Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 127

"Chocolate Flavored Vitality Pills?"

After taking the black looking pills over, Xiao Yu was extremely confused.

Vitality Pills were all white. The whiter it is, the stronger the effects and the higher the purity level. Hence, the best Vitality Pills were all extremely white. This was the first time seeing such a black looking pill. Besides, everyone knew that pills which were completely black meant that the pill was a failure and a waste for it would not have any effects.

Hence, seeing that the pills which Xu Que handed over were black, Xiao Yu started getting suspicious. Especially after hearing what Xu Que said about Chocolate Flavored Vitality Pills. This caused her to be even more confused.

What was chocolate? How can that be done to Vitality Pills? Were the effects of the Vitality Pills still intact? Also, why was there such a delicious smell wafting from the pills?

With a wary look, Xiao Yu was helplessly attracted to the smell of the pills. She then picked one up and placed it into her mouth and was about to bite down on the pill. At that exact moment, Xu Que shouted out, "Wait a second. Xiao Yu, you are only of the Core Bearing Stage. You cannot eat such a pill! Spit it out now."

Xiao Yu then reacted and realized that she wasn’t supposed to consume such a pill.

The Vitality Pill was an extremely strong pill even to Original Infant Stage cultivators. If someone who was of a low cultivation level consumed the pill, it would explode within the person and cause death.

Indeed, when Xiao Yu took the pill out from her mouth, her tongue was coated with a thick layer of chocolate. She then paused in surprise.

"Ai, it’s a little sweet and extraordinary. It actually melted in my mouth and is delicious..." Xiao Yu couldn’t help but started tasting the liquid on her tongue.

That black, sticky liquid caused her eyes to light up.

"Big brother Great Sage, what is this? It’s so delicious!"

Xiao Yu hurriedly picked up another pill and placed it inside her mouth as she swirled the pill around and tasted the chocolate.

"No, Xiao Yu. You mustn't eat the Vitality Pill."

"Spit it out."

At this point, the people at the door realized what was happening and hurriedly rushed into the room and shouted loudly.

Su Xiao Qi ran the fastest and placed a finger into Xiao Yu’s mouth and took out the pill.

The layer of chocolate had been completely licked off by Xiao Yu, leaving behind the clear white pill.

"This white Vitality Pill has the best color and is far better than anything I’ve ever refined! Big brother the Great Sage refined a pill that is better than my best pill by over a hundred times!"

Xiao Yu was strangely excited. When she first saw the Chocolate Flavored Vitality Pill, she wasn’t very sure of what it was. Now that she could once again see the pure whiteness of the pill, she knew that this was the best pill possibly refined.

She then handed the pill over to Su Xiao Qi, the little red fox. However, she wanted to continue licking the outer layers of the rest of the pills. That sweet milky taste and flavour was too irresistible. She then turned around to face Xu Que and stretched out her tiny hands, and pleaded with those beady eyes. "Big brother Great Sage, I wish to eat some more of that. I won’t eat the Vitality Pills, I only wish to eat the sweet outer layer."

"Sigh..." Xu Que didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He wanted to improve the taste of the pills, but had unexpectedly gotten Xiao Yu hooked onto it.

However, he understood that to a young child such as herself, chocolates were extremely desirable. Besides, she had never eaten anything like that before.

Thinking up to this, Xu Que then took out several chocolate layered pills and handed it over to her.

Everyone around finally heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Xiao Yu spit out the pill. At the next moment, they saw Xu Que handing over several more Vitality Pills, and almost caused many of them to faint.

Su Xiao Qi hurriedly took away the pills in Xiao Yu’s hands and scolded Xu Que harshly, "Sun Wu Kong, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to kill Xiao Yu?"

"Xiao Qi sister, it’s alright. I just want to eat the sweet outer layer, and won’t actually eat the Vitality Pills." Xiao Yu hastily snatched back the remaining nine pills into her small hands and held it behind her back. It was just exactly like an adult not allowing a child to have candy, but the child insisted on having it all.

Xu Que watched Xiao Yu and realized he was helpless against how adorable she was. He forced a laugh and took her side, "The outer layer is just chocolate and is the same as candy. Eating it will not be harmful to her."

"What if she accidentally swallows the Vitality Pills?" Su Xiao Qi glared at Xu Que and asked.

Xiao Yu’s face turned downcast as she turned towards Su Xiao Qi angrily, "Sister Xiao Qi, I am not stupid. Xiao Yu knows how to differentiate between tasting and swallowing it. You are just humiliating me."

"Xiao Yu, I didn’t mean that. Please don’t be angry! I’m just worried that stupid monkey will harm you!"

"Big brother Great Sage will not harm me. It’s just that the chocolate is really tasty. Try it if you don't believe." Xiao Yu took out a single pill and gave it to Su Xiao Qi.’

"It’s black and disgusting. How can it be nice?" Su Xiao Qi frowned as she looked at the pill suspiciously. She then imitated Xiao Yu and stuck her tongue out and licked the pill.

Several seconds later, her eyes opened wide in amazement.

That was delicious!

How could there be such a special taste? It’s sweet and smooth. How did the damned monkey do that?

Su Xiao Qi couldn’t help but take several more licks, as though she couldn’t help stop herself.

Now that nobody else would stop Xiao Yu, she then took out another pill and started licking it as well.

Everyone else watched on and saw that she wasn’t going to swallow the pill but only wanted to lick the exterior layer, and thus didn’t disapprove. They too were curious as to how delicious that black coating could be. However, they couldn’t bear to let their prides down and snatch candies from a kid.

However, seeing Xiao Qi lick the chocolate that way, along with the delicious smell wafting in the air, they started salivating too.

"Come, come, come. What is everyone standing there for? Don’t be shy, come and take a few licks! The exterior coating is called chocolate and is quite high in calories… What? You don’t know what calories are? Nevermind, just know that calories are delicious. The more the calories, the more delicious the food is. I shan’t say anymore. Come, don’t be shy. Take a nice lick. As long as you don’t bite down onto the pill, it’s fine."

Xu Que watched on as people started surrounding him while they licked onto the pills. He then smiled and distributed more pills.

Everyone around didn’t refuse him any longer as they all started to imitate Xiao Yu and started licking the pill as they coated their tongues with the delicious black coating.

Just a single lick was enough to captivate them. Each of their eyes were opened wide in amazement. Clearly, the entire tribe had never tried chocolate before. Having such a decadent and aromatic substance in their mouths was eye opening for them. In just three licks, the entire pill was back to white in color again. They looked at Xu Que in sadness, seeing that the chocolate layer was finished.

They were all completely won over by Xu Que’s amazing pill refining techniques along with that wonderful tasting chocolate. They couldn’t help but start to wonder to themselves, what was the best way to get this person to join their Sky Demon Tribe. Who knows? They might be able to eat chocolate everyday if he joins.

Hence, in a short span of time, Xu Que had turned from a suspicious character to a loved and popular person.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

Seeing that everyone was thoroughly enjoying the chocolate, Xu Que revealed a smile as he thought to himself, "Just mere chocolate is enough to win you over? Wait till you try my famous grilled chicken wings and smelly tofu! Of course, the day I cook my signature spicy snack, it would be so delicious you would wish you were dead. Ai, just thinking about it is enough to make me salivate..."