Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 133

The main protective spell at the entrance of the Lightning Pool caused Xu Que to hesitate in fear.

He didn’t want to be recognized as an infiltrator or an imposter just before he had his fun in the Thunder Tribulations Worship. Should that happen, all his chances of acting tough would be gone.

The most important thing was to temper and strengthen his body. After hearing this fact from Su Ling’er he was extremely interested.

Although Xu Que had already mustered many spells, he had never learnt any to strengthen his own physical body. The only time he had improved his physical strength was after he consumed the pills in the treasure cove of Celestial Sect and almost died from eating too many pills. When the system activated the function to restore his health, his body became slightly stronger as well.

And at this point, he was already at the Full Foundation of the Golden Core Stage. Once he finished his Tribulations, he would straight away ascend to the Original Infant Stage. He should really start training his physical strength at this moment.

Hence, he really wanted to participate in this Thunder Tribulations Worship.

"System, can I successfully cross through the protective spells while in this Disguise Puppet form?" Xu Que asked the system.

"Ding! After careful calculations, the system has discovered that if the spell extends throughout the entire area. Should the host step into the protective spell towards the Lightning Pools, he will definitely be discovered." The system replied.

Xu Que’s heart turned cold. The protective spell extended throughout the entire Lightning Pool area?

That’s too damn bloody overpowered! So the legends were true, that the protective spell covers all 360 degrees perimeter of the entire area, leaving 0 blind spots? Thankfully he asked the system in advance. If he were to just step in, he would probably be killed by the protective spells for being a trespasser.

"What’s wrong? Why are you giving such a strange expression?" Su Ling’er asked warily.

Xu Que gave a bitter look as he looked cautiously at the protective spells ahead of him, right at the entrance. He then moaned out, "SHIITake mushrooms, damned this!"

"Speak english." Su Ling’er replied him.

"I meant, this is horrible, I feel like crying!"

"Why is that? Su Ling’er was astonished.

"Wait a second."

Xu Que shook his head before calling the system out, "System, do you have any other methods for me to enter?"

"The system suggests you seal off your cultivation powers. This way, you can still use the Disguise Puppet to cross through the protective spells and not be discovered. It’s the presence of your cultivation powers that would set off the alarms."

"All I have to do is to seal off my cultivation powers?’

"Positive. Once you seal off your powers, you can bring it back online anytime. But if you turn it back on within the Lightning Pool, it will sense it and begin its assault!"

"What’ so scary about that? Come, seal off my cultivation for me!" Xu Que squinted his eyes as he smiled and allowed the system to seal off his powers.

Since he couldn’t fight once he was inside, there was no harm in sealing his powers off. Besides, it was only temporary. If he met with any dangers, he would just turn it back on and use his escape emblem to get out. If he wished to get back in, he could always just try again using a different disguise.

"Ding! System has already sealed off your cultivation capabilities!"

Following the system beep, Xu Que felt like his entire body and meridians were empty. All the core energy stored within his dantian had disappeared and he felt like a mere mortal man. It felt like everything within his body had been scooped out and all that was left was a hollow exterior.

However, on the surface, it could still be seen that he was of the Full Foundation, Golden Core Stage. There was no difference to his appearances at all. Even Su Ling’er beside him couldn’t tell the difference.

"Alright, let’s go. We can enter now!" Xu Que regained his sense and spoke to Su Ling’er.

"Eh, I shall leave a mark here. Xiao Qi and the rest of our tribe will arrive here at night!" Su Ling’er nodded her head as she waved her hand over the ground, causing a faint mark to be imprinted.

The pair of them then walked towards the Lightning Pool.

Xu Que managed to cross through the protective spells without much trouble and he didn’t feel anything while crossing through as well.

After walking some distance in, the people around them started to swell in numbers. There were many people of different tribes and looked very different. They occupied different areas and were resting up, waiting for tomorrow’s big day, the Lightning Tribulations Worship.

The most surprising thing to Xu Que was that right in the middle were nine Lightning Pools.

Lightning flashes were rampant within each of the pools. It seemed like the electric current were fusing with the water in the pools. No wonder it was called the Lightning Pools!

When Xu Que first laid his eyes on the pools, his hair stood on the edge. He believed that if he jumped into any of these pools, he would definitely be electrocuted to death and be charred like a piece of burnt meat. What’s more, with nine different pools around, adding to the overall power of the entire area, even Infant Transformation Stage cultivators would be endangered!

"Come, let’s go over to the other side!"

At this point, Su Ling’er had already found a spot where there was nobody.

Xu Que didn’t wander off as well and followed her.

As they were walking, many male demonic beasts stopped to stare and glare at Su Ling’er. Some of them scrutinized her body lecherously as they sneered and sniggered.

"Yo, it’s Sky Demon Tribe’s Su Ling’er. She had found a male monkey as a companion. Looks like she really can’t deal with the loneliness!"

"Isn’t that obvious? Look at her disposition. She must be a woman who sleeps around and enjoy the company of men. How can she ever bear to be alone and lonely?"

"Kekeke! It’s a pity that she can’t find a better partner and had to settle for this monkey."

"Haha! And it’s a monkey of the Golden Core Stage. Didn’t expect her taste to swing this way!"

Everyone started to whisper under their breaths, although it was still audible for them to hear.

