Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 130

"But… But I’ve already licked it."

Although Su Ling’er whispered this softly, Xu Que managed to hear it and was immediately embarrassed.

"Phew! No wonder the pill was wet. But it was still sweet!" Xu Que smiled charmingly.

These words made Su Ling’er blush as she looked into Xu Que’s eyes.

"Ding! The pill refining process has been complete. The host can open the furnace and retrieve the pills!"

At this point, Xu Que’s mind was flooded with the system beeps.

He was overjoyed and looked at Su Ling’er and smiled. "Let’s make a bet. What do you say?"

"What?" Su Ling’er replied softly.

"If I open the furnace now and take out pills that have already been refined, you will owe me another request. How about that?"

"Now?" Su Ling’er was surprised as she muttered under her breath. A smile crept up on her lips once again as she replied, "What if the pills aren’t completed or are failed pills?"

"Then I shall owe you a request, or we can cancel out the request which you owe me. The choice is yours!"

"Alright!" Su Ling’er laughed out and agreed.

Based on her observations, Xu Que only managed to refine the pill halfway. It was impossible that the pills within the furnace were completed. If even a single perfect pill were to appear, that would be miraculous. Besides, it was impossible that none of the pills failed.

Hence, regardless of how she saw it, she was certain to win this time.

And she had already thought of her request. Without a doubt, it was for Xu Que to remain within Sky Demon Tribe.

"Remember, if you lose, you have to remain true to your word and be a gracious loser!" Su Ling’er reminded Xu Que, worried that he would go back on his words.

Xu Que laughed out loudly and replied, "Of course. I am the most trustworthy person around!"

As he finished his sentence, he placed the grilled chicken wing down and walked towards the furnace.

The group of people had seen Su Ling’er and Xu Que speaking to each other although they couldn’t hear what they were speaking. Xu Que then walked towards the furnace gingerly. Everyone around assumed that he had agreed to cease his refining of the pills now and heaved a sigh of relief.

"The Queen is incredible. She managed to convince him."

"Looks like getting him to remain in Sky Demon Tribe isn’t going to be too difficult."
"Why do you say that?"

"Look at the Queen’s expression. Have you ever seen her smile this way before? She only looks and smile this way at Sun Wu Kong!"

"It’s no wonder. Although our friend Sun is a monkey race, he is rather handsome and elegant. He is also extremely talented and has such extraordinary strengths. That’s not all, he can even refine pills to perfection. So he’s actually a good match for the Queen."

"Thud!" a dull thud rang out, interrupting their discussion.

The few of them turned their necks to look at Xu Que and noticed that he had lifted up the lid to the furnace.

A seven colored mist wafted out from within the furnace and rose high up into the sky. At the same time, a small sliver of blue lightning cut through the mist, just like a mini lightning bolt.

"What… What is that?"

"Am I seeing things? Why would there be such a scene?" Everyone was taken aback.

Xiao Yu, who was sitting by the side nibbling on her chicken wings raised her head to look up and was stumped as well.

"That’s… The Cloud of Pill Perfection, it’s really the Cloud of Pill Perfection!" She started to tremble as she whispered those words under her breath and dropped the chicken wing onto the ground. She gave a disbelieving glance towards Xu QUe.

"Xiao Yu, what’s the matter with you?" Su Xiao Qi was startled by Xiao Yu’s sudden movement and hurriedly asked her what was wrong.

Everyone standing outside, including Su Ling’er started to gather around Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu exclaimed in shock, "Big brother Great Sage is too remarkable! Once the furnace emits a cloud like this, called the Cloud of Pill Perfection, it means that the finished product is of the highest grade."

"Highest grade? Aren’t the grade of the pills determined by the number of stars?" Su Xiao Qi asked curiously.

"Yes. However, under each star, there are still different ranges of quality. With my own capabilities, I have only refined a medium level Two Star grade Vitality Pill. The pill which brother Great Sage refined earlier was also of Two Star grade. But now… This new batch of pills are Perfect Two Star grade pills. According to the records, a Perfect Two Star grade pills are even more valuable and precious than Three Star grade pills!"

"What?" Everyone listened to Xiao Yu’s explanation and were shocked.

"Perfect Two Star grade pills are more precious than Three Star grade pills? Does that mean… His Alchemy level can also be called a Three Star Alchemist?"

"How… How was this possible? He’s just a mere Full Foundation Golden Core Alchemist!"

