Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 125

Was there really such a method?

Everyone around were all stumped as they looked towards Xu Que.

Xu Que let out a contented smile as he patted Xiao Yu’s tiny skull affectionately and sighed out, "What a good and knowledgeable child!"

However, the next sentence spoken by Xiao Yu caused his smile to wear off.

"But that method had been lost a long time ago and is now a lost art. Many Nine Star Alchemists had tried to regain this method, but wasted many ingredients in their failed pursuit and failed to accomplish anything." Xiao Yu spoke out gravely.

Xu Que immediately withdrew his hand from her head and stopped patting her. Hm, what a stupid child. She knows nothing at all!

What lost art are you speaking of? This big brother here has the system. With the system, he owns the entire world. Do you know that? Just a mere pill refining art, how can it ever pose a challenge to me?

Xu Que paused and wanted to speak these words.

However, Su Ling’er was watching every single move he made and shot him a warning glance, as if warning him not to say anything stupid.

Xu Que looked extremely displeased as he spoke out, "Can all of you stop being so stupid? I really am learned at the arts of pill refining.On what grounds do you have to disallow me from trying?"

"Because this will endanger our entire tribe. If you’re unable to exert absolute control over the pill refining situation, you might ruin the furnace and cause it to explode. Tell me, what if that happens?" Su Xiao Qi waved a fist as she replied.

"What bullshit. The second I refine a pill, it’s a 100% success rate. What nonsense are you spouting about failure to control the process?" Xu Que replied wide eyed.

The second these words were spoken, everyone knew that Xu Que was just boasting and talking big.

One of the Original Infant Staged elder of the tribe couldn’t hold it in any longer and frowned as he spoke, "My little friend, I don’t mean to offend you, but saying such things like having 100% success rate is ridiculous. Not even Nine Star Alchemist can say such things. You’re just a mere Golden Core Stager, from where do you have the guts to utter such nonsense?"

"So what if I’m only at the Golden Core Stage? Does that mean I’m not a person? Why don’t you come and refine the pills yourself?" Xu Que replied indignantly.

It became clear that Su Ling’er had told this elder of Xu Que’s battle prowess, for he immediately backed down after seeing Xu Que turning angry. He then turned his head away and pretended like he didn’t hear or say anything.

Su Ling'er frowned as she spoke out, "Sun Wu Kong, do you really wish to refine the pills yourself?"

"I do! And it’s true that I will definitely succeed. I never ever tell lies!" Xu Que nodded his head.
"Then what if you fail?"

"If I fail, I shall eat dung until I choke and die!" Xu Que spoke out without a second thought. He knew that it was impossible that he should fail.


Everyone around started blushing. He would choke on dung until he dies? What a bold bet!

Su Xiao Qi couldn’t help but to open her eyes wide as well as she shouted out, "Cursed monkey! Are you trying to find an excuse to eat shit since you enjoy it so much?!"

Xiao Yu looked up curiously at Xu Que and didn’t speak. Among the entire group of people, she was the only one who truly believed in Xu Que’s capabilities.

Su Ling’er seemed to consider for a long time before she finally nodded her head in approval, "Since that’s the case, I shall allow you to try. But you only have one try."

"My Queen, please no! This must not do!"

"That’s right. If he fails to exert control..."

The few Original Infant Stage tribe elders were immediately roused as they tried to reject the idea.

However, Su Ling’er waved a hand and interrupted them before looking towards Xu Que, "The second the furnace shows any signs of instability, I will ask you to stop and you must listen to me and cease immediately. Do you understand?"

"No problem. I made a name for myself by being an extremely stable alchemist and am extremely renowned. If you don’t believe me, you can make some inquiries. Everyone within the pill refining profession knows me!" Xu Que slapped his chest as he started boasting once again.

Su Ling’er was used to ignoring such words from him and replied plainly, "Then you can begin."

"Hold on. If I fail, I will eat dung until I die. But what if I succeed?" Xu Que asked out.

Everyone rolled their eyes in irritation.

If you can concoct a batch of pills without destroying the furnace, that would already be an achievement. Why are you even thinking about succeeding? There’s no ‘if’ because such a result is impossible!

