Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 146


As a result of the forceful explosion, the entire sky lit up with fiery colors.

Everyone who watched this scene unfold no longer had any strength left in his heart to continue.

They felt extremely numb from it all. The atrocities committed by this monkey were becoming worse!

His positioning was great and his power was beyond excellence. Clearly, this eighth cloud knew that it wasn’t going to kill him and thus was so frightened that it decided to run away.

What was most scary was that this monkey was so upset that he couldn’t get his full nine waves and he decided to cause an explosion within the heavens. He really attempted to explode the heavens!

Although it was impossible to actually blow up the heavens, the might of the explosion was so devastating that many people within the crowd had numb scalps as their hearts started to palpitate.


All of a sudden, it seemed as though the Thousand Demons Tribe seemed to have recalled something as they gulped down hard and swallowed. A bitter expression began to form across their faces.

"After this, I realized who was the person who destroyed the spell wall of our tribe!"

"The terrifying amount of power, along with the familiar traces, I know who was behind it now too!"

"We were so apprehensive and nervous for many days, wondering which senior Infant Transformation cultivator came to seek revenge on us. After all of this, we realized that it was this monkey who blew it up."

The elders of Sky Demon Tribe were astonished as well. Seeing how destructive and powerful Xu Que was, their hearts started to tremble and they remained speechless.

Su Ling’er was present and saw personally how Xu Que conjured Buddha’s Fiery Lotus and exploded their entrance, which was surrounded by a myriad of defensive spells.

Thinking back to how Xu Que often referred to himself as "The Great Sage from Heavenly Explosion Faction", Su Ling’er couldn’t help but let out a giggle as she shook her head.

Soon after the explosion in the sky, the thunder cloud dissipated and Xu Que came down from the altar.

He could hear the system beeps ring out loudly in his head.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for superbly acting tough. The reward is 200 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host for successfully crossing the Tribulations. Your cultivation level of Original Infant Stage will be activated after 24 hours!"

"What? I still have to wait for another 24 hours before it can be activated? Isn’t that too long?" Xu Que retorted after hearing the system’s message.

Regardless of what the outcome was, it seemed like the Tribulations gave him an adrenaline rush without harming him at all. He even earned a huge bunch of act tough points.

The most important thing to him was that he had managed to raise the level of God of Hell’s Compulsion up to 55% after the eighth wave. He was more than halfway to maxing out the ability!

However, in order for him to successfully cross the Tribulations without much problems, he paid quite a huge price for it.

Apart from the nine Lightning Evasion Pills which he used, he still had to purchase a pair of equipment namely the Spirit Visage and Banshee’s Veil.

The cost of these two armour was more than a thousand act tough points which caused Xu Que some heartache.


Right at this point, a loud crash rang out from beneath the altar. It sounded exactly like yet another wave had arrive. It was a ferocious and powerful blast.

Xu Que froze as he tilted his head down to look.

What he saw shocked him. All nine Lightning Pools which surrounded the altar seemed to have gone berserk and was swarming with insane activity!

It was emitting frighteningly strong auras and was very intimidating. It almost look like a terrifying beast was about to emerge from the pools.

"Oh I almost forgot, there are protective enchantments within the entire area!" Xu Que then regained his senses and understood why this was happening.

After the Tribulations was over, the sealing spell over the altar had expired and he had unlocked his own cultivation via the system.

Hence, as a person of the human race who had trespassed the demonic beast’s sacred area, the nine sacred Lightning Pools started to convulse in strong response against his foreign presence!

"What is going on? Why is there so much movement within the Lightning Pools?"

"My god! After the eight waves of Tribulations, this monkey wants to activate the Lightning Pool!"

"But… But the movement within the pools are way more violent than a usual activation. Look! All the nine pools are reacting so violently!"

"What’s happening?"

"Ever since the days of old, the only people who could activate all nine Lightning Pools at the same time were our forefathers! This monkey… How did he manage to do that?"

Everyone around who witnessed this were shocked and yet nobody doubted Xu Que’s identity for a second.

Afterall, he managed to bypass the entrance of the Lightning Pools without getting rejected by the numerous spells in place. It was only after the Tribulations was over did the area start to sense a foreign being was in their midst. That was the reason for all the movement in the pools.

It was common ritual to activate a lightning pool or two after a person’s Tribulations and be baptized by the currents within the pools. Hence, it was impossible for Xu Que’s identity to be doubted at this point. The only issue was that he managed to activate all nine pools at the same time which scared everyone.

As for Xu Que’s reaction towards this movement, he wasn’t the least perturbed and was calm beyond measure.

From his perspective, no matter how powerful these nine Lightning Pools were, they could never hope to match the powers of the purple lightning bolt which he had dealt with effortlessly.

Even if all the nine pools were to combine powers, he wouldn’t even be intimidated. Instead, his eyes sparkled.

"If I were to absorb the powers from all nine pools, I guess I would be able to max out my God of Hell’s Compulsion, right? Heheh!" Xu Que’s heart was elated.

Immediately after, his expression froze as he swung his rod overhead and pointed at the nine Lightning Pools before shouting out, "Come on then! Since I didn’t get my nine waves of Tribulations, I guess I can make do with nine Lightning Pools. Come, let me have fun with you!"

When everyone heard this, their eyelids twitched as their expressions froze.

Nine Lightning Pools, have fun with you?

Big brother monkey, are you done playing?

"Boom!" All nine Lightning Pools burst forth with violent activity.

The electrical energy which had remained dormant within the pools for decades and almost turned into liquid due to inactivity finally shot out from within the pools. They resembled nine lightning dragons as they soared up into the sky before swirling down towards the altar.

"Come, come, come!!! Let me shower in this energy and be baptized!" Xu Que smiled from ear to ear as he remained rooted to the spot. He was still swinging his rod in the air as his face revealed a look of pure excitement!

At the next moment, a loud "boom" emerged as Xu Que and the entire altar which he stood atop were drowned out by the nine pools of electrical energy!

"Ding! After detecting the strength of electrical energy, God of Hell’s Compulsion has increased its absorption rate by two times!"


Next, the boundless electrical currents swarmed overhead like water and gushed into every inch of Xu Que’s skin and pores before entering his veins.

Xu Que stood right in the middle of all the activity as he absorbed all the energy present. His pupils were becoming bigger and bigger.

With the amount of energy coursing through his veins, he felt like he was going to explode. The veins and meridians within his body felt like they were being pricked by thousands of knives and needles as cracks started to form over his skin!

However, the passive ability of the Spirit Visage was extremely potent. It increased the healing of wounds at an insane speed. Hence, the second a crack or wound formed across his skin, it would recover at the next moment and heal up. This gave Xu Que first a sensation of pain, before he was relieved of the pain. This continued over and over again.

"Ah! I can’t take it anymore! I can’t take it anymore! I can’t control the energies within my body any longer!" Xu Que shook before he slapped the air as a huge swirling vortex appeared on his palms. The excess energy which his body couldn’t process were being channeled out of the vortex

"Boom!" An ear piercing sound was then heard coming out from his palms. The vortex was swirling with a frenzied intensity until it started to take the shape of a rotating sphere and was emanating a blinding ray of light.