"That’s not right! The most important thing was that, he was grilling chicken wings beside the furnace while the pills were being concocted!"

Everyone turned their eyes towards Xu Que, all looking astonished beyond words.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

A pair of beeps resounded within Xu Que’s mind as his lips curled into a smile. He swung his hands towards the pills and grabbed onto them steadily. Ten Lightning Evasion Pills were removed from the furnace!

He had overheard what Xiao Yu had said about the cloud as well. Indeed, only the most perfect of pills would emit the cloud over the furnace after the refining process was completed. However, the appearance of this Cloud of Pill Perfection had nothing to do with the skill level of the Alchemist. Instead, it was correlated with the cultivation level of the Alchemist.

Lightning Evasion Pills were the highest quality pills of the Two Star Pills range. The reason they weren’t classified as Three Star pills was because its potency wasn’t strong enough and the requirements to refine the pills weren’t very high. As long as an Alchemist was of the Two Star grade, he would be able to refine Lightning Evasion Pills.

However, there had never been anyone who had successfully refined such a pill. That was because a pill like this, once successfully refined, would have been classified as a Perfect Pill and wouldn’t be categorized as a medium or high level pill.

Hence, when it came to Perfect Pills, regardless of which star grade it belonged to, it presented the most difficulty in the Alchemist realms.

Even a Nine Star Alchemist wouldn’t be able to consistently refine a Two Star Perfect Pill. Or rather, he had no confidence of ever refining such a pill. That would be highly dependent on his luck.

And yet Xu Que had managed to refined a Two Star Perfect Pill while grilling chicken wings at the same time. This caused a fair amount of disbelief to course through the entire room.

Su Ling’er was at a loss for words as well. She never would’ve imagined such an outcome to be possible. Not only weren’t there any failed pills, he even managed to refine Perfect Pills. Looks like she now owed him another request.

"Big brother Great Sage, wait a minute." Xiao Yu who had been staring at Xu Que spoke out.

Immediately after, the little girl sprinted towards him and peeled clenched fingers apart to reveal the pills sitting on his palms. Ten Lightning Evasion Pills rested, as surges of electric rays entwined within each pills. A faint light was also being emitted from each pill.

"Lightning Evasion PIll!" Xiao Yu was startled as she let out a gasp.

Everyone around paused in shock and were instantly roused. They started to rush into the room.

"What? Xiao Yu, what did you just say?"

"Our friend Sun managed to refine the fabled and legendary Lightning Evasion Pill?"

"Heavens! How is that possible?"

"My friend Sun, please let us take a look."

"Ah! It’s really the Lightning Evasion Pill. It’s just as the ancient records described it to look!"

"Hahahaha! Looks like our Queen no longer has to worry about her Tribulations."

"The new Demon Queen is our Queen!"

Everyone were surprised as they laughed out like a bunch of maniacs.

"Hang on, don’t be so anxious. Let me apply a layer of chocolate over it first. This time, it’s strawberry flavored chocolate." Xu Que noticed that everyone was crowding around him eagerly and shouted out.

"Sun Wu Kong!" All of a sudden, Su Ling’er shouted out across as she walked towards Xu Que gravely. "Come with me now."

"Ah? What’s the matter?" Xu Que froze.

However, Su Ling’er didn’t explain. She turned around and exited the refining room.

Everyone around were shocked as well and didn’t understand what was happening.

"Sister, what’s happening? Why are you so fierce?" Su Xiao Qi the little red fox asked curiously.

Xu Que smiled and replied happily, "Isn’t it obvious? Your sister can no longer hold her feelings in. She wishes to express her love for me. There are so many of you here, of course she will be shy and won’t dare to express it here."

"You… You’re speaking rubbish!" Su Xiao Qi replied in anger.

"Hehe… see ya!" Xu Que smirked as he clutched onto the Lightning Evasion Pills and ran towards Su Ling’er.

Su Ling’er didn’t speak a word. The second she left the Pill Refining Room, she walked into the forest.

Xu Que was somewhat afraid as he shouted out, "Ling’er, aren’t we… Aren’t we progressing too quickly? You wanna head straight for the woods now? Why don’t we do it when it’s later? It’s still bright now and it’s too blatant for my liking."

Su Ling’er paused but didn’t respond to Xu Que. She just started becoming alert and looked around her surroundings suspiciously. With a grave expression, she whispered, "Sun Wu Kong, let’s head for the Lightning Pool now. Let’s not wait any longer."