Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 148


Right in that second, the lightning ball was hurled towards a dozen of Thousand Demons Tribe members and exploded right before them.

A ripple of energy was sent into the air and knocked them onto the ground. At the same time, a wave of electricity was sent into the air before it enveloped everyone around in an electric field!


Immediately, the Thousand Demons Tribe members started shouting agonizingly as they were zapped by unrelenting waves of electricity. The electrical energy struck them like poisonous bugs and caused immense pain.

This lightning ball wasn’t even charged until it was extremely powerful. In fact, Xu Que barely charged it and was only the size of a palm when he flung it towards them. Hence, none of these Thousand Demons Tribe members died from it. Since Xu Que could control the electrical currents, as long as he didn’t allow the field to dissipate, anyone who was caught within it was being zapped repeatedly, causing agonizing pain.

Of course, this wasn’t due to Xu Que being cruel but because he didn’t know the strength of this Monkey Blocks Lightning spell. He only charged the ball for a second before tossing it in their direction to test it out. He didn’t expect that it would cause so much pain and torture for these Original Infant Staged cultivators.

At that point, the area was filled with shrieks of pain. All the members of the Thousand Demons Tribe were screaming out as they writhed on the ground in pain. Regardless of whatever spells they conjured in an attempt to free themselves, it was futile.

Tiger King was standing some distance away. He charged over in fury and shouted out, "Cursed monkey, what are you trying to do? Torturing your own race?"

"Why they are in pain has nothing to do with me. They accused me of stealing the electrical energy from the pools. I’m just returning it to them now, hmph! Come, take a look. I shall return it all to you now."

As Xu Que spoke, he placed both his palms up and he started charging up once more. A swirling vortex appeared on his palms once again as it started spinning rapidly with electrical sparks being emitted from time to time. Before long, yet another ball of lightning had been charged up!


The ball of lightning started charging up faster and faster as it produced a sharp screeching sound. The ball of lightning was becoming bigger by the second!

The Tiger King watched on in fear as his eyes widened. Even from a distance away, he could feel the immense amount of power within the lightning ball, as his scalp turned numb.

He could feel that the amount of power in this lightning ball was so great that it was even more powerful than the amount of energy within a single Lightning Pool. If it lands on him, he might find it extremely difficult to survive it!

The lightning ball was now the size of a basketball and emanates terrifying amounts of energy.

At last, the Tiger King couldn’t take it any longer and shouted out, "Stop it! We don’t need you to return it anymore!"

Xu Que’s lips curled into a smile as he replied, "That won’t do. I heard it very clearly myself. All of you were talking about how I stole the powers from the pools. Now that I don’t want it anymore, I shall return it all to you."


The ball of lightning started spun even faster while the high pitched screeching sound became louder, causing all their eardrums to hurt.

Many other demonic humans of other tribes watched on in intense fear. Shivers ran down their spines as they took several steps back.

The Sky Demons Tribe elders were filled with happiness as they watched on in excitement. Seeing the ball of lightning in Xu Que’s hands and the group of Thousand Demons Tribe cultivators on the ground struggling made them extremely happy.

"Our friend Sun, good job!"

"These people deserve to be punished! You don’t have to go easy on them!"

"How dare they plot against our Sky Demons Tribe and even dared to kidnap one of us. You deserve all the pain for being such vile low lives!"

"The entire Thousand Demons Tribe is an embarrassment to our race!"

"That’s right. And the entire lot of you have even secretly captured many members of the human race and ate them alive. Don’t assume that we are ignorant of this fact!"

"So many of your evil acts have completely betrayed all the rules set by our forefathers all those years ago."
"Today, you shall feel the wrath of our new Demon King!"

The elders berated them fiercely as if finally given the chance to speak out after years of tolerating them. The elders started revealing all their misdemeanors before everyone present.

Tiger King’s face had turned black with rage as he clenched his fists tightly. His eyes turned bloodshot and killing intent radiated out from his body. He resembled a fearsome looking tiger ready to pounce on his prey.

However, he didn’t dare to act reckless since he knew that Su Ling’er was watching him closely.

Out of everyone else present at the scene, the only person Tiger King was afraid of was Su Ling’er.

