at Xu Que and continued to speak, "That was the reason I stopped you from killing Tiger King back at the Lightning Pools. If you killed him, the Patriarchs from the Thousand Demons Tribe wouldn’t sit idly and ignore it. Once they break out of the secluded meditation, the rest of the Patriarchs would be able to feel it. Hence they wouldn’t wish to exert themselves and break out of their own secluded meditation since they would assume that some Patriarchs are already handling the matter. At that point, you will feel the wrath of all the Patriarchs on you, since you are the problem."

"So what? I’m not afraid anyway!" Xu Que shrugged his shoulders as his expression remained stoic.

Besides, even if I choose not to fight I can still run away. What do I have to be afraid of?

"If you’re not afraid, I am afraid!" Su Ling’er looked at him in the eye before walking over to the tower.

Xu Que froze for a second as he touched the point of his nose and smiled.

"Cursed monkey, you are shameless!" Su Xiao Qi watched on as she gave an expression of disgust.

Xu Que raised his eyebrows as he waved a hand, "Little missy, please don’t be jealous. You can have my body any time you wish but you shall never have my heart!"

Su Xiao Qi started turning red in embarrassment, "Damned monkey! You can carry on dreaming. My sister and I would never wait upon you or serve you!"

When Xu Que heard this, he was elated. He then gave a sly grin and replied, "That’s not true. Thinking about it, I shall be crowned as the Demon King tomorrow morning. That’s as good as blocking out the heavens with my palms. When that time comes… Even if you scream yourself hoarse, it will be futile. Heheheh!"

"You…" Su Xiao Qi was so angry she couldn’t even complete her sentence as she glared at Xu Que before turning around to leave.

The next day, the coronation ceremony was underway.

The entire process was very simple and yet it was somewhat barbaric!

An entire floor of the tower was used as the grand hall, where many demonic humans were present. Xu Que donned his King’s armor and looked extremely suave as he walked down the hallway.

At the end of the hall was a throne made out of animal bones. Atop the throne was a leather skin.

As soon as Xu Que stepped onto the dais before the throne, an old crone walked over with a walking stick. She picked up the crown shakily before placing it over Xu Que’s head.

The entire process had been explained to Xu Que last night and thus he knew exactly what was going to happen. He wore a severe expression, trying his best to give off a royal and kingly aura.

"Demon King, please take your throne and drink the Demon King’s wine!"

Following the old crone’s high pitch voice, Xu Que then sat down majestically atop the throne made up of bones. He then picked up his chalice and took a deep drink. At the same time, his eyes swept across the different demonic beasts down below.

At this point, the old crone shouted out once again, "The heavens had blessed us with the sixteenth King of Demons, Sun Wu Kong! After the successful coronations today, by order of our ancestors, the King shall be referred to as Shaman!"

The second her words fell, everyone present fell to their knees and shouted out, "Respects to Shaman Demon King!"


Xu Que immediately spat his wine out before glaring at the entire group of them. His face revealed a look of anger.

Dirty Demon King?

(T/N : The chinese character for ‘shaman’ sounds the same as ‘dirty’)


You are dirty. Your whole family is dirty!