Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 122

The Nine Tails Fox lady and Yun’er were stumped.

Based on the alluring melody of the instrument, it was evident that the lyrics were supposed to be touching and beautiful. Why did this cursed monkey start singing stupid lyrics like these to ruin the song? And… The lyrics sounded like he was trying to coax a child to sleep. Wouldn't he cause the problem to worsen?

At that point, Yun’er hurriedly intervened and spoke out, "Sun… Wu Kong, what are you doing? Didn't I tell you not to call her a little rabbit? She will really get mad."

"Be good little rabbit, open the door…" Xu Que ignored her and continued singing, his voice started taking a brighter and happier tone. His voice was trembling in vibrato, clearly immersed in his music.

The White Fox lady folded her arms and shook her head as she mumbled, "Sun Wu Kong, you're finished. Xiao Yu will come out and bite you. Anyway you are forbidden to retaliate