Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 143

"He… He managed to withstand that first wave?"

"That was the most horrifying and strongest wave of Tribulations I’ve ever seen and he managed to survive it?"

"My god… Who on earth is this monkey?"

"The amount of strength he possesses is extremely scary!"

"He even dared to challenge the heavens and requested for nine waves?"

All the different tribes were appalled as their faces revealed looks of fear and astonishment.

Su Ling’er and her Sky Demon Tribe members were equally shocked as they watched on in utter disbelief.

"This… This friend Sun is so powerful!" An elder spoke out as his lips trembled.

"I’m afraid none of us here would be able to survive that first wave! And he came out completely unscathed!"

"He is indeed powerful. It’s so hard to believe whatever I just saw!"

"But the way he provoked the heavens, that wasn’t very appropriate huh?"

The few of them started to worry for him once again.
Su Ling’er gorgeous looking eyes turned towards the altar as she whispered, "Maybe…. He’s really that powerful!"

On the side where the Thousand Demons Tribe lingered, they were equally stumped by the recent spade of events!

Even the Tiger King was intimidated by the ferocity of the first Tribulation wave. And he was further shocked by the way Xu Que managed to handle it effortlessly!

However, this made him even more convinced that he had to kill Xu Que no matter the outcome!

The rest of Thousand Demons Tribe were first shocked by this. When they finally regained their composure, they broke out in ridiculing taunts once again.

"It’s impossible that the monkey was able to withstand such a wave. It must be that he got lucky and somehow managed to survive."

"You’re right. I think the lightning bolts came down slanted, and most of it missed his body and landed elsewhere!"

"The most ridiculous thing was that he even dared to provoke and challenge the heavens. He’s really asking for death!"

"He’s just a mere Golden Core Stage cultivator, how dare he overestimate himself and challenged the heavens to nine waves of Tribulations. Is he even worthy of activating nine waves?"

"What an ignorant monkey!"

"Look, the second wave would be much stronger than the first wave. Even if the second wave were to miss, the devastating effects of it would be sure to kill him without a doubt!"
"I’m sure enough to say that this monkey won’t even be able to survive three waves, much less nine waves?"


"Boom doom!"

At the same time, the lightning within the skies started moving with increased frenzy and stirred up violently. It was almost as if the heavens were responding towards Xu Que’s trash talk and was upset.

The second wave of Tribulations was indeed more fearsome than the first wave.

The clouds which were completely black at this point dipped even lower threateningly. The sky seemed to be an expanse which resembled a huge abyss looming over Xu Que, and drawing the clouds towards him. Arcs and arcs of lightning whipped and cracked around him as the second wave charged up.

Indeed, Xu Que’s expression was unwavering as he stood still in the middle of the altar, not budging a single inch.

Within his mind, the system rang out once more.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"
"Ding! The system has detected the strength of the forthcoming lightnings. - God of Hell’s Compulsion has been automatically activated. 1% of the lightning powers has been absorbed."

"God of Hell’s Compulsion, I almost forgot. This manual required absorption of elemental spiritual energies. Seems like this Heavenly Tribulations gave me one for free!"

Xu Que’s lips curled into a smile.

Although the first wave of Tribulations seemed to have been withstood by Xu Que effortless, the main reason was because of the Banshee’s Veil’s protection.

Now that the shield had absorbed the entire wave, it was completely spent and disappeared. It would take a day before the item could be used once again, when it’s cooldown was over.

However to Xu Que, the most important thing to him was to take advantage of the Tribulations and temper his physical body, and increase his strengths.

And the God of Hell’s Compulsion would help him to do this!


At last, the next wave of Tribulations had descended.

It was evidently more terrifying and intimidating that the first wave. It almost seemed like several violent waterfalls stacked ontop of each other were raining down lightning bolts upon him. In that moment, they engulfed the entire altar with surges of bolts.

Xu Que had nowhere to hide. However, he wasn’t planning on hiding as well.

