Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 141


Up on the altar, the Tiger King’s eyes were opened so wide they almost split open as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Half of the reason was because the amount of energy coursing through him was too powerful and he couldn’t handle the potency of it. The other half of the reason was because he was angered by Xu Que.

If Xu Que wasn’t around today, he would’ve been baptized by the powers of two Lightning Pools easily. He would also have made it through the sixth wave of Tribulations and became much stronger after all the six waves tempered his physical body.

And yet, because of this darned monkey, he had none of those!

The Tiger King was so furious he was about to go crazy. He bared his fangs and looked down at the monkey who was still singing joyously. It took him all of his willpower not to rush down towards the monkey and tear him into pieces and stick a thousand blades into his body.

However, the Lightning Pool had already been activated. In spite of his anger, he was already being baptized in electric energy and this had to wait for the process to be concluded before he could leave.

Current after current of electric energy surged over his body just like waves of water as they washed over him. Everytime a current ran across his body, his flesh would crack open and fresh blood oozed out uncontrollably like a wound!

He opened his mouth and swallowed a Blood Circulation Pill in order to allow his wounds to recover. His flesh and muscles were becoming stronger as well as he continued to withstand the assault of currents upon his physical body.

At this point, Xu Que who was beneath the altar was completely immersed by the attention he was receiving as the main singer.

His One Star Musician ability was extremely potent. He had even turned his Qin over and held it like a guitar, changing the entire atmosphere of the place to that of a rock and roll concert. In addition, everyone present started singing along, adding to the effect as the music reverberated over the entire area. 

The area around the Lightning Pools had become like Xu Que’s own personal concert. Su Ling’er stood right in the thick of the crowd with a wide smile etched across her face as she stared at Xu Que singing at the top of his lungs. His eyes exuded a certain sparkle as he continued rousing the crowd.

"Our friend Sun… Is really cunning!"

"He’s such an amazing person!"

"My Queen, if we can convince him to stay in our tribe, we would have a much brighter future ahead of us!"

"That’s right my Queen. Under the entire skies, only our friend Sun is compatible with you!"

"Correct, correct. The both of you are such a perfect pair. A match made in heaven!"

The few Sky Demon Tribe elders started hinting at Su Ling’er until the hints became very obvious and blatant.
Su Ling’er didn’t respond to any of those but kept her sight fixed onto Xu Que as his mouth curled into a boyish laughter as if he had more tricks up his sleeve!

"Roaaar!!!" an earth splitting tiger’s roar could be heard from the altar.

Xu Que and his entire party of people singing were interrupted by the tiger’s roar in that very instant.

An intimidating killing aura permeated the whole area.

Everyone in the audience were shocked as they raised their head to look at the Tiger King. They realized that he had already completed the process and had already been baptized by one Lightning Pool. His Tribulations were over!

Xu Que was astonished as well as he shouted out, alarmed, "Fuck! You didn’t get struck to death by the lightning?"

"Monkey, hand over your life now!" The Tiger King roared ferociously once more as he charged down from the altar. At that very second, his body moved so quickly that only his shadow was visible as he dashed towards Xu Que.

Xu Que’s lips curled upwards. He was about to break out of the cultivation seal placed by the system and beat this Tiger King to death with his rod.

But before he could even speak to the system, a white ray of light flashed past him.

A loud crash rang out as the Tiger King was pushed back several steps. Similarly, the white shadow retreated several steps after the collision as well.

Upon closer look, Xu Que realized that the ray of light had six tails and was dazzling brightly. The ray of light that had appeared in front of Xu Que to blocked the Tiger King’s attack on him was Su Ling’er.

"Su Ling’er, you wish to interfere in this affair?" The Tiger King roared once more in rage.

"Hand my sister over this second!" Su Ling’er replied coldly. She emanated killing intent from his body as well!

The Tiger King paused before laughing out loud, "Haha! You finally remembered you have a sister? Get out of my way now or I shall ensure you regret this your entire life!"

"If you dare to hurt even a hair of Xiao Qi, my Sky Demon Tribe shall declare war to Thousand Demons Tribe for all eternity and ensure you shall never have a moment of peace. You can try!" Su Ling’er didn’t back down as she shouted out coldly.

In that moment, Xu Que realized this was the first time he had seen such a tough and hard side of her. The toughness of a Queen was not to be undermined. Indeed, she was a worthy Queen of a tribe!

"Sky Demon Sect? Haha! I’ve already concluded my Tribulations. The throne for King of Demons is mine. And you dare to declare war upon my tribe? That would be the same as declaring war over the entire race!" The Tiger King shouted out loudly, ensuring that everyone around could hear him.

However, whatever he said caused the Sky Demon Tribe elders to be extremely displeased. They blew their moustaches and their eyes almost bulged out in anger when they heard this. Immediately, they retorted, "Tiger King, please cut the crap. You only managed to activate five waves of Tribulations and one Lightning Pool’s baptism. You have the same number of points as our Queen, standing at six points. What rights do you have to proclaim yourself as the King of Demons?"

