Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 135

"Ding! Congratulations to host Xu Que for successfully absorbing 9 Lightning Evasion Pills. The pill had been assimilated by the 5 spiritual roots and activated an ability from the manuscript-- God of Hell’s Compulsion!"

The system rang out loudly in Xu Que’s head.

Xu Que straightened himself before realizing what he had heard, causing him to be dumbstruck.

The Ancient Five Elemental Arts had such a use? It could even activate a manuscript and best of all, it was completely free!

What was going on?

"Sys… System, did I just explode with luck? Everytime I swallow pills something good would happen to me!"

" was the strongest manual ever since the creation of this world. Since it was unnaturally strong, it incurred the wrath of the heavens. Hence, every single Heavenly Tribulation encountered by the host would be harder than ever. Should the host get distracted during a Tribulation, it would be extremely likely that he would die as a result. In order for the system to protect the host from possible death and to ensure his survival, the host has intentionally reduced the level of requirements when it comes to issuing rewards and whenever the host purchases items. This is done in order to help the host survive."

"Damn me. Now it all makes sense! I was just wondering why all the manuals and items in the system shop were so cheap. So it was because you intentionally reduced the requirements which I’m supposed to attain. That’s fine by me as well. Seems like at least you are different from those people around who would seek to kill me at the slightest chance they got and those cheap sluts who would attempt to slice off my little brother!"

Xu Que felt extremely pleased as he decided to look into the manuscript of the !

[God of Hell’s Compulsion] :
The number one manuscript of the Ancient Five Elemental Arts. It would absorb the spiritual elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Lightning and Ice and use their powers to temper the host’s body. Upon combination of all these elements, tremendous power would ensue.

It’s eternal, unbreakable and fuses with every single move.

(Attention: This ability is of an extremely high level and thus require a massive amount of spiritual essence!)

"It has to absorb the eight different spiritual elements before tremendous power would ensue?" Xu Que nodded his head. This road to cultivation was indeed a long and difficult one!


At this point, a loud roar could be heard ringing out from the sky!

Xu Que turned his head to look and saw that Su Ling’er was already standing atop the altar, where streaks of thunder and lightning surrounded her as she welcomed the Lightning Tribulations upon herself.

In comparison to the immense amount of force and energy surrounding her, the body of Su Ling’er looked extremely tiny.
Enormous arcs of lightning descended down upon her, almost causing her to get blown away from the strength of it. However after swallowing the Lightning Evasion Pill, Su Ling’er managed to hold out the Lightning Tribulations.

Xu Que was astonished, "Why is this girl so impatient? Couldn’t she have waited for me to come around before starting her Tribulation?"

"Ai, friend Sun, you’ve finally woken up." At this point, several elite Sky Demon Tribe members turned around to look at Xu Que after hearing him mumble to himself.

Xu Que recognized them and greeted them jubilantly, "The few of you took a long time to reach! Oh, right, where is Su Xiao Qi? Has she scooted off to play again?"

When the few of them heard this, their faces revealed bitter looks and were evidently stumped.

Immediately, they started explaining how Su Xiao Qi had been abducted by the Thousand Demons Tribe and recounting every word they had heard earlier.

By the time Xu Que finished listening to them, he was enraged. His face fell as he asked coldly, "Where are the Thousand Demons Tribe members lurking?"

"This… My friend Sun, please do not do anything foolish!", one of the elders attempted to coax him.

"That’s right. They have strength in numbers and are all extremely skillful. Especially the Tiger Dragon King who has established alliances with many other tribes. At this point, there’s nothing much we can do."

"He’s right. As long as she’s still alive, there’s hope. Besides, we don’t know where they have hidden Xiao Qi. If we were to antagonize them, they might kill Xiao Qi in retaliation."

"Eh, it’s better to wait for our Queen to complete her Tribulations before making a move. Besides, she’s already onto her fifth wave. There’s still one more to go. It seems like she will emerge successful."

"But our Queen… Looks like she might not be able to hold on for much longer!"

As soon as these words were uttered, their faces revealed looks of terror.

Xu Que tilted his head to look at the altar up above. He hadn’t taken a close look earlier. Now when he observed closely, he realized that Su Ling’er’s face was indeed pale, as if drained of all blood. It was apparent that she was hurt as well.

"Boom!" the sixth bolt of lightning and thunder descended down upon her.

The horrifying bolt of lightning which cracked the sky open and resembled an ancient serpent forked and looked as though it opened its mouth and split into two as it dashed towards Su Ling’er.

When Xu Que saw this, his heart trembled. He knew that without his Spirit Visage, he wouldn’t be able to survive the strength of such a powerful bolt of lightning.

