Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 129

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

A pair of system beeps could be heard as Xu Que looked down and realized that his chicken wings had already been grilled nicely. The skin of the chicken was in golden brown color. He then proceeded to spread a layer of honey over it before scattering some chilli flakes and pepper. The aroma of the chicken wings had wafted throughout the entire room.

Everyone around were stumped speechless as they remained rooted to the ground in utter disbelief.

Chicken wings… Could really be cooked till it smelt so delicious?

Wait a minute, that’s not right big brother! You haven’t even finished refining your batch of pills! Why have you abandoned the furnace? There are many precious pills waiting for your attention!

"Damned monkey, what on earth are you grilling? Let me try it. I wish to see if there’s any poison inside!"

"Big brother Great Sage, I wish to try it too!"

All of a sudden, a pair of shadows ran over. It was Su Xiao Qi and Xiao Yu. The pair of wild children. With shocking speeds, they snatched the chicken wings away from him.
"Fuck! Thankfully I grilled enough wings. Ai, the rest of you should come and eat too!" This is the specialty of my Heavenly Explosion Sect. The only sect in the world capable of producing such good food!" Xu Que laughed out and called Su Ling’er and the rest of them over.

"Wa! It’s delicious!"

"Big brother Great Sage is so amazing. You can play the Qin, and can refine pills so well. Now you can even cook delicious food!" Xiao Yu and Su Xiao Qi took a huge bite out of the chicken wings and revealed looks of bliss on their faces.


The few elders gave helpless looks. They were extremely worried about the furnace since nobody was paying it any attention. What if it exploded?

However, after living for so many years, this was the first time smelling something so delicious. They watched on as Xiao Yu and Su Xiao Qi devoured the chicken wings. This caused them to feel hungry, as they struggled to maintain their composure.

They were caught in a dilemma.

"Why don’t we stop the pill refining now?"

"Yeah that’s right! Look at our friend Sun’s soul strength. It’s been reduced by more than half. He probably couldn’t hold on any longer and thus decided to grill some chicken wings."

"That’s right. Afterall, he had just finished refining an entire batch of Vitality Pills. His soul strength must’ve been depleted after all that hard work. Look, his face is so pale now. He must’ve used a significant amount of strength."
"I never expected our friend Sun to be someone who’s such a good friend. In order to help our Queen successfully cross through the Tribulation, he didn’t hesitate to deplete his soul strength. In fact, he even insisted on making a second batch of pills for her."

"It’s such a shame there’s a limit to his strength after all, and he is unable to keep up. It must be that he’s too prideful and refuse to admit that he cannot hold on anymore. That’s why he decided to run off halfway to cook some chicken wings."

"Then let’s play along, and allow him to step of the stage in a dignified manner. But… How should we say it such that he won’t feel embarrassed at his lack of strength?"

The few of them started discussing fervently.

They all mistakenly assumed that Xu Que had wasted too much of his strength on refining the batch of Vitality Pills, and thus had no more strength left to concoct the second batch. They assumed that was why he started grilling wings halfway.

In actual fact, half of his soul strength had been taken by the system in order to maintain the automated refining function. Since he was bored and had nothing to do, he then decided to start grilling chicken wings. As for why his face was pale…. It was because his soul strength had been abruptly reduced by half, and his body was still not use to the lack of strength.

However, none of them knew these. They also didn’t want to hurt his feelings and ask him to turn off the furnace. Hence, all of them turned their gazes towards Su Ling’er.

Su Ling’er walked over to him and whispered softly and gently, "Sun Wu Kong, why don’t you turn off the furnace? You’ve already done a great deal for me. These Vitality Pills are enough for me to cross the Tribulations. You don’t have to create another batch of pills for me. If not, you would hurt yourself if you continue to deplete your soul strength."
"How can that do? That’s a small amount of pills, it won’t be enough. Based on what I’ve observed, the second day of Tribulations is going to be tough. It’s better to be well prepared. Don’t worry, leave it to me!" Xu Que laughed out as he slapped his chest and spoke out. He then turned his attention towards one of the chicken wings which was done and handed it over to Su Ling’er.

Su Ling’er didn’t take receive it from him immediately. She looked at him quietly, as though she was moved by his genuine actions. Her heart fluttered.

‘Why is he treating me so nicely...…’

‘It’s obvious that his soul strength has taken considerable damage, and yet he insists on refining more pills for me!"

‘It’s so obvious that his face is pale, and his body is weak, but he’s still smiling and putting on a brave front. Is he afraid of losing face.... Or is he afraid that I would worry?’


"Ding! Congratulations host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for subtly acting tough, and pretended to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. You stirred up romantic feelings in someone. The reward is 100 act tough points!"

What the….?

What was going on?

Just grilling chicken wings could stir up romantic feelings?
Xu Que was shocked as his heart skipped a beat. He then asked the system, "Which individual did I stir up romantic feelings in? Please don’t tell me it’s Su Xiao Qi or Xiao Yu. Aiyo, fuck me. Just some chicken wings was enough to cause them to fall for me? That’s not good at all. They’re still so young. Although the idea of a fox lady and a rabbit girl does attract me, but they’re still so young. At least wait for them to grow up man..."

Xu Que started speaking in his head to the system, but the system replied coldly, "Host does not have enough privileges, for the system’s level is still too low. The system is unable to reply your question."

"Damn you. What’s the point of having you around? You can’t even answer the most important questions!" Xu Que shouted out in his head.

The system completely ignored him.

This caused Xu Que to feel extremely restless. There were at least three females around. Two of them were young girls, and the other was the Queen of the tribe. If someone were to randomly tell you that one of them developed romantic feelings for you, but refused to tell you who, how can you not be restless?

"Sun Wu Kong, thank you!" At this point, Su Ling’er stretched a hand out and took the chicken wing offered to her. She revealed a sweet and pleasant smile.

This smile was extremely charming, and accentuated her gorgeous looking features, which would’ve charmed any mortal man to no end.

Ever since the first moment which he laid eyes on her, he had never seen her smile like this. He was taken aback by her reaction.

‘It can’t be that this Nine Tails Fox developed romantic feelings for me right?’

He started getting suspicious.

"Sun Wu Kong, you really don’t have to refine this batch of pills anymore. I really understand your intentions now. You can stop here. If you force your way through, your soul strength would sustain irreparable damage." Su Ling’er spoke gently.

When Xu Que heard this, he was displeased. What force my way through? I’m having such an easy time.

He shook his head and replied sternly, "Say no more, I’m determined to finish this batch of pills."

"You…. Why do you have to put yourself through such torment…." Su Ling’er was clearly touched and moved by his actions. Some tears welled up in her eyes.

She had never seen any man who was so willing to make sacrifices for her in her entire life.

One must know that if a person’s soul strength sustained irreparable damage, it would affect his cultivation future. If it was severe enough, he wouldn't be able to ever advance in cultivation level.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘ Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

Xu Que heard the system beep in his head again and ignored hit. He noticed that Su Ling’er’s eyes were moist, which gave him a shock.

What was happening? Could it be that I moved her to tears? That’s impossible. I haven’t even started flirting with her.

Could it be that…. She’s so angry she’s crying?

Thinking this way, Xu Que forced a laugh as he hurriedly spoke out, "Please don’t be this way. I can definitely succeed in refining this batch of pills. Oh right oh right, didn’t I just refine an entire batch of Vitality Pills? Oh, you have one in your hand, I shall just consume it, that would make me feel better."

As he spoke, he snatched the pill from her fingers and swallowed it without second thought.


"No!" Su Ling’er shouted out in desperation as she opened her mouth in shock, "I…. I licked that pill earlier!"