Even after Xu Que had displayed some extraordinary skills, he was just a mere Golden Core Stage cultivator in Tiger King’s eyes and was thus despised.

Hence, he didn’t fear Xu Que at all but was afraid of Su Ling’er and thus didn’t act out.

"Ah!!! Damned monkey, please stop."

"We were wrong and you can keep the electrical energy from the Lightning Pools. You can have it all. We don’t want it anymore."

"Yes, he’s right! Monkey, please stop now!"

The Thousand Demons Tribe members noticed that Tiger King didn’t make a move. Seeing that the pain wasn’t going to be ended by their leader, and they couldn’t handle it any longer, they started begging for mercy.

"Didn’t you just call me a damned monkey?" Xu Que’s eyes gleamed as he continued laughing. He then prepared to hurl the lightning ball which was as big as a basketball.

"Stop it!" The Tiger King shouted out in rage.

However, he was too late. The ball of lightning flew into the air rapidly and landed right in front of the dozen Thousand Demons Tribe members.

"Boom!" It rang out loudly as it exploded.

The violent and powerful explosion ripped through the nearest bodies of several demonic humans. Instantly, they became nothing more than mists of blood.

The rest of them who happened to stand further away from the point of impact were thrown into the air before landing on the ground heavily. Arcs of electrical energy enveloped their bodies as they twitched violently on the ground.

"Darned monkey! You’re asking to die!" Tiger King burst out at last, unable to tolerate this scene any longer. He gave out a loud shout as he dashed towards Xu Que.

Xu Que gave a cold smile before laughing out, "Call me the Great Sage! Or… Demon King!"

The second his words fell, he started charging up yet another ball of lightning as he tossed it towards the Tiger King.

The Tiger King’s face fell as he reacted instinctively and conjured a protective spell to deflect the ball.


The second his protective spell was conjured, it appeared in the form of a wall. The lightning ball clashed heavily against the wall, shattering on impact.

The Tiger King’s body was thrown into the air from the powerful impact of the blast and landed quite some distance away. His body landed on the ground with a loud thud as a sliver of blood dripped from the corners of his lips. He didn’t even have any energy remaining to stand back up.

"Yo, he actually survived that?" Xu Que smiled plainly.

Since the Tiger King had already crossed his Tribulations, he must’ve been way past the Original Infant Stage. In fact, he could be considered more than halfway towards the Infant Transformation Stage.

The fact that he could handle a medium sized Monkey Blocks Lightning ball indicated that he was rather powerful!

However, such a scene shocked everyone who was present.

Everyone assumed that Su Ling’er would intervene the second Tiger King made a move against Xu Que.

Instead, Su Ling’er didn’t even have to lift a finger to protect him. Xu Que just used a single spell and it was enough to send the Tiger King soaring into the air and even gravely injured him!

Such strength and powers, was he really of the Golden Core Stage? It was unbelievable!

"Ah... Great Sage, mercy!" All of a sudden, a loud scream rang out.

The few demonic humans from Thousand Demons Tribe who had been blasted into the air finally managed to crawl their way back. Their faces were filled with agony.

"Demon King, we’ve realized our mistakes. Please let us off!"

"Great Sage, we’ve really learnt from our mistakes this time. We didn’t treat you with respect and spat words of insult but we were wrong. Please spare us!"

"The only person who secretly ate humans was the Tiger King. None of us had ever eaten human flesh."

The few Thousand Demons Tribe members saw that Xu Que was extremely powerful to the extent that even their leader couldn’t win him. Hence, they immediately admitted defeat. In fact, they even started to reveal their leader’s wrongdoings.

Xu Que shook his head and asked, "Do you surrender now?"

"We surrender. We surrender, Lord Great Sage, please have mercy on us!" The few of them shouted out in fear.

"You surrender, right? Then why haven’t you knelt down and start singing your words of surrender?" Xu Que shot them a fearsome look as killing aura spreaded across the entire area.


Instantly, the few of them fell to their knees.

Immediately after, they looked at each other and their faces were filled with humiliation.

Sing? What do we sing? Sing our surrender?

"Great…. Our Great Sage, we don’t know how to sing! We’ve never learnt how to sing!"