However, it was different for Su Ling’er. Although she wasn’t as powerful as Xu Que when it came to killing, she was still a skilled Original Infant Staged cultivator of the Full Foundation level. When it came to handling the Tribulations, her physical body was equal to the strength of the lightning bolts.

As soon as the lightning lashed out, she raised her hand and conjured a spell to block it, defending herself.

It was a pity that right in the face of the sixth bolt of lightning, Su Ling’er was miniscule compared to the size of it.

"I shall assist her!" Xu Que spoke out as he readied himself to help, as though he couldn’t bear to watch on idly.

However, an elder immediately restrained him, his face was full of fear as he shouted out, "You must not, my friend Sun. If you go up, the Tribulations will assault you as well. In fact, it would assume that you are trying to intervene with the Tribulations and the ferocity of it will increase by manifolds."

"That’s right. Besides, there are many spells placed around the altars. Whenever someone was in the midst of the Tribulations, nobody is permitted to cross."

When Xu Que heard this, his face sank.

I can’t help? Then I can only watch on helplessly?


At that moment, the final wave of lightning swept across before landing heavily upon Su Ling’er’s body and crashed into her with a deafening blast. Her body resembled a kite which had its string severed, as she flew uncontrollably out of the domains of the altar with immense force.

"My Queen!" The few elders revealed looks of shock as they shouted out helplessly.

Xu Que’s eyelids twitched as well as he prepared to break out of the seal which locked his cultivation powers and prepared to rush towards her and rescue her.
However, even before he could do anything, Su Ling’er which was about to land heavily onto the ground slowed down in velocity as she floated down gradually.

Under the shocked expressions from everyone around, she gravitated slowly towards Xu Que.

The few Original Infant Staged elders heaved a sigh of relief, "My Queen, it’s good that you’re alright. The situation was too grave earlier."

"I almost thought you wouldn’t be able to survive it. I was completely taken aback by how ferocious the bolts of lightning were!"

"Thankfully you managed to survive this Tribulation. After several days of rest, you would be able to cross over into the Infant Transformation Stage. As for the position of Queen of Demons, let’s forget about it for now!"

"..." Su Ling’er didn’t reply as her pale face contorted as she turned to look at Xu Que. As she opened her mouth, a sliver of blood dripped down from the edges of her lips.

"Not good!"

"My Queen, you…" The few elders of the Sky Demon Tribe were taken aback by the severity of her injuries.

Xu Que rushed towards her to hold her as he purchased a Blood Circulation Pill and forced it into her mouth as he whispered, "Sit down and recuperate! As for the matter concerning Xiao Qi, leave it to me!"

Su Ling’er looked at Xu Que gravely and nodded her head. She was then helped by Xu Que as she took a seat and began healing her injuries.

She was grievously injured at this point!

The expressions of the elders were extremely unsightly as well, as they shouted out in anger, "If it weren’t for the fact that the Thousand Demons Tribe threatened us, our Queen didn’t have to be the first person to go up and activate her Tribulations. Then, she wouldn’t have been subjected to such powerful and unsteady waves of lightning."

"Thankfully, she got lucky this time and managed to survive. If she was down on her luck today, it was very possible that she would fail the Tribulations and lose her life!"

"Damn it…."

The few of them cast cold glances at a group of demonic humans lurking at a corner.

Xu Que stood up and looked in the same direction as well. The group of demonic humans were a strange looking bunch. Only a pair of men looked normal, the rest of them had strange features about them.

One of them had a long tiger’s tail and was of the Full Foundation Original Infant Stage. He must be that Tiger Dragon King!

There was someone else whose appearances resembled him, but the cultivation level was slightly lower beside him and was whispering into his hears. He must be the brother of the Tiger Dragon King.

Behind the pair of them were demonic humans with vile grins and smirks as the laughed mockingly and looked towards Xu Que, evidently gloating in their misfortune.

Before long, the tiger tailed King took a step forward.

Under the cheers of his companions, he floated high up into the sky and entered the boundaries of the altar.

"Wah! The Tiger King is about to activate his Tribulations!"

"It’s hard to believe that the two strongest contenders would be the first pair to activate their Tribulations!"

"It’s a pity that Su Ling’er was too impatient and rushed to be the first. She was then subjected to the unstable strength of the lightning bolts and was unable to successfully gain control over the lightning pool!"

"Looks like the position of the King of Demons would be taken by the Tiger King!"

Everyone around broke into discussion.

Xu Que watched on coldly from the corner of his eyes as he revealed a cold smile from the corner of his lips.

You wish to activate your Tribulations? Hehe... if I fail to give you a hard time and vomit buckets of blood, my name isn’t Xu Que!"