Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 134

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"
It seemed like Xu Que alone was enough to hold out against thousands of enemies just with his foul mouth alone. He hurled verbal abuses at everyone around to a point where nobody dared to talkback to him.

After the incident with the bull-nosed man, everyone including the camels, the elephants or even the snake men controlled their tempers. They turned around and tried to leave the area.

It wasn’t because they were afraid. It was because they knew that they could never quarrel against him.

Xu Que’s verbal abuses were vile personal attacks. It was to the extent that quarreling with him would cause all of them to be humiliated and torn to pieces, not leaving a shred of dignity. What nonsense about having breasts on his back, penis on his face, and his entire face was a penis? It was extremely offensive. Each word of his would pierce the hearts of his enemy and hurt them.

Su Ling’er blushed red as she suppressed a laugh.

Most of the words Xu Que used made her feel embarrassed and yet it helped to relieve all the stress she was feeling.

Xu Que placed his hands on his hips, looking like a fearless and mighty warrior as he cast his glance around at the remaining people.

As soon as his gaze landed on them, everyone turned away, avoiding his gaze. They were all afraid to be caught looking at him.

"He can really scold people very well. This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone scold others in such an exaggerated fashion. Screw this! It’s better if I steer clear away from him!"

"Hmp! Once the Thunder Tribulations Worship comes tomorrow, we can teach this damned monkey a lesson."

Before long, everyone standing around had dispersed.

Indeed, they were all at a loss as to what to do. They could neither out speak him, neither could they fight and kill him. If they stood there and allowed him to lash out, they might lose control of their anger and lose their lives.

Hence, nobody dared to stand near Xu Que. Everyone decided to maintain a safe distance away from him.

Xu Que and Su Ling’er then realized that they had the entire plot of land to themselves and it was a nice and comfortable spot too!


When everyone had left and not a person remained, Su Ling’er let out a giggle. She then looked at Xu Que curiously, "Sun Wu Kong, how did you think of all those things to scold them?"
"It’s nothing, it’s nothing. Actually, the person who’s best at scolding people would be Zhu Ge Liang!" Xu Que laughed out and replied.

"Oh? Who is Zhu Ge Liang?" Su Ling’er asked.

"A noble man! Anyway even if I were to tell you, you won’t understand. We have to take advantage of this time to absorb the Lightning Evasion Pill. Come, each of us should take five pills. When tomorrow comes, we will have a breeze with the Tribulations!" Xu Que spoke out as he forced five pills onto her hands.

Su Ling’er was immediately appalled, "No, just one pill would be enough. If not, we won’t be in time for the Thunder Tribulations Worship tomorrow. Besides, one pill would be more than enough to handle the Tribulations."

As she finished speaking, she then pinched up a single pill and placed it into her mouth. The rest, she returned to Xu Que.

"Are these pills very hard to absorb?" Xu Que was astonished by this fact.

Su Ling’er smiled gently, "It varies from person to person and the absorption rate varies too. Most people would need about four to five hours to absorb a single pill! I’ve already consumed mine and is started to absorb it. You should do it soon as well!"

As she finished her sentence, she shut her eyes and sat cross legged as she rotated her cultivation base.

Xu Que didn’t hesitate as well and sat down beside her. He then swallowed a single pill and waited for it to be absorbed.

"Ding! Since the host’s cultivation powers had been sealed off, the speed of absorption has been severely reduced. It now would take one hour to absorb the pill!" The system rang out in his head.

Xu Que froze. What on earth? Even with reduced speed, it only took an hour?

Fuck me! Doesn’t that mean thay my absorption rate is extraordinary? Oh right, I almost forgot. That’s because I possess five spiritual roots.

Xu Que was elated as he looked down on the eight remaining pills in his hands and chuckled. He then placed all of them into his mouth.

"Ding! Since the host’s cultivation powers had been sealed off, the speed of absorption has been severely reduced. It would now take nine hours to absorb all the pills! Note that since the host has swallowed more pills than the safety limit, the host would be placed into hibernation mode while the pills are being absorbed to prevent damage!"

"Hibernation mode? What the f--?"


In that next instant, Xu Que’s vision went black and he fell into a deep sleep.

As time passed, the number of demonic humans gathering around started increasing as well. The night was fast approaching.

When Su Ling’er had completely absorbed the Lightning Evasion Pill, the sky was already scattered with flickering stars.

She then exhaled deeply and looked at Xu Que who was beside her. Xu Que looked exactly like he was cultivating. His eyes were closed shut. Seeing this, she smiled.

"Su Ling’er, our King wishes to convey a message to you." a strange looking man stepped forward to speak.

He was a huge dog from neck downwards and yet he could move and walk normally. His facial features and head were just like those of a humans, nothing different. He was smiling creepily at Su Ling’er.

