Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 132

With Su Ling’er leading the way, Xu Que and her started making their way towards the Lightning Pool in haste.

As for Xu Que, who had a fit body along with immense core strength, travelling an entire night was rather effortless for him.

However, Su Ling’er couldn’t endure the fatigue which overcomes her body with each passing step.

After consecutively using spells and core strength to increase her physical endurance, Su Ling’er had started to walk slower and slower.

Xu Que had no choice but to stop and speak out, "Let’s take a rest here."

"Alright." Su Ling’er nodded her head gently and stopped walking as well. She was panting vigorously. It was clear that her core strength had been diminished considerably after channelling it all into her body to sustain the travel.

Xu Que couldn’t help but laugh out, "Why don’t you sit down and recuperate your core strength? What should I do with my two requests if you were to die of exhaustion?"

Su Ling’er rolled her eyes in spite of her exhaustion as they looked for a clean place to sit down. She then crossed her legs and started recuperating her energy.

Xu Que leaned against a tree and shut his eyelids as he too took a rest.

At this point, it was deep into the night and the stars lined the sky as they flickered in the dark. The faint moonlight shone down upon them and illuminated a part of Xu Que’s body. This caused the yellow hairs on his body to glow in a strange way and was somewhat captivating.

Su Ling’er’s vision fell repeatedly onto Xu Que’s body as her heart stirred, making her feel comfortable, relaxed and secured.

She was aware that she had someone with her and this person would protect her while she rested, ensuring that no harm shall befall her.

"Sun Wu Kong, what are your two requests going to be?" Maybe it was because everything around was so still and silent, that Su Ling’er broke the silence with her whispers. She was still recuperating her core strength as she asked.

Xu Que’s lips curled into a devious smile as he blinked several times, "It’s nothing actually. Just have to lick twice."

"What do you mean by that?" Su Ling’er was extremely suspicious.

"That question... Has a very complex and mysterious answer. I shall tell next time. In fact, I shall only tell you when the days have passed and our relationship becomes stronger." Xu Que waved his hands and replied.

Su Ling’er was extremely intrigued as she asked, "What secret is this that you have to be so mysterious? And that you have to wait for our relationship to become stronger. How long would that be?"

"Sigh… Maybe several occasions? Not too long I guess."

"Eh? Isn’t time measured in days or nights? Why would it be measured in occasions?’

"Hai… Let’s change the topic. I’m getting embarrassed talking about this."

"Then you have to tell me. Why do you keep bringing up the matter of me licking something? Could it be the chocolate which I licked on the pill earlier today?" Su Ling’er was hooked onto the topic and wouldn’t let go until she had an answer. She started interrogating him.

Xu Que touched the point of his nose and laughed out, "Ai, this conversation is getting very complicated."

"If you tell me, it will not be complicated anymore."

"Ai, check out how many stars there are tonight!"

"Don’t change the topic. Tell me now!"

"Ai, look at how round and gorgeous the moon is tonight!"

"Quickly tell me!"

"Ai, would you like to eat what’s below my waist?"
(T/N : The way Xu Que said it could also mean ‘Ai, would you like me to cook noodles for you?’ It was a cheeky play on words.)

"You even brought noodles here?"

"Nope, I didn’t!" Xu Que blinked his eyes and looked at her.

"Then why did you say you would cook noodles for me?"

"It’s nothing!"

"That’s not right. Why are you smiling like that?"

"You’re seeing things. I’m not smiling. Hahahah! I’m really not smiling."

"..." Su Ling’er could no longer concentrate on regaining her core strength. She was completely immersed in digging the truth out of Xu Que and wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else until she got an answer.

She frowned as she remained seated cross legged on the ground. She held her face with a hand and looked at Xu Que, deep in thought.

Xu Que stopped laughing and started to fear that she might understand his cheeky phrase. He then put on a serious expression and spoke out, "Alright now, let’s stop chatting. Get back to your recovery. We have to be on our way soon. Time is running short."

When Su Ling’er heard this, she realized that he was right. Their priority right now was to rush to the Lightning Pool as soon as possible. Hence, she didn’t think much about it and returned her attention towards recuperating her core strength.

