Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 126

"Ding! 1 act tough point spent. Copying has been completed!"

Within a second, the system had copied down all the details from the piece of paper.

Thousands of dense words appeared before Xu Que, each of them flooded his mind, causing him to feel overwhelmed from all the knew knowledge. Before long, all the recipes was ingrained within his head.

"Big brother Great Sage, don’t you want to look at it?" at this point, Xiao Yu noticed that Xu Que had placed the recipe aside and asked curiously.

Xu Que then regained his senses and laughed before picking the recipe up.


After picking the recipe up, he flipped it over and returned it to Xiao Yu. He then spoke out confidently, "Your big brother has seen it. I know what to do now!"

Xiao Yu was stumped once again.

How could he read it all so quickly? Even for her, she needed more time just to locate the portion on the Vitality Pills. How could he have read it all in such a short time?’

And yet big brother Great Sage finished reading so quickly. How impressive!

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but to feel her admiration for Xu Que increase.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

Xu Que’s mind rang out in notifications!

Everyone outside had a headache just by watching and hearing him. They had expressions of helplessness.

"Ai, this monkey is really here to fool around."

"He doesn’t even care to look at the recipe properly. He just flipped it over and returned it. Does he think he has photographic memory?"

"He didn’t even read the contents, right?"

"Forget it. Just be more alert. When he begins, we all have to concentrate." The few elders shook their heads and sighed out.

Su Ling’er fell into deep silence as she stood by the door and watched Xu Que intently.

At this time, Xu Que regained his serious demeanor once again.

He stood before the furnace and exhaled deeply before picking up the ingredients once more.


At the same time, the first ingredient levitated into the air as Xu Que used a sliver of core strength and gathered the rest of the ingredients, making them float above the furnace. Soon after, he started extracting the essence from each ingredient and separating them from one another.

"Eh? What’s he doing?" Everyone outside were roused as they asked suspiciously.

Su Ling’er paused in shock as well. Her brows were knitted tightly as she watched on warily.

Although she didn’t know how to refine pills, she had seen Xiao Yu do it many times and had never seen anything like this.

Only Xiao Yu’s eyes were wide as she watched on in amazement and reverence.

"Whoosh!" Xu Que flipped his left hand, exposing his palm and revealing a green flame, hovering on it.

The heat from the green flame burned the entire furnace, causing it to heat up evenly.

This mystical flame produced from his core was the Molten Green Lotus!

"What a strong mystical fire!"

"Such a temperature is indeed scary!" Everyone were shocked as the stood by the door and could feel the heat emanating out towards them.

Xu Que stretched out the other hand and took the essence of a suspended ingredient and looked at Xiao Yu. "Xiao Yu, watch carefully. The first step is to separate the essence from the ingredients into pearls just like these one by one. This is done to remove the impurities. This step is the most difficult and you have to continually focus on maintaining your soul strength and exert perfect control."

As he finished, he tossed the ingredient right into the heart of the Green Lotus Flame.


"What… What is he doing?"

"The temperature is so hot that even the flames are bursting forth from his hand. Throwing the essence of the ingredient in would turn it to dust, won’t it?"

Everyone started voicing their disapproval once more, their faces had looks of shock.

In that next second however, they were all stupefied.

The pearls and beads of essences were surrounded by the green flames, but took no damage at all.

Xu Que exerted perfect control over the temperature as he heated up the ingredient. This process required extremely high precision. Once the temperature got too high, he would turn all the essences into ash and that could happen in a split second.

However, after absorbing the ability book and having the system assist him with the control, this process was only too easy.


Heating up the ingredient produced steam as the pearls disintegrated. It looked exactly like blocks of ice melting together. Black steam started to waft out from flames. All these were the impurities that were not needed for the pills!

Extracting the core and removing the impurities!

Before long, the beads and pearls were completely disintegrated and turned into greenish fluids. They were rolling and swirling above the green flames as they started to glow and emit light.

Xu Que waved a hand as he swirled the greenish fluids around, before using his core strength to compress the liquid once again, all these while suspended over the flames.

Soon after, he picked up the second ingredient and tossed it into the flames.

He did this again with the remaining ingredients and managed to refine it after a short period of time.