"Damn it! These mentally handicapped animals!" Xu Que’s hair stood on the edge and was about to lash out back at the gossiping group of demonic beasts.

However, Su Ling’er had anticipated this in advanced and pulled him back to restrain him. She maintained a stoic expression and shook her head, "Have you forgotten everything I said before we entered? Don’t care about them. Wait ‘till I successfully complete my Tribulations and reach the Infant Transformation Stage. Then I shall find seek revenge for us!"

"Hehe… why do we have to wait? I promised you that I won’t spout rubbish earlier. But they came to scold us. I can’t bear it anymore. I have to take my revenge immediately,. That’s the way I am."

Xu Que finished speaking to her and turned his head towards the group of demonic beasts.

"No!" Su Ling’er was alarmed.

However, Xu Que had already began his verbal assaults.

"To hell with all of your single mothers? Didn’t she teach all of you to brush your teeth? Is that the reason all your mouths are so filthy?"

"What are you staring at? Do you believe this Great Sage over here will use my stick to tear you another butt hole?"

The ten demonic beasts around froze in shock, before their shock turned to anger.

They were all of the Original Infant Stages and were scolded and insulted so hardly by a Golden Core Stage monkey? That was too infuriating.

"Outrageous! Are you sick of living?" A man with the nose of a bull stood up to berate him.

Xu Que sniggered coldly, "Whether I’m sick of living has nothing to do with you. After all, I know that as long as you live, you’re a waste of oxygen. When you die, you will be a waste of soil. If you go to heaven, they will spurn and reject you. If you go to hell, they will all abandon and outcast you!"


"Don’t speak to me. I don’t wish to hear any word from you. If not, people would imagine that I’m arguing with a pig."

"I’m not…"

"I don’t know how you have so much courage to live. Look at that stupid pig’s nose of yours. With such an ugly face, you still have the courage to talk to girls?"

"This is the nose of a bull…"

"Even if you have a bull’s nose, I’m sure it’s the ugliest nose a bull can ever have. All of a sudden, I’m in full admiration of your parents and how brave they are. For they actually managed to tolerate such a disgusting creature and even raised you up in spite of your repulsive features."

"Monkey, you…"

"Please don’t speak about me. I’m very good. It’s just that I strongly suggest you to hurry and get reincarnated and start your life afresh. In your next life, you should aspire to become a pig. That would be loads better than your current situation. You look like a mix of a pig and a bull, it’s horrendous."

"Bastard, you’re looking to die!"’ The bull-nosed man was thoroughly enraged as he clenched his fists and charged towards Xu Que.

The entire area within the Lightning Pool didn’t allow anyone to attack. Just as he clenched his fist and activated a spell, the nearest Lightning Pool shot out a Lightning Snake towards the bull-nosed man at such incredible speed that it was impossible for him to dodge, hitting him square in the chest.


The bull-nosed man flew a far distance away and landed heavily on the grass. His entire body was charred burnt from the strength of the attack. Smoke wisped out from his body and he was completely still.


Everyone around were dazed.

They had never seen anyone who was able to scold and curse someone with such imaginative creativity. He scolded with a passion, with such speed that his opponent didn’t even have a chance to finish a single sentence. This caused the bull-nosed man to be so enraged that he lost his senses and actually wanted to fight here within the Lightning Pool. At last, he was killed by the spells surrounding this area.

This… This monkey was way too vile huh?

Everyone around stared at Xu Que in a daze as their hearts trembled. Some of them were extremely relieved that they didn’t engage in a quarrel with Xu Que, for they might have lost their senses in their anger and ended up in the same state as the bull-nosed man.

Su Ling’er was astonished as well. She had never seen anyone better at scolding someone than Xu Que. He fired curses and insults like rapid cannons as if he didn’t need time to think of what to say. It was too vile.

She then thought for sometime, and imagined herself quarreling with Xu Que. She might have been so angry that she would probably want to kill him as well.

"Hey, you over there. You with the pair of breasts on your back, come over. I saw you staring at me just now. You wish to pick a fight with me?" At this point, Xu Que pointed at a group of demonic beasts some distance away.

Everyone was thrown into shock once more as they turned their heads around to see. They then realized that Xu Que was pointing at a camel looking man. His fists were clenched up too and he looked ashenly at Xu Que.

Everyone then reacted to this and all nearly passed out.

He is a camel! What breasts are you talking about?

Su Ling’er was at a loss for words as well. She then tugged on Xu Que’s sleeves and whispered, "Enough! That’s enough!"

"No. I absolutely cannot get used to such a strange looking thing! Look at that… Aiyo, he actually has his little brother (penis) on his face." Xu Que then pointed to another man and shouted out in astonishment.

A man with the face of an elephant looked extremely upset. It was clear he was very close to vomiting blood.

"Fuck!" The elephant man shouted out a curse and turned around to leave. He didn’t dare to remain, for he was sure that if he continued hearing those insults, it would drive him to kill Xu Que!

Everyone were trying their best to mask their laughter. He’s so… Evil! His little brother on his face? How the hell could he think of such things? Looks like the entire elephant race can no longer have any face to see anyone after this.

At this point, a snake man couldn’t help but burst out laughing, "Hahahah! I’m going to die of laughter! This monkey is so different. His mouth is even more evil than mine."

Xu Que glared across at him, "Damn it. Why does this guy’s entire face a penis? And you still have the cheek to laugh?"