Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 149

 "You can’t sing? Since you can’t sing, how dare you speak so aggressively? Come, let me teach you. 3, 2, 1, repeat after me, let's go…" Xu Que’s eyes widened as he cleared his throat before he started singing.

"I was overcame easily by you and stripped down naked to my bare body. I then felt you violate me, causing my vision to go blur… What are you staring at? Why aren’t you singing after me? Whoever fails to sing this song later will get his penis flicked a hundred times!"

The few demonic humans froze in shock, their faces were extremely pale as they started singing out.

"I was easily overcame... By you..."

"Stripped down naked… To my bare body…"

Xu Que watched on and nodded his head in satisfaction, "Right, not bad. Remember to direct your feelings into the lyrics. You have to think of your humiliation and helplessness while singing and also the pain. Who’s that? The person with an ass for a face, sing more melodiously and don’t go off tune!"

Watching on as Xu Que became a music teacher, teaching the few demonic humans to sing such strange songs, many others were speechless!

Thankfully, the song wasn’t difficult to sing and the notes which they were supposed to hit weren’t too high pitched. The few of them singing could also identify the predicament they’re experiencing in the song since the lyrics were fairly straightforward.

After singing the same lyrics repeatedly, the singing started to become more passionate and intense. It got to a point where a wolf bodied demonic human used his falsetto and sang extremely passionately in front of the audience.

"Not bad, not bad. Remain kneeling on the ground and practice until I’m satisfied with your performance!"

As soon as Xu Que finished speaking, he turned around, smiling from ear to ear. He then walked towards Su Ling’er and the rest of them.

At this point, the Sky Demons Tribe members including Su Ling’er were wearing expressions of forced smiles. They were extremely bewildered with regards to Xu Que’s strange methods of punishments and were trying to get used to it.

However, Xu Que was successfully in enduring eight waves of Tribulations and was even baptized by the Lightning Pools. He was thus worthy and fit to become the King of Demons. This itself earned their respect and favour.

"Sun Wu Kong, it looks like we really underestimated you." Su Ling’er smiled plainly.

The few days leading up to the Tribulations, she was still worried for Xu Que, considering he was a mere Golden Core Stage cultivator about to undergo his Tribulations. She was also afraid that he would become the butt of jokes. She never would’ve expected that he would ultimately secure the Demon King’s throne!

Xu Que shrugged his shoulders and replied, "It’s nothing. When I was of the Core Bearing Stage, I even defeated an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator!"

"Stop exaggerating! I’ve already praised you, you can stop it now, huh?" Su Ling’er rolled her eyes.

Xu Que heard this and was clearly displeased. He slapped his chest and replied, "How am I exaggerating? If you don’t believe me, you can ask around. Everyone under the heavens know of this. I am Sun Wu Kong, the Great Sage equal to heavens. I made a name for myself by never exaggerating."

"..." Su Ling’er shook her head, unsure whether to laugh or to cry.

Xu Que glared at her, "Aiya, why are you shaking your head? Come, come, come, you should come to my room tonight and fulfil the two promises you owe me."

Su Ling’er froze, "I can fulfil the two promises I owe you. But why do I have to go into your room? Do you need me to do your household chores for you?"

"No, I shall cook noodles for you!"

(T/N : Or can also be read "I shall let you eat what’s below my waist!")

"..." Su Ling’er thought about the last time she heard those words from Xu Que, causing her cheeks to flush red immediately. She then glared fiercely at Xu Que.

The elders who were standing beside them looked at the way they behaved towards each other and felt relieved and glad at the same time. At last, they all revealed happy smiles.

To them, even if Su Ling’er wasn’t the Demon Queen, at least Xu Que was the King. It was the same outcome for Sky Demon Tribe. Anyway, it seems like the both of them would eventually become family one day.

At last, the Thunder Tribulations Worship started once more. Although the nine Lightning Pools had been sucked dry by Xu Que, the altar could still be used.

Many other demonic humans went up to cross their own Tribulations. Most of them were only able to activate three or four waves. Not a single person was able to conjure five waves!

The Thousand Demons Tribe who had been tortured half to death by Xu Que’s lightning ball were still kneeling down and singing the song for the umpteenth time and had almost passed out of exhaustion.

Something else which was worth mentioning was that the Tiger King sustained severe injuries and was still unconscious. He, along with his younger brother, were dragged to the side to receive treatment!

