Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 124

After passing several houses and walking through several narrow alleys, Xu Que arrived at the Pill Refining Room. He realized that there were many people standing around the entrance of the room.

Apart from the Queen of Sky Demon Tribe Su Ling’er and the little red fox Su Xiao Qi, there were several other demonic humans of the Original Infant Stage.

Seeing that Xu Que had arrived, everyone started to frown.

"Damned monkey, why did you take so long? Look, Xiao Yu is throwing a tantrum again!" The little red fox Su Xiao Qi opened her mouth to berate him.


The second her words had landed, the large doors to the Pill Refining Room burst open. Soon after, Xiao Yu’s tiny head poked out from the door as she opened her beady eyes wide. The second she saw Xu Que, she sped towards him in a flash.

Under the bewildered glances of everyone around, she charged straight into Xu Que’s embrace and started acting cute.

"Monkey big brother! I wasn’t throwing a tantrum. I just wanted to hear you play the Qin and sing again!"

"Refer to me as the Great Sage!" Xu Que patted her head affectionately and started laughing out.

Xiao Yu hurriedly shouted out, "Big brother the Great Sage!"


Everyone around were stumped. What situation was this? Was Xiao Yu under the influence of a spell?

Even Su Ling’er seemed to be somewhat suspicious.

Although they had seen the way Xiao Yu reacted to Xu Que’s singing and him playing the Qin, it was already more than a night since. Surely, she wasn’t still enchanted by him. Besides, Xiao Yu was truly throwing a tantrum earlier on. The second Xu Que arrived, Xiao Yu seemed to become someone else completely. She even appeared so close to him. This was extremely strange.

"Sister, did this cursed monkey use a bewitching spell to enchant our Xiao Yu?" Su Xiao Qi gave a suspicious look as she whispered into her sister’s ears.

Su Ling’er thought about it for a second as she shook her head and replied, "It seems unlikely. I was there yesterday myself. His singing and music was indeed extremely amazing. Maybe he managed to win her heart over by playing such good music."

"Hm, this damned monkey… He knows how to do everything!" Su Xiao Qi pursed her lips and cleared her through.

Xu Que seemed to feel something as he casted a glance towards Xiao Qi and showed off a smug expression.

This caused Su Xiao Qi to be extremely incensed. She almost wanted to charge towards Xu Que and punch him in his stupid mouth.

Xu Que’s lips curled as he looked away and directed his attention towards Xiao Yu.

The reason Xiao Yu was so well mannered and behaved towards Xu Que was truly because of the music played the day before. The effects of his music playing had stirred up the emotions within her heart and caused her to recall her younger days.

Hence, Xiao Yu felt a certain sense of familiarity and closeness towards Xu Que as though he was her own family member. That was why she was so well behaved in front of him.

Xu Que did truly like this kid, Xiao Yu as well. He treated her like his own sister, seeing that she was so well mannered and adorable.

"Let’s go, Xiao Yu. Let’s go and refine some pills. When we’re done, I shall play the Qin for you once more."

"Alright, big brother Great Sage!" Xiao Yu replied gladly as she clutched onto Xu Que’s sleeves as they walked into the Pill Refining Room together.

Everyone around were extremely shocked and couldn't comprehend what was happening. They were thrown into confusion.

Someone looked towards Su Ling’er and forced a bitter laugh, "My Queen, what… What’s going on?"

Su Ling’er shook her head and didn’t reply.

Xu Que followed Xiao Yu into the chambers as he glanced around the entire room. It was a spacious room, with many wooden shelves backed against the walls. In the middle of the room was a bronze pill furnace.

The furnace was about a meter tall with many strange inscriptions written all around the furnace. It gave off an extremely mysterious feeling and had clearly seen many years of pill refining.

Xu Que was extremely eager to get started as he looked at Xiao Yu and asked, "Xiao Yu, would you like to be my apprentice? I wish to try out my new pill refining techniques."

"Big brother the Great Sage knows how to refine pills?" Xiao Yu asked out in surprise.

Everyone outside revealed expressions of shock as well.

