Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 144

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

"Boom doom!"

Soon after the system beeps rang out, the third wave started to rile up within the skies as the thunder and lightning made their presence known and crashed down upon the altar.

The Tribulations were getting more intense with each passing wave!

By the time the third Tribulation occurred, it was more frightening than both the first and second combined!

Indeed, the crowd casted fearful and terrified glances up towards the altar. At this point Xu Que held onto his golden rod as he stood resolutely in the face of the next wave, where a multitude of thunderbolts crashed down upon him. Each bolt was several times larger than his own body.

The phrase which would be best to describe his current situation was, ‘a mantis trying to stop a chariot’.

And yet his strength and power far surpassed what everyone had perceived of him!

Not only was he able to defend himself against the third wave, he was able to rapidly increase his strengths as well!

God of Hell’s Compulsion was absorbing the energies of the Tribulation like a dry sponge absorbing a sea of water.

5%, 6%, 7%.....

The powers being absorbed and accumulated by the ability was swelling rapidly.

"Ding! After detecting the strength of the lightning, God of Hell’s Compulsion has already accumulated 10%!"

Right after the system notifications ended, the third wave dissipated completely.

The altar then regained its usual stillness as everyone beneath the altar were silent as well. The only sounds that could be heard were the rumbling of the skies and thunder, as the sounds grew louder and louder.

Xu Que could feel the changes to his physical body and was aware of how he was becoming rapidly stronger. It felt like as if there was a lightning bolt within his body allowed to wreak havoc. Every single vein was filled with immense electricity as it coursed through his body. The muscles and veins on his body started bulging and becoming tougher.

"Hahaha, that’s how Sun Wu Kong should look like!"

Xu Que laughed out loudly as he looked down as his own body. His eyes were filled with anticipation.

If he could truly absorb all nine waves of Tribulations, God of Hell’s Compulsion would reach such a frightening stage. It would make him incredibly strong to the point beyond comprehension.

"Boom doom doom!"

At this point, the skies opened up and let out a deafening rumble. It was as if the thunderbolts had been cracked open, causing the eardrums of everyone present to hurt and buzz.

"Quick, look. The… The Tribulations is transforming!" All of a sudden, a panic stricken voice could be heard as he pointed out towards the skies and shouted.

Hearing this, everyone in the crowd reared their heads to look up, and groaned in fear.

"Purple… Purple lightning? How could it be? Is there really such a thing in this world?"

"How…. Is this possible? Isn’t this the Ancient Tribulations as mentioned in the olden records? It’s finally shown itself here today!"

"The Ancient Tribulations is something that wouldn’t be possible in today’s realms, and yet it’s shown itself here!"

Many of the older generation recognized the violet hue of the lightning bolts and were all roused in shock and astonishment.

Xu Que looked up at the changes in the sky as well, as he saw the streaks of lightning and noticed that they were as huge as dragons. He hadn’t even realized that they had taken on a violet- purple hue to it. The colour of the lightning bolt was so pure, that there wasn’t any other colour to it. Just a small sliver of the purple lightning bolt was infinitely more powerful than lightning from the previous Tribulations added up. They bore a frightening image image into the hearts of everyone. It was an image of a Tribulation that was so powerful it could end the entire world.

The entire crowd beneath the altar couldn’t hold it in any longer. They started to panic.

"Retribution, this is retribution from above. It’s not a Tribulation!"

"That damned monkey went to incite the heavens. Now we shall all face divine retribution as a result.

"Divine retribution, our lives are all in jeopardy!"

"All of us here can quite possibly lose our lives. We’re finished, we’re finished. This monkey has caused a huge problem for all of us!"

"Even the altar won’t be able to handle the wrath of the heavens!"

"Quick, let’s all fall to our knees and prostrate ourselves before the heavens. If not, this race’s sacred ground might just be completely vanquished as punishment!"

"That’s right, let’s kneel down and pray!"

The demonic beasts were all terrified beyond measure, as their faces turned pale.

"Pu tong" Everyone around fell to their knees in that instant.

Both their knees were on the ground as they kowtowed towards the heavens while they started praying. They were like tiny ants, begging for their lives from the heavens!

The Sky Demon Tribe elders were filled with fear as well. They would never have expected that Xu Que would find himself in such trouble.