He remained transfixed to the spot as he clutched his golden rod tightly, and would use his own body to defend himself against the next wave.

"What is happening? Is he going to stand there stupidly, praying for the best outcome?"

"Wasn’t he going to use some sort of spell to defend himself against the lightning bolts?"

"He’s as good as delivering himself into the hands of death!"

Everyone beneath the altar broke out in discussion once more as they sighed and screamed out.

"Boom doom!"

The second wave crashed down upon him once more unrelentingly, like a flood submerging everything within sight and burying the altar.

Xu Que’s body disappeared from view once again!

Once the arcs of lightning had retreated, Xu Que’s unwavering shadow came into view once again.

He survived again!

He’s came out of it unscathed once more!


"How was this possible? Did I see it right?"

"That’s not right, how did he manage to do it?"

"It must be that something’s wrong with your eyesight, or something is wrong with me. How… Did he come out of that completely fine?"

The audience were stunned by this. They all assumed that the second wave would be sure to claim Xu Que’s life. He didn’t conjure a single spell to defend himself and stood there extremely still as he awaited for the second wave. It also seemed like he just allowed the lightning bolts to strike him, and yet he was unhurt!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

"Ding! After detecting the strength of the lightning, the God of Hell’s Compulsion managed to acquire 5% of the lightning powers had been absorbed!"

While standing firmly rooted atop the altar, Xu Que could hear the system go off in his head as he revealed a smile.

Both the Spirit Visage and the Banshee’s Veil gave him a great deal of magic resistance and was extremely helpful. This was added to the fact that Xu Que had consumed nine Lightning Evasion Pills prior to the Tribulations. Hence his body was completely insulated from electricity.

The second wave of lightning didn’t harm it at all. Instead, it added as a form of ‘nourishment’ and was absorbed by the God of Hell’s Compulsion.

Xu Que didn’t even have to undergo any sort of pain and torment as his physical flesh was tempered by the Tribulations and made him much stronger!

"Hahaha, come at me again! Didn’t I say I wanted nine waves, give me nine waves. The first two waves were nothing. Can you make it more powerful please?"

Xu Que reared his head towards the heavens and taunted once more.

The maniacal way he challenged the heavens left everyone down below reeling in fear!

Nobody had ever dared to do anything like that. He was being exceptionally rude towards the heavens and showed open disrespect while in the midst of his Tribulations!

And he repeatedly taunted the heavens, begging for stronger Tribulations?

Big brother monkey, can we call you big brother monkey? Can you please stop being this way!

The hearts of everyone down below starting thumping within their chests as they looked towards Xu Que. They were all scared beyond their wits.

"Boom doom!"

The lightning bolts started roiling within the clouds and almost went berserk. The third wave was charging up in preparation.

Xu Que’s rod was still on the ground as he placed his remaining hands on his hips. He then started digging his ear before shouting out once more.

"Please hurry up! Why are you taking your own sweet time. An old man running is even faster than you."

"Are you sending your next wave or not? I’m extremely busy, don’t you know? Besides, what’s the point of making so much noise and being so dramatic? There’s no use!"

"You can send lightning bolts after lightning bolts, and I won’t die. Why not be more daring, and give it all you’ve got? Send your entire might down now, wouldn’t that be better? Then you won’t have to waste my time!"

"Tell me, doesn’t that make sense? I make several millions bucks within a minute, and yet I still have to stand here and wait for you to charge up your lightning energy. You can charge for the entire day and only manage to tickle me, is that fun for you?"


The crowd beneath turned silent at once!

The faces of everyone present froze, as their lips trembled violently.

Was…. Was this still the Heavenly Tribulations?

Nevermind the fact that you challenged and taunted the heavens repeatedly, but you even said that the heavens was taking too long? And you even requested for the heavens to throw you all its might?

Big brother monkey, do you really want the heavens to strike you dead?

We’ve seen many people tired of living. But someone like you, this is the first time any of us have seen!


It’s… It’s really, taking the Tribulations too lightly!