"Damned monkey! If you wish to try so badly, then please begin. Stop talking so much rubbish. If you really succeed, you can do anything you like." Su Xiao Qi spoke out irritably.

Xu QUe was elated. He could do anything he wanted to? Was she for real? He looked towards Su Ling’er expectantly.

Su Ling’er paused and shook her head, "Please begin. If you really succeed, I shall agree to one request. As long as it’s not an evil act or anything that would harm my people."

"Ah! Sister, that won’t do." Su Xiao Qi seemed to have thought of something as she shouted out in fear. "What if he requests to marry you? What would you do then?"

The second she spoke these words out, everyone paused in shock.
Even Su Ling’er was stumped. Her face turned red, not knowing what to do.

Xu Que immediately stood up and spoke out, "Please don’t worry. I’m not such a lowdown person. I would never request for your sister to devote her heart to me and make her marry me."

What a joke. I am Xu Que, the smartest man in the world. How could I ever make such a stupid request? My request would be for both of you sisters to devote your lives to me and marry me!

"Hm, please drop the pretense. I know that you are a low down person. But that doesn’t matter, for I know you will fail!" Su Xiao Qi looked at him fiercely as she stormed off into the room.

To everyone around, it was impossible that Xu Que would ever succeed. Everyone were certain that he doesn't know how to refine a batch of pills. Su Ling’er had only permitted him one try, which he was doomed to fail.

Feeling this way, Xu Que picked up the first batch of ingredients. He didn’t even have the chance to warm up. Should he even come close to succeeding, but ultimately fail, it would still be regarded as a failure.

Su Ling’er understood this as well, and thus agreed to let Xu Que try. She allowed this to satisfy his curiosity and prove to him that he would fail. After he failed, he would have no choice but to accommodate to Xiao Yu and be her assistant. Then everything would run smoothly from there.

Hence, Su Ling’er didn’t mind promising him a single request.

Xiao Yu was extremely understanding. She picked up the ingredients and started handing them over to Xu Que like a good apprentice and assistant. She then asked out, "Big brother Great Sage, would you like me to control the overall process?"

"There’s no need for that. Just stand aside and watch. Let big brother Great Sage teach you the true arts of pill refining!" Xu Que laughed out and spoke.

"Sure." Xiao Yu nodded her head gently, her eyes were full of admiration.

Under the suspicious and watchful eyes of the audience, Xu Que took some ingredients and walked over to the furnace.

He gently shut his eyes and took a deep breath. When he next opened his eyes, a serious look swept across his face.

When everyone around saw that he stopped being childish, they started to feel a lot more calm and reassured.

At the next moment, Xu Que turned to look at Xiao Yu and spoke, "Oh right. Xiao Yu, is this recipe for the Vitality Pill or the Circulation Pill? Would you kindly pass me both the recipes?"

"..." In that second, everyone fell into silence.

Some of them opened their eyes wide and had to restrain themselves from vomiting blood.

Brother, are you mentally sound? How come you can’t differentiate the ingredients for the Vitality Pills from the Circulation Pills.

Eh, that’s not right. You’ve never ever refined any of these pills before, right? How can you be so assured of your abilities and even boast of having 100% success rate?

"This damned monkey really wanted to eat shit." Su Xiao Qi spoke out confidently.

Even Xiao Yu was astonished. She then looked at Xu Que in surprise, "Big brother Great Sage. You’ve… You’ve never refined a Vitality Pill or Circulation Pill before?"

"You’re right. All the pills I’ve created in the past were Immortal Pills. As for this type of pills, it’s my first time. Let me take a look at the recipe." Xu Que spoke out without a hint of embarrassment.

"Oh..." Xiao Yu took some time before she could snap out of her initial shock. She didn’t hesitate and whipped out the recipes from within her robes. The recipes were torn and tattered.

What was written within were not just the recipes of two different pills. They were the recipes of all the pills handed down from the Jade Hares!

Xu Que’s eyes lit up as he called out the system, "System, quick. Copy all these recipes down."