Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 147

 The deafening rumble started to diffuse all around, causing the crowd’s ear to hurt.

The vortex on Xu Que’s palms continued gyrating until it became a ball of electric energy and was swirling faster and faster!

That amount of power kept increasing by the second!

Xu Que froze in shock at the sight before him as his eyes opened wide, "Fuck me. Did I just combine Chidori and Rasengan together?"

(T/N : Reference to Naruto’s skills)

"Boom!" All of a sudden, that sphere of glowing light exploded from his hands with so much force it sent a ripple of shockwave in all directions.

Immediately after the shockwave was sent out, the electrical energy started condensing around him once more, as it surrounded him.

At the same time, the system notifications rang off in his head.

"Ding! After detecting the strength of electrical energy present, God of Hell’s Compulsion has absorbed up to 58% of maximum potential!"

"Ding! After detecting the strength of electrical energy present, God of Hell’s Compulsion has absorbed up to 60% of maximum potential!"

"Ding! After detecting the strength of electrical energy present, God of Hell’s Compulsion has absorbed up to 65% of maximum potential!"

Boundless waves of energy spread all across and to every inch of his body as he felt stronger by the second.

Xu Que stood right in the middle of the field of activity while he continued congealing the immense energy from the sphere.

He could feel that the strength from this lightning sphere was extraordinary. If only he could learn to control this energy, he would’ve gained an additional spell and one which he had created by himself at that!

At the same time, beneath the altar...

The audience remained fixed where they stood as their eyes opened wide while they watched on. At this point, they could see surges of electricity and lightning covering the altar and were at a loss for words.

They had all initially thought that the tremendous energy from the nine Lighting Pools would cause devastating damage to that monkey and injure him.

At first, they heard a loud shriek coming from the monkey before it turned into silence. When they could finally catch a clear glimpse of him, they saw him playing with that sphere of electrical energy!

What the hell?

Big brother, big brother monkey, you’re standing over the nine Lightning Pools!

Can you bear some respect and reverence for this sacred grounds of our ancestors?

With such amounts of strength before you, maybe you should at least pretend to vomit some blood as a show of respect instead of playing with it, right?

"Ai, something’s off. Look! The amount of energy within the Lightning Pools are becoming weaker!" All of a sudden, someone shouted out as his eyes opened wider in shock.

Everyone started raising their heads to look at the altar above and were stunned.

"Eh? Yeah, it does look much weaker. One entire section of the Lightning Pool seemed to have completely lost all its powers. What was going on?"

"That’s not right. The energy within our sacred Lightning Pools is supposed to be eternal and could last through time. How was it possible that the energy was used up?"

"Not good… that monkey is absorbing the energy from the Lightning Pools! My god, how did he do that?"

"He must’ve cultivated a legendary skill which enabled him to successfully absorb electrical energy from lightning bolts and allowed it to strengthen his physical form!"

Everyone present within the crowd were astonished as they understood what was happening.

"No wonder! It’s no wonder he was completely unhurt during the Tribulations. It was because of his particular skill!"

"That’s not simple at all. I’ve never even heard of such a skill within our realm. A skill which could absorb energy from lightning bolts."

"In fact, he even managed to absorb all the energy from that purple bolt of lightning. That goes to show how terrifying that skill is!"

"That’s so strange. I wonder what origins this monkey has to be so powerful. My entire tribe has never heard of someone with so much powers."

"I have no idea. He seems to be exceptionally close to the Sky Demon Tribe members. They would probably know of his history!"

"Looks like the Sky Demon Tribe got lucky. The King of Demons position now belongs to this monkey!"

Everyone broke out in discussion.

Meanwhile, the elders from Sky Demon Tribe wore looks of indignation and were smiling from ear to ear. They had their chests out and their chins held up high while looking at the members of Thousand Demons Tribe!

Even Su Ling’er glared at the Tiger King with fearsome looks as killing aura swirls within her pupils. She then spoke out in a low voice, "Tiger King, I shall give you a final chance to hand my sister over. If not… You alone shall bear the consequences!"

Tiger King’s face fell as his body radiated killing intent as well. He was clearly enraged.

After several seconds of silence, he gritted his teeth and replied coldly, "After the Tribulations have ended, your sister will appear from behind the Lightning Pools!"

Even though the Tiger King was the leader of a tribe and had hopes of winning the King of Demon’s throne, he wouldn’t dare to hurt Su Xiao Qi in any way.

Afterall, they were all of the same race. Just by kidnapping Su Xiao Qi to blackmail Su Ling’er, he had already committed a huge offence. If he were to hurt Su Xiao Qi, his actions would surely force the Sky Demon Tribe members to retaliate, thus starting an inevitably violent civil war.

Hence, the Tiger King had already instructed his men to release Su Xiao Qi immediately after the Tribulations had ended, right from the very start.

Now that his throne had been taken away from him, he was extremely unhappy and yet he had no other choice but to release his prisoner!

However, the Thousand Demons Tribe were clearly unhappy as their faces spoke of immense dissatisfaction.

From their perspective, this monkey simply didn’t deserve to become the King of Demons!

He was just a mere Golden Core Stage cultivator at the Full Foundation. Even after his Tribulations have ended, he would be just an Original Infant Stage cultivator. He was evidently much weaker than most of them there. How should he hope to remain king over those who were of higher cultivation stages than himself?

In such a realm, he simple wasn’t worthy to lead them!

At this point, someone shouted out.

"That darned monkey is not fit to become King of Demons!"

"That’s right. Look at him. He’s still sucking out all the energy from the Lightning Pool!"