He had used six different types of ingredients and six different colored fluids were combined into a single compound. It rested just beside Xu Que and looked splendid.

Everyone were shocked. They had never seen pill refining done at such a level. They knew that this was way pill refining was supposed to be done!

Xiao Yu’s eyes glimmered in admiration as she was roused out, clearly excited.

She knew that such a method of pill refining had been recorded in the ancient days and were done this way. But nobody in this realm was capable of such refining methods. Watching Xu Que work his way around caused her to feel awestruck, as her respect for Xu Que increased.
"Xiao Yu, the next step is to place the congealed essences of these pills into the furnace and allow them to mix together. Actually, this is the same as your first step. The only difference is the complicated step which I took and you didn’t."

Xu Que finished speaking as he waved his hands, causing the congealed six ingredients to pour into the furnace, which was levitated by him as well.


The furnace then landed heavily down on the ground. The furnace had already been heated up and was extremely hot at this point. The second the mixture touched the surface of the furnace, it started boiling and rumbling.

However, Xu Que’s soul strength was extremely strong. All he had to do was to look at the ingredients as they started congealing together and mixing up in the heat.

At the same time, the inscriptions on the furnace started producing light. The light emitted from the furnace was extremely bright as it entered the furnace and started working with the ingredients within.

The entire process was just like watching a blacksmith forging weapons with all the light and heat.

Before long, the six ingredients had fused together evenly and perfectly under the precise heat. It had solidified into a large bubble as big as a fist. It was white in colour and looked extremely pure.

"The third step is to divide the pills!"

Xu Que spoke out in a low voice as he extinguished the green flames and took a step forward. He then slapped the furnace with his palm.

"Wng!" A loud vibration could be heard as it rang out from the furnace.

The inscriptions on the furnace started glowing brighter and brighter as it transformed into a wave of powerful energy and swirled into the furnace once again.

A loud smack could be heard as the white bubble burst open and ten equally sized rays of white light split from the bubble and ascended to the surface of the furnace.

"Fourth step, forming the pills!"

Xu Que spoke out softly as he conjured a thread of core energy and directed it back into furnace, dramatically increase the temperature.

The entire furnace heated up once again!

The ten rays of light within the furnace started vibrating as it took on solid form. At the same time, a decadent smell of herbs could be smelt as it diffused across the entire room.

"The fifth step, open the furnace and acquire the pills!"

Xu Que lifted the lid of the furnace as he clenched his fists, causing 10 white pills to fly into the air.

Each one of the pills were perfectly round and all produced a certain aroma. Each of them were so white if reflected light as it hovered in the air.

Everyone watching were extremely shocked and their faces revealed astonished looks.

Ten Vitality Pills!

There were ten proper Vitality Pills!

"How… How did he do it?"

"He only used one batch of ingredients and could make ten Vitality Pills. There were no wasted ingredients and failed pills!"

"And the color of each pill are exactly the same as each other and looks perfectly pure and flawless."

"Such pill purity has never been seen throughout the entire ages!"

All the Original Infant Stagers were sighing in disbelief.

Su Ling’er and Su Xiao Qi remained rooted to the ground in shock. Their hearts were trembling, unable to believe whatever they were witnessing.

How could such a man… exist in this world?

He was so strong physically and could play the Qin to perfection. Now he has shown that he can even refine pills. Is there anything he doesn’t know?

"The last step, improving the taste!" Xu Que looked serious again as he shouted out.
Xiao Yu was extremely surprised. She then replied, "Big brother Great Sage, haven’t you already succeeded? Why is there a last step?"

Everyone else were stumped once again. Yeah, wasn’t he already successful? What was the last step for?

"Not yet. The last step is the most important and a personal creation." Xu Que shook his head severely as he conjured a box from the system.

When he opened the box, it contained some black sticky looking substance.

At the same time, he flicked his wrists and conjured his core energy and retrieved the ten pills and dunked them into the black and sticky liquid.

When he removed the pills from the liquid, they now took on a black-brown looking colour. The sticky liquid was starting to solidify around the pill.

Xiao Yu was extremely lost, "Big brother Great Sage, what… What’s this?"

"Oh, this is chocolate flavored Vitality Pills. It’s extremely amazing, come have a taste!"