Xu Que wanted to step forward and kill both brothers but was stopped by Su Ling’er.

"You mustn’t kill them. No matter what, Tiger King is still the leader of a tribe. If you kill him here, you would incite a civil war between our tribes and force the Patriarchs out of their secluded meditation. Then, we would be in big trouble!"

"Then aren’t you afraid that they would come after us for revenge?" Xu Que frowned as he asked. Afterall, he was a person who wouldn’t hesitate to wipe out an entire group of people as long as they threatened himself or the people he cared about. That was his character.

Su Ling’er looked deep into Xu Que’s eyes before shifting her glance away and replied, "With you around, I wouldn’t be afraid!"


Xu Que paused before his eyes gleamed.
Aiyo, this annoying little demon really knows how to flirt with boys!

The Thunder Tribulations Worship finally ended when the sky turned dark.

The spells around the Lightning Pools were lifted. Xu Que, Su Ling’er and the rest of them thus left.

Right at the entrance of the Lightning Pools, Su Xiao Qi naturally was returned to them, unharmed.

As soon as she saw Su Ling’er, the girl ran straight into her older sister’s embrace as she shouted for revenge against the Thousand Demons Tribe.

However, at the next moment, Su Xiao Qi’s attention was fixed at the Thousand Demons Tribe members leaving the area as well. She saw most of them being carried out, including Tiger King and was astounded!

"This… What happened?" Su Xiao Qi asked Su Ling’er.

Su Ling’er curled her lips into a smile, "You have to ask Sun Wu Kong about this."

"No way. The darned monkey did this?" Su Xiao Qi was shocked as she looked at Xu Que in disbelief.

Xu Que waved his hands and replied humbly, "You don’t have to thank me. I wish to remain anonymous after doing good deeds. Let’s not speak of this anymore. I wish to return home and write about this in my diary!"

As he finished, he flicked his robes and turned away.

Everyone present : "..."

When they finally arrived at the Sky Demons Tribe stronghold, it was the morning of the next day.

As soon as Xu Que arrived within the stronghold, he returned to his own cottage and climbed onto his bed. He stretched himself comfortably and laid down.

Along the way back, Su Ling’er told him that they have to head to Demon City to register himself as the new Demon King in two days time.

Additionally, it was precisely because Xu Que was the new Demon King that he no longer had to worry about the Elders discovering his ability of alchemy. She then persuaded him to stay.

In the grand scheme of things, this was a good news.

But to Xu Que, it didn’t really matter. What was most important to him was that he secured his Heavenly Tribulations and even reaped tremendous rewards from it!

Just from his God of Hell’s Compulsion alone, his physical body was much stronger than before. It could even be said that his skin was as tough as metal. In fact, he even managed to absorb eight waves of Tribulations along with the powers from the nine Lightning Pools. Absorbing all these energy allowed him to gain control of electrical energy, which in allowed him to create his very own spell, "Monkey Blocks Lightning"!

Still, apart from those, he didn’t manage to earn much act tough poi
Deducting the amount of points which he had spent for consecutively activating the Disguise Puppet, along with a single Two Star Alchemist skill book, a Banshee’s Veil and several points spent here and there, Xu Que had spent a whopping total of nearly 3,000 act tough points!

However, with the Tribulations wrapped out, he could now use his increased strengths to act tough in the future, thereby recovering his initial costs.

He now had around 4,000 act tough points remaining!

To Xu Que, such a financial situation was still acceptable. Although he didn’t have much points left, he had become much stronger!

After several moments of straightening out his finances, he pulled his quilts up to his body and fell asleep.

Xu Que slept through the entire day until it was dark once more. He slept very soundly without much disturbances.

All of a sudden, he could hear gentle footsteps and then...

"Dong dong!"

Someone was knocking at the door.

Xu Que sat up on his bed, still in a daze as he shook his head. He then decided to open the door.

When he saw who was outside, he was astonished.

Su Ling’er? What’s the matter? Why have you come in the middle of the night?

Xu Que was extremely confused!

Su Ling’er blinked several times with those gorgeous eyes of hers and looked at Xu Que interestingly before laughing, "Why do you look so surprised? Didn’t you say you wanted me to eat what’s below your waist? Here I am!"

(T/N : Or "Didn’t you want to cook noodles for me? Here I am!")