Su Xiao Qi nervously ran into the room and shouted, "Damned monkey! Please stop fooling around. Pill refining is not something to joke about!"

"I know! I’m not fooling around which is why I wanted to do it myself. This would allow Xiao Yu to watch and learn from me." Xu Que replied boastfully.

"That’s great. I will let big brother the Great Sage refine the pills!" Xiao Yu nodded her head excitedly, without a hint of suspicion.

When the group of beasts outside heard this, they were all stunned.

Indeed, pill refining was not a joking matter. Should the person refining lose control, he might cause an entire batch of pills to go to waste. Or even worse, he might cause the furnace to explode. Especially when it came to refining pills of the Two Star grade, there was little margin for error. Should the furnace explode, the entire Sky Demon Tribe would suffer its consequences.

Hence, whenever Xiao Yu was refining the pills, all these Original Infant Staged demonic beasts would standby outside. In case something happened with the pill refining process, they would be able to lend their strengths and support to prevent a tragedy from happening.

And now, they could hear Xiao Yu allowing Xu Que to refine the pills. It was natural that everyone should be worried and fearful.

Su Ling’er stared at Xu Que and asked out, "Sun Wu Kong, stop fooling around now."

"Hm? When was I ever fooling around? I really can refine pills!" Xu Que replied.

Su Ling’er rolled her eyes, "Your damned head, stupid monkey. You already said yourself that you spent time practicing the Qin, and refining your fighting powers to such a stage. How could you possibly have time to learn the arts of pill refining? Much less have the caliber to refine a Two Star grade pill!"

"Sigh…" Xu Que’s words seemed to have gotten stuck within his throat. It was true that he had never refined a single pill in his life. Now was supposed to be the time which he would practice!

Hence, he rebutted, "Why don’t you guess?"

"..." Su Xiao Qi’s lips curled into a snarl. She wanted to charge towards Xu Que and pummel him.

Su Ling’er stepped forward and shook her head, "I don’t care if you can or cannot refine pills. You should assist Xiao Yu and let her be the main person refining the pills now. Refine the Vitality Pill and Circulation Pill first before we speak further. If you disagree, maybe we can settle yesterday’s score if you’d like!"

"..." Xu Que had no choice. He then replied reluctantly while shrugging, "It’s your loss if you don't believe me. I shall show you later."

Seeing that Xu Que had taken a step back, Su Ling’er finally heaved a sigh of relief. She then turned to Xiao Yu, "Xiao Yu, you can begin now. You don’t have to worry about being successful on the first try. All you have to do is to try your best."

"Alright sister Ling’er. Xiao Yu shall try her best. If I fail, please let big brother Great Sage try!" Xiao Yu seemed to truly believe in Xu Que’s ability and relaxed as she spoke his name out.

She then walked towards the furnace as she waved her small palm over it and a fire started to rumble, causing the furnace to heat up.

There were more than ten different ingredients beside the furnace all prepared to be refined. Xiao Yu gingerly picked up the first ingredient and was about to empty its contents into the furnace.

Xu Que watched in shock before he opened his mouth to halt her, "Wait a second Xiao Yu. What are you doing? You have to remove the impurities from the ingredients first. If not, the quality of the pill would be severely reduced.

"Ah?" Xiao Yu paused in confusion.

Everyone outside paused in shock as well as they started to frown.

"Damned monkey. Can you stop playing around and start helping Xiao Yu increase her control over the process?!" Su Xiao Qi gritted her teeth as she shouted out.

Su Ling’er looked towards Xu Que as well and spoke out gravely, "Sun Wu Kong, this is an important matter for me and there’s no time to lose. Tomorrow, I have to activate the Thunder Tribulations Worship. Can you please accommodate to Xiao Yu?"

What the hell? I’m fooling around?

Xu Que was at a loss for words. Don’t tell me that your pill refining process is done so haphazardly? You just empty the ingredients into the furnace and hope for the best?

"I remember now. Big brother Great Sage is right. Such a step did truly exist within the ancient alchemist manual."

At this point, Xiao Yu who had been extremely careful beamed in eagerness as she seemed to have recalled a vital step and spoke out excitedly.