He had really caused divine retribution to be upon them, and caused them all to be punished.

Even Su Ling’er’s face was pale. As she faced the raging skies, she felt a certain sense of powerlessness and fear.

However, the shadow of the person atop the altar stood as still and unwavering as before.

A man and a rod, stood in defiance of the heavens with his indomitable spirit!

"The Great Sage equal to heaven… Sun Wu Kong!"

Su Ling’er was muttering under her breath, thinking about the very first time they met Xu Que and how he insisted they address him as the Great Sage.

The Great Sage equal to heaven!

At this point, she then understood how powerful and strong Sun Wu Kong was. He far surpassed her expectations!

Tiger King and the rest of the Thousand Demons Tribe were all watching with their mouths gaping. Some of them were so terrified that all colour drained from their faces and they trembled violently.

The purple Ancient Tribulations was a sort of punishment. It was divine retribution and had come to punish all of them because of that monkey!

Was that monkey trying to cross his Tribulation, or was he trying to drag all of them down to hell together with him?

"Heavens, we have always revered you. We have nothing to do with this monkey at all!"

"Mercy, heavens!"

The Thousand Demons Tribe members were apparently horrified as they started sobbing and shouting. They didn’t want to die by such a horrific means, and could only beg for their lives.

However, the heavens seemed to have ignored them as the purple arcs of lightning continued swirling within the clouds as it became increasingly violent and intimidating by the seconds.

The way the lightning moved threateningly within the clouds almost seemed to indicate that it wanted to punish Xu Que for being disrespectful and send him to the underworld, forbidding him to ever be reborn!

Xu Que’s expression remained the same however. A sense of crazed delight lingered within his eyes.

If only the God of Hell’s Compulsion could absorb this particular wave of lightnings, that would be certain to cause huge changes to his powers!

Hence, he was more than ready to accept this wave and endure it!

He was also more than ready to act tough in light of such an intimidating wave.

"Bring it on!"

Xu Que waved the golden rod in his hands before shouting out to the skies!


The heavens seemed to respond in fury as the sky emanated terrifying auras that almost caused everyone around to choke. Soon after, four purple coloured arcs of lightnings descended down upon Xu Que.

This time, four lightning bolts descended at the same time

"Hahaha, wonderful. This saves time! It’s just as well, Sun Wu Kong shall show everyone what it means to be called the Great Sage, who is equal to heaven!"

Xu Que shouted out loudly as his laughter reverberated off the entire areas surrounding the Lightning Pools!

He twisted and swung his golden rod in a magnificent display of powers while gazing down upon the rest of them down below with impunity.

"Soaring Dragons Nine Transformations, first form, activate!"

"Second form, activate!"

"Third form, activate!"


"Ninth form, activate!"


Out of Xu Que’s body emerged the shadows of nine dragons and shrouded him from view. He had increased his strength by ninefolds, and he could feel the power vibrating within every inch of his body!

This was him, at the pinnacle of his powers!


The four arcs of purple lightning bolts soared towards him menacingly.

Xu Que’s expression froze as he waved his rod around before conjuring his Flame Devouring Waves and Corporeal Six Forms. His movements were frenzied to the extent that only the shadow of his rod could be seen, before his moving shadows covered the altar.

"I want the skies to obscure my eyes no longer!"

Xu Que shouted out in anger as he swept his rod in front of him in a circular motion. Numerous shadows of his rod finally merged into one, emanating an incredibly powerful energy which soared towards the sky!


Even before the first purple lightning could touch him, it was overcome by the power sent out from his rod. As soon the force from his rod connected with the lightning, it exploded into numerous purple electrical currents and came down upon Xu Que, which started absorbing it immediately.

"I want this earth, to no longer be able to contain my heart!"

Xu Que shouted out once more as he swept his rod in another circular motion in front of him.


The second purple lightning bolt exploded into fragments once more!"

"I want every single living organism to understand my intentions!"

"I want all the gods above, TO. DISAPPEAR.LIKE.SMOKE!"

His shout was so deafening it could almost split boulders and rocks as he exclaimed sentence after sentence.

The remaining two purple lightning bolts broke and scattered as soon as Xu Que slammed the rod down onto the ground, as it exploded into electrical currents.