Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 139

The Tiger King had gathered all his soul strength and directed it carefully onto the Lightning Pools beneath the altar.

Xu Que gave a pensive expression as he looked up to the skies with his face tilted at a 45 degrees angle. He resembled an old man, reminiscing about his past. He then began to tell a tale, "A long time ago, there were a pair of brothers in the Tiger Kingdom. They had grown up together ever since they were little pups. They shared happy times, as well as endured sorrowful times with each other."

Tiger Kingdom? A pair of brothers?

The audience’s lips curled. Son of a... Wasn’t this story about the pair of Tiger brothers standing before them? This monkey really has many childish tricks up his sleeves.

Ignoring the evil glances casted by the audience, Xu Que continued telling the story as he looked completely immersed in it himself. "Whenever the brothers were free, they would run to the back of the mountains and have fun with each other. The older brother would gaze into the distance and tell his younger brother all sorts of stories regarding the strange beasts which lurks far away. The younger brother would prick his ears and listen to the gentle breeze of the winds and sing songs for his older brother, his voice sounding extremely angelic…" As he spoke up to this point, Xu Que paused and gazed into the distance. His face revealed the expressions of regret and boundless emotions.

The audience who watched on paused in shock. They started to imagine the exact scenario which Xu Que had described to them. Deep within their hearts, they thought to himself how this story sounded perfectly normal and that there was nothing strange about it. In fact, it was a rather accurate portrayal about the bond and relationship between this pair of brothers.

Looks like this story was going to be very realistic and interesting. It even looked like this monkey was speaking genuinely. Could it really be that… He’s changed his attitude in such a short span of time? Maybe he realized that it was only a matter of time before the Tiger King would succeed in his Tribulations and knew that he was in deep trouble. Could it be that he fabricated a good story to depict the amazing relationship between the pair of tiger brothers to soothe their anger?

The Thousand Demons Tribe were full of suspicion. They were unable to sense the monkey’s motive for telling such a story. However, they were curious to see how this story would play out. Some of their eyelids twitched as they glared at him warily.

Then, one of them had a gleam in his eyes as he shouted out, "I get it now. This monkey is trying to sow discord between the pair of brothers. Have you noticed it? He first mentioned Tiger Kingdom and said explained that their relationship was extremely close. According to how stories usually develop, I am certain that he would tell a tale about how both brothers would fight each other for the throne. Before long, they would engage in a bloody battle in order to win the throne from each other. Second Tiger, don’t be influenced by his tale!"

After hearing this, the younger tiger brother seemed to have reached a realization and gave a cold laughter, "Hahaha! What a little worm. You are so childish and naive. Of course I won’t fall for it! My relationship with my older brother is extremely close. We would never fall out with each other over a stupid story…"

"That’s right. The relationship between these brothers are very strong. All of us are witnesses to it."

"Yes! In fact, Second Tiger would go into Tiger King’s room every night and massage his shoulders for him to ease the knots in his muscles."

"Haha! Speaking of that, I recall how Second Tiger’s massage skills are fantastic. Tiger King would scream out in delight every day. It would be so loud that everyone could hear him!"

"Now tell me, the relationship between both brothers are so close. How could anyone come in between them?"

The members of Sky Demon Tribe started discussing loudly, proving to everyone else that the relationship between both brothers was very strong. It was impossible that they would turn on each other.

The rest of the crowd seemed to have understood the situation as well. So it was the cursed monkey who was trying to come in between them and turn them against each other.

At this point, Xu Que seemed to completely ignore their conversation as well. He then continued speaking, as if his voice was the only one that mattered. "Maybe it was because of the long durations spent in each other’s company, that both these brothers start to fall in love with each other…"

"Pu!" The demonic beasts who were drinking water spat the fluids out from their mouths.

What the hell?

Even the crowd was dazed by this turn in the story. Where was the story about both brothers fighting with each other for the throne which turned into a bloody battle against each other?