"This is a sacred place which had been handed down to us from our ancestors. If he managed to absorb all the energy from the pools, how would our grandchildren conduct their Tribulations a hundred years from now?"

"Right. That monkey is simply not fit to become our King. We have to stop him now and prevent him from absorbing more energy from the Lightning Pools!"

"Quick! Let’s all sing a song and distract him!"

The Thousand Demons Tribe members started raising their voices, trying to distract Xu Que like how he did with the Tiger King.

At this point, the Sky Demon Tribe elders blew their moustaches and looked on with wide eyes before shouting out, "Are the Thousand Demons Tribe rebelling? Our ancestors have laid down the laws a long time ago. Whoever scored the highest points in the Tribulations would become the King of Demons. Do you dare to rebel against this rule?"

"Besides, even if all the energy within the Lightning Pools have been sucked dry, it would be replenished within a hundred years time. Do not look for an excuse to plot a mutiny!"

"The throne now belongs to Sun Wu Kong. Whoever dares to dispute this fact would have to face me. I have no qualms about clearing out an entire Tribe." Su Ling’er stepped forward and spoke out in a cold voice.

As one of the strongest cultivators amongst the entire race, Su Ling’er’s words shocked everyone present and scared them stiff.

Most of the cultivators from other tribes turned quiet when they heard this and stopped being rowdy.

Afterall, everyone present were witnesses to Xu Que’s true strength and saw how powerful he was. Together with Su Ling’er, they would be unrivalled in combat!

Hence, even after the Thousand Demons Tribe started shouting their dissatisfaction, nobody else from other tribes joined voices to theirs.

At the same time, Xu Que had almost finished absorbing all the electrical energy.

His physical body had become extremely tough and strong. His muscles and veins were well defined as his skin radiated a white glow which bore a true testament to how much energy had been spent forging his body. From time to time, an arc of lightning would even run over his skin!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully absorbing up to 100% required for the electricity element. This branch of energy has been fully satiated!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acquiring ⅛ skills from the ability: God of Hell’s Compulsion. You’ve gained full control over lightning!"

The system messages rang out several times in Xu Que’s head. At the same time, all the energy within the altar flowed into Xu Que’s body as it became a mysterious form of energy stored within him, ready for use at any time.

At the next moment, Xu Que realized that he could sense everything which contained electrical energy in their bodies within several hundred kilometers radius. In fact, he realized that he could even gain control of over them!

"Fuck. Can I now be considered the King of Lightning? I’m Thor!" Xu Que was elated beyond measure. He never expected to reap such amazing rewards from the God of Hell’s Compulsion.

Besides, he had only completed one branch of the ability, which was electricity. If he managed to fully acquire all the different elements of metal, fire, water, earth and the others, wouldn’t he be able to control the entire world?

Just thinking about this filled Xu Que’s heart with anticipation and excitement.

However, the thing which made him the most excited at this point was the fact that he had just created a lightning ball by himself.


All he had to do was to conjure the thought in his head and he could immediately feel a tingling sensation across his finger tips. At the next moment a swirling vortex appeared right in his palms again as it started to congeal into a ball of lightning. Sparks shot out threateningly from this lightning ball as zapping sounds could be heard.

Then, the system rang out once again.

"Ding! The system has detected that the host ‘Xu Que’ has discovered a new spell. It’s current strength is undetermined. Please choose a name for this new spell."

‘Damned me! Did I really invent a new spell? Haha! And I get to name it as well?’ Xu Que’s face was full of happiness.

"I would never have expected this day to ever come. Just by randomly creating a spell, I could decide on a name for it. Kekeke… what should I call it?"

"Vortex Sphere? Hmmm... nope. Vortexes don’t usually have lightnings."

"Lightning Vortex? That doesn’t sound good at all!"

"Fuck me, I got it. I’ve thought of a good one!"

All of a sudden, Xu Que’s eyes lit up as he spoke excitedly, "System, system, hurry! I’ve got a good name for it."

"Please vocalize the name!" The system replied.

Even without second thoughts, Xu Que spoke out confidently, "Monkey Blocks Lightning!"

"...";The system paused for several seconds before responding, "Name registration successfully!"

And at this point, there were sounds of hooting and jeering. The Thousand Demons Tribe members were still unrelenting and were still trying to garner support and oust Xu Que as the King of Demons.

"Look at that monkey! He’s already stolen all the energy within the Lightning Pools!"

"What if the pools do not replenish the energy in a hundred years time? How shall our future generations conduct their Tribulations?"

"That’s right. This monkey is muddle headed and reckless! He didn’t spare a thought for our race at all."

"He isn’t worthy to be our King!"

The Thousand Demon Tribe members were shouting very aggressively, especially the Tiger King’s younger brother, who spoke the loudest. He bore an expression of jealousy and displeasure on his face.

Xu Que stood atop the altar and listened to the conversation as his eyes squinted.

"You don’t agree to me becoming the new King of Demons?" He asked coldly.

The Thousand Demons Tribe members froze as they looked up towards the altar. With gritted teeth, they replied, "That’s right. You are not worthy!"

"You’re just a Golden Core Stage cultivator. How are you going to lead our race to greater heights?"

"Damned monkey, don’t be foolish to think you can lead us!"

Facing these harsh words and threats, Xu Que only laughed coldly.

He then walked away from the center of the altar and flipped his hands, exposing his palms as he conjured a lightning ball -Monkey Blocks Lightning!

"I’m not worthy huh? Hehe…" He let out a cold grin before his expression turned severe. He then tossed the ball of lightning towards the Thousand Demons Tribe as he shouted out with all his might and gusto, "Fuck. Your. Mothers!"

(T/N : The last phrase was written in Cantonese, a Chinese dialect)