However, those words spoken by Xu Que were still reverberating within her mind, causing her no small amount of uneasiness.

"Why did he mention noodles for no reason? And he kept asking me to lick something... Not right, he said noodles, or did he mean down below… Lick…. Ah! That asshole!" Su Ling’er seemed to have understood what he meant, as her face blushed a deep scarlet red. Her breathing was ragged as she glared at Xu Que.

Although she wasn’t of the human race, her ancestors were humans too. Besides, there were many books and manuals on the human race. Some of which included the human anatomy too!

Su Ling’er had lived for many years and it was impossible that she had never seen it before. At this point, she finally understood what Xu Que had meant and understood his words between the lines. He still made it sound so secretive. This was extremely humiliating to her!

"Sun Wu Kong!" Su Ling’er shouted across, her breathing was still ragged.

"Shit, what’s the matter?" Xu Que froze.

"You… You’re shameless!" Su Ling’er shouted out as she turned her head away from him, ignoring him.

Xu Que was startled, not understanding what was happening. Fuck me, did she finally understand what I meant earlier?

At that point, Xu Que spoke in a dignified voice, "Miss Ling’er, please explain to me how I am shameless?"

"You know the reason yourself." Su Ling’er replied.

"I don’t know the reason. Could it be because I didn’t cook noodles for you?"

"You… You’re still speaking such words!" Su Ling’er was infuriated.

Xu Que didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Damn it. She really understood what I said.

It’s just that Xu Que was too thick skinned and shameless to admit to such uncouth behaviour.

Hence, he started pretending, "It’s just a bowl of noodles, what’s the big deal? Why do you have to be so angry? Fine. I shall cook it for you now. Will that do?"

As he finished speaking, he purchased two boxes of noodles from the system store and started boiling water in a pot before pouring the noodles in.

Su Ling’er wanted to berate Xu Que and yet when she turned her head, she saw him cooking two bowls of noodles and froze in shock.

Xu Que then brought the bowls of noodles before her and asked, "Here. The noodles are cooked. Which flavor would you want to eat? Pickled vegetables or beef cubes?"

"..." Su Ling’er was stumped. Could it really be… that I was overthinking and misunderstood him? Thankfully, I didn’t actually said anything that would compromise my virtues. Thankfully, he didn’t realize what I meant too!

"I… I’m fine with either!" Su Ling’er took a bowl of noodles from him before turning away and then consumed it.

Hence, this naive and trusting Nine Tails Fox was conned by Xu Que!

The both of them ate to their heart’s content before setting off once again. Su Ling’er was extremely embarrassed of herself that she could think of something like that and misunderstand Xu Que. That’s why, she didn’t raise the matter any longer. Xu Que was elated as well. For he had earned several act tough points several moments ago.

When they finally arrived at the entrance of the Lightning Pool, the day was bright and clear. The sky were lined with clouds as white as a fish’s belly, and streaks of red emanated from the rising sun.

There were many defensive spells erected at the entrance of the Lightning Pool. A formless barrier could faintly be seen as well. From time to time, streaks of electricity would surge across the invisible barrier, causing fear in the hearts of those not permitted to enter.

At the same time, there were several Original Infant Stage cultivators standing around, guarding the door as if they were waiting for people to show up.

"Once we enter, we would be in the vicinity of the Lightning Pools and mustn't use any magical skills. Please do not speak nonsense in there as well and ignore everyone. We shall find a place to consume the Lightning Evasion Pill and cultivate ‘till tomorrow. Then we can begin to cross the Tribulations!" Su Ling’er spoke gravely and reminded Xu Que in a soft voice.

"Alright, but I have a question!" Xu Que glanced across at the protective spells at the entrance. "Those protective spells are used to prevent other races from entering the Lightning Pool, right?"

"That’s right. Anyone who’s not of the demonic humans race cannot enter. Should they force their way in, they would incur the wrath of the Lightning Pools. Hence, after so many years, even with the decline of our entire race, no other race could enter this sacred area!" Su Ling’er replied.


Xu Que’s lips twitched. Fuck me good. Is the Disguise Puppet good enough to trick the spells?