Damn it. The twist in your story was too abrupt, huh? Both these brothers actually fell in love with each other? Fuck me. Where did your exotic ideas come from?

Ai, wait a second, that’s not right.
The younger tiger brother would enter the Tiger King’s room every night? To massage him?

The Tiger King would scream out loudly in delight every night? His screams of pleasure would be so loud that everyone could hear him?

Fuck. This really isn’t right…

Everyone in the crowd turned to look at both these brothers and were appalled.

Su Ling’er was astonished by the turn in the story and was shocked as well. Could the relationship between these two brothers really be as he described?

"No… That’s not it… My relationship between my older brother and I is extremely pure!" Feeling the judgemental gazes fall upon the younger tiger brother, he started to become anxious and waved his hands in a bid to explain himself.

Even the members of Thousand Demons Tribe was stunned. They never would’ve expected Xu Que to tell such a tale and resort to such methods. They then realized whatever they had mentioned earlier about the younger brother giving his older brother massages every night had been severely misunderstood.

"Fellow friends, how can such an absurd and ridiculous tale exist?"

"Please do not believe this damned monkey’s story. He’s spouting rubbish."

"The relationship between this pair of brothers would never be what he said!"

Everyone started explaining themselves to the crowd.

However, they were the group of people who were so passionate about telling the crowd of how the younger brother massaged his older brother’s shoulder every night. They even described how the Tiger King would give cries of pleasure, and how loud it was. It was way too easy for everyone to develop the wrong idea!

At this point, Xu Que continued reciting the story, "Although they knew that their love for each other was taboo and not permitted, they couldn’t help themselves. One day, they decided to abandon the shackles holding them back and pursue their love for each other openly."

"Indeed, their love could never be contained or hidden. When their relationship was discovered by their father, his rage was as strong as lightning. Their mother’s face was drenched in tears and their neighbours started gossipping about them. The pair of them decided to prove their love for each other was true. Seeing that they were being discriminated and held back by the morals of society and the pair of them would never be allowed to love each other openly, they had to walk along the route of the outcasts."

"In order to prove their undying love for each other, the older brother intentionally cut his ears, while the younger brother chopped off his tail…"

The older brother cut his ears and the younger brother chopped off his tail?

When everyone heard this part, their faces revealed looks of horror. They then turned their gazes towards the Tiger King on the altar, before looking down onto the Second Tiger down in the midst of the crowd.

After the birth of the demonic humans, there were many different variations in all their appearances even though they were of the same origins.

Indeed, the Tiger King had a long tail but didn’t have any ears. Likewise, Second Tiger had both ears, but didn’t have a tail.

Damn it! Why does this story sound more and more convincing?

Could it really be that this pair of brothers are in love with each other?

The expressions of the crowd started turning strange.

Up on the altar, Tiger King let out a loud groan. He really wanted to start shouting in anger but didn’t dare to open his mouth. He decided to hold his anger in for the time being. The reason was because he had almost activated the powers of the Lightning Pools. He was just a small step away from being successful. He didn’t want to be distracted by Xu Que once again and cause his efforts to be in vain.

The younger tiger brother was trembling from head to toe in apparent anger. He glared at Xu Que sinisterly without uttering a word. Killing intent radiated all across his face.

At this point, Xu Que then sighed out, "At last, when a famous musician heard about their tragic yet touching love story, he was moved. Feeling his emotions stir, he thus decided to compose a song which would break the hearts of all those who heard it."

"Ai, truth be told. That famous musician is none other than yours truly. After hearing this sorrowful love story, don’t all of you feel sadness in your heart? It feels like as though there’s an inexplicable sadness welling up within your chest, right? That’s good. In the song I shall sing for you, you will find the beauty in the lyrics. Please listen carefully…"

As he finished speaking, Xu Que’s fingers started running up and down the fretboard of the Qin. All around him stood demonic humans from all the different tribes. Be it Sky Demon Tribe or Thousand Demons Tribe, they watched him carefully. Each of them were wondering what lyrics he would sing out.