Su Ling’er gave a somber expression as she cleared her throat, "Wild dog, you traitor. How dare you come and see me?"

"Why shouldn’t I dare? I have the Tiger King’s protection. What can you do to me? Hehe… Hear this. The Tiger King wants you to be the first person to cross your Tribulation. You are to do this once the day breaks." The big black dog smiled, his expression revealing one of joy.

"You want me to cross the Tribulations first? Why should I?" Su Ling’er cleared her throat.

"That’s because your sister Su Xiao Qi is with us now. Once the day breaks, you have to be the first person to cross. Besides, you must only cross your own Tribulation and must not activate other Lightning Pools. If not…"

"You dare!" Su Ling’er was visibly enraged. Her entire body radiated killing intent.

The black dog seemed to have been startled by her outburst and laughed nervously, "The Thunder Tribulations Worships haven’t started. What can you do to me? Don’t forget. Your younger sister is in our hands."

As he finished speaking, the black dog then turned around and started laughing once more.

Su Ling’er was trembling violently in anger and yet she couldn’t strike out against him.

Before long, several Sky Demon Tribe elders hurried over, their faces were filled with anger.

"My Queen, we’ve been tricked. When we rushed over here, we were ambushed by the Thousand Demon Tribe. Xiao Qi…"

"I already know about this. After the Tribulations, I shall find them and seek revenge!" Su Ling’er exhaled a breath of air as she tried her utmost to restrain her temper and spoke softly.

She looked towards Xu Que, who was still in a deep state of cultivation. She pursed her lips and didn’t wake him up.

Before long, the sky was starting to turn bright.


The time for the Thunder Tribulations Worship had come. A thunderbolt sliced through the clear sky abruptly. The thunderbolt crashed down and struck the ground in the middle of the nine Lightning Pools.

This caused numerous surges of electricity to entwine with one another from each Lightning Pool. The electrical currents hovered just above the pools and were linked with one another and were pulsating with increasing intensity as if it would explode any minute. After sometime, the currents stabilized and formed a single huge altar floating above the pools.
Every single person of the demonic human race gathered around the pools and raised their heads to look up at the altar. Their faces were filled with reverence and respect.

"The Tribulations which only happen once a year has finally arrived!"

"I wonder who would emerge victorious as the King of our race this time."

"When it comes to strength, it probably be the Queen of Sky Demon Tribe or the King of Thousand Demon Tribes."

"I’ve noticed that Su Ling’er has already managed to cultivate up to the sixth form. That would mean that she would be able to conjure six thunderbolts from the heavens. That’s the ferocity and strength of her tribe!"

"That’s right. The six thunderbolts would score her six points. Along with the fact that she’s at the Original Infant Stage. That would score her an additional two points. She would have a total of eight points then!"

"Looks like the position of King would be taken down by Su Ling’er this time."

"That’s not guaranteed as well. The Tiger Dragon King is not someone you should overlook as well."

Everyone burst out in animated discussion and yet nobody made the move to cross the Tribulations first. Everyone were just watching on expectantly.

Su Ling’er gave a gloomy expression as she turned around to glare at the man with a long tiger’s tail. Killing intent welled out from her body.

"I shall cross the Tribulations first. Look after Sun Wu Kong properly!"

Since the altar had already been set up, she could activate it and be the first person to attempt to cross the Tribulation. After instructing her tribe’s elders, she started floating into the air as she approached the altar.

"Ah! My Queen..." The few Original Infant Staged elders froze in shock. They wanted to hold her back but they were too late.

"What was going on? Why did she want to be the first person?"

"The altar is still extremely unstable. The first person to go might suffer additional damage from the instability of the altar. It’s not worth it to go first!"

"Damn it! I understand now. The Thousand Demons Tribe must’ve abducted Xiao Qi to threaten our Queen!"

"Damn it! We’re to blame for being so careless!"

The few of them were agitated and anxious.

Everyone else standing around were surprised by this. Nobody would’ve expected that the first person to ascend towards the altar and cross the Tribulation would be Su Ling’er.

"That’s strange. Doesn't Su Ling’er know that the first candidate has the most disadvantages?"

"Should her luck prove to be insufficient today, she could very well die to the additional damage taken due to the unstable altar!"

"Yeah. What’s more, she still has to deal with her six thunderbolts!"

Everyone started discussing her fate as Su Ling’er stood right in the middle of the altar.

She closed her eyes shut and sucked in a deep breath of air. At the same time, she started releasing the pressure within her body as she activated the Tribulations.


A thunderbolt as thick as an arm struck down from high up above, several thousand kilometers in the sky and descended down.

At the same time, Xu Que who had been in deep sleep awoke abruptly. The second his eyes opened, he could see electrical arcs running all across his body as they zapped each other.