The Tiger King sniggered coldly, "Everyone present saw with their own eyes that I managed to activate the sixth wave of Tribulations. The only reason I failed was because of that darned monkey, who interrupted me. That alone could prove that I am the strongest. The title of King of Demons belong to me and I alone should sit in that throne!"

"That’s right. Our Tiger King managed to activate the sixth wave which proves his prowess!

"In fact, he even managed to activate two Lightning Pools as well. It was because of that monkey’s distraction that he failed with one of them. Hence, the Tiger King would actually have gotten eight points!"

"The Tiger King is most qualified to assume the throne and become King of Demons!"

The Thousand Demons Tribe members started stepping forward and speaking on behalf of their King.

The Sky Demon Tribe elders were extremely angry at this point and shouted out, "All of you are spewing bullshit! If you didn’t threaten our Queen and force her to activate her Tribulations first, our Queen would also be able to activate the two additional Lightning Pools!"

"Who threatened your Queen? The few of you are trying to malign us! Clearly, your Queen just doesn’t have what it takes to win. Stop finding excuses!" The Thousand Demons Tribe elders retorted instantly.

"You dare to do something but don’t dare to admit it. You bastards, you better hand Xiao Qi over now. If not, we shall fight it out with all of you!"

"If you wish to fight, let’s fight then. Why should we be afraid of you?"
Before long, both sides started arguing loudly and aggressively against one another and a huge scene was created.

Members of other tribes only watched on,not daring to interfere. They were all just waiting for the final outcome to be announced.

At this point, Xu Que’s face revealed an irritable look as he walked over and shook his fists, "That’s enough, stop quarreling now. You’re quarreling over the position of Demon King, huh? What’s so nice to fight over? There are still so many people here who haven’t activated their Tribulations. How do you know the position belongs to one of you?"

"Monkey, please cut the crap. Do you think anyone else around here is worthy of the throne?" Second Tiger shouted out in anger as he bared his fangs and flared at Xu Que.

Several demonic humans from other tribes chimed in as well, "Ignorant youngster. Stop talking and go back now. Within the entire domains of the Lightning Pool, only Tiger King and Su Ling’er are strong enough. Who else around here would be able to get more than six points?"

Xu Que sniggered before replying, "You bunch of disabled animals. How would you know unless you’ve tried?"

"Are you speaking about yourself?" At this point, Second Tiger spoke out once more. He had a look of mockery as he asked tauntingly and laughed out.

Xu Que’s eyes lit up, "Yo, for a disabled dumb person, you’re actually rather smart. Not bad. The next contender, the Great Sage, Sun Wu Kong!"

The second these words were uttered, everyone in the audience froze and silence abounded. Soon after, the silence was shattered by laughter all around.

"Haha! Is this monkey stupid? He actually wants to contend for the throne?"

"A mere Golden Core Staged cultivator with strength smaller than a grain of rice, wishes to fight for the position?"

"He really doesn’t know his own strengths! Does he think he can split open the heavens too?"

"Get out of here monkey! Tribulations isn’t like cooking dung or playing the Qin. Having such skills won’t help you succeed with the Tribulations!"

"What’s needed for the Tribulations is strength!"

When Xu Que heard this, his lips curled upwards, "Strength, I have that too!"

As he finished speaking, he leapt up to the altar. No, the staircase leading up towards the altar and took each step slowly.

The audience watched on in exasperation before bursting out into laughter!

"Haha! Was he doing that intentionally?"

"He can’t even jump up onto the altar and had to use the stairs!"

"Maybe he’s saving his core strength and preserving himself for the Tribulations!"

"What’s the point of saving such little core strength? Based on my predictions, he would only be able to conjure 3 waves of Tribulations at most!"

"That’s right. Afterall, he’s only of the Full Foundation, Golden Core Stage. His Tribulations will only come in 3 waves!"

Everyone around started nodding their heads in approval and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. They all assumed that Xu Que would only be embarrassing himself!

Even the elders from Sky Demon Tribe maintained a stoic expression in attempt to hide their own embarrassment.

From their perspective, Xu Que’s words were too exaggerated. This caused them to feel a little ashamed of him.
Su Ling’er had looks of astonishment across her face. She watched carefully as Xu Que’s back was faced towards her and he took a step at a time up the staircase. However, she remained silent.

She was confident that this strange yet amazing monkey would be able to pull off a miracle!


Right at that moment, Xu Que stepped into the altar’s domains causing a loud rumble to echo out. Lightning arcs started to form overhead and surrounded the altar. As soon as someone entered the altar to begin his Tribulation, it would automatically be sealed up.

Beneath the altar, the Thousand Demons Tribe were glaring coldly at Xu Que.

All of a sudden, someone reacted to this and shouted out happily, "Right! We can distract him and ensure that he fails in his Tribulations!"

"That’s right. Do to others what you want others to do unto you. We shall do that then!"

"Haha! Good plan. Let’s wait for him to activate the first wave. We shall then start singing songs to humiliate and shame him!"

A group of people were standing there extremely excited and happy as they anticipated their revenge over Xu Que.

The Tiger King glared at Xu Que coldly as a bitter look emanated out from the recesses of his eyes.

He had made up his mind to kill this monkey right after his Tribulations. Regardless of whether Su Ling’er intervenes, he would have to murder the monkey.

At the same time, Xu Que reached the center of the altar and castes his glance up into the skies.

AFter sometime, the Tribulations still didn’t look like it was approaching.

Obviously, he didn’t know how to conjure the first wave. Most people’s Tribulations had come a long time ago but they suppressed it ‘till this date before unleashing it out here in the altar.

And yet it was different for him. The day of his Tribulations was coincidentally today.

However, the system didn’t say which hour the Tribulations will arrive. This made Xu Que feel extremely embarrassed as he stood there while everyone watched him.

Xu Que had no choice but to call out to the system and asked, "System, when would the Tribulations come? You don’t expect me to wait here until the right hour right? It’s boring just standing here!"

"Ding! The Tribulations would take another eight hours before you can activate it. Please wait patiently!"

"Fuck me. Eight hours? That won’t do, I’m really busy. My schedule is packed. Is there any way to activate the Tribulations right now?" Xu Que asked the system in his head.

"There is but it will increase the difficulty of the Tribulations by another notch."

"Pfft… why should I be afraid? Spit it out and tell me what should I do?" Xu Que didn’t seem to mind as he asked.

The system went quiet for several moments before replying, "All the host needs to do is act tough once and the Tribulations can begin!"

"Act tough?" Xu Que’s eyebrows twitched as he smiled in jubilation.

That was too damn easy!

At that moment, he looked up into the skies and took a deep breath before speaking, "It’s been said that when I was born, an enchanted cloud loomed over the northern region as it drew closer to the place I was born…"

Everyone watched as Xu Que started mysteriously talking about his origins. The second he spoke, everyone turned quiet and gave him their attention. They also wanted to know about the background of this strange monkey.

When Xu Que had successfully won their attention, he then continued speaking in a dignified and magnanimous voice, "Before long, that cloud drifted all the way to my house and formed a word: Handsome!"

Everyone was extremely confused.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"
Once he heard the system going off in his head, he knew that he was successful. He then started becoming more zealous as he started speaking much faster and spitting words like a machine gun, "When my father saw me, he started screaming and shouting himself hoarse, ‘till his words turned to tears. He then cried for half a month. No matter how he was convinced, he couldn’t accept the fact that I was his own son, his own flesh and blood, for he refused to accept that his son could look so good. There were too many instances where he would pick up a knife and rush to my bed and threaten to chop me up into minced beef before my mother. Only after my mother sacrificed her life for me, did I manage to survive. My grandfather was nearly blind and been that way for decades. His vision only extended up to a meter. Anything outside that, he wouldn’t be able to differentiate human from dog. However, when I stood before him, tears welled up in his eyes. He then picked up a sharp object and stabbed himself in both eyes and went completely blind since then. He said that he wouldn’t want to see anyone else in his entire life."

Everyone around was on the verge of fainting. Never in their lives have they ever seen someone who was so full of himself, and so shameless.

Indeed, Xu Que’s expression was that of pain as he continued shouting, "All the females in this world went crazy over me because of how dashing I was. Even a female housefly would stop and sit on my shoulder because of how irresistable I am. Everyone who saw me fell crazy in love with me and pursued me relentlessly. I… I didn’t have a single moment of peace or freedom. Hence, I fled for my life. I ran, and ran… Until I reached the highest mountain around. I then asked the heavens, why?! Why did you do this to me? I turned angry and raged out at the heavens. I hated the heavens and hated the earth. Why? Why was I so handsome? No! I shall rebel against this life. I wouldn’t want to rely on my goodlooks and become a bum, without having to work or do anything. For wouldn’t that bury all my talents and hide my true purpose in life?"

Xu Que looked down, as his eyes glistened with moisture. He then pointed towards the Lightning Pools and shouted out at the top of his lungs, "Actually... I’m not handsome!"

"Boom doom!"

In that second, an ear splitting crack of the thunder rang out. It almost sounded as though the heavens were enraged.

Xu Que felt his scalp go numb as he heard someone shout back at him, "You’re lying!"

In that instant, the clouds started to loom overhead and turned dark. The wind started blowing in a frenzy as streaks of lightning could be seen in the sky. The lightning looked almost as if a dragon was coursing through the clouds!

His Tribulations still hadn’t arrived and yet such a violent outburst from the weather was already indicative of how powerful his Tribulations would be. It seemed like it was way stronger than Su Ling’er’s Tribulations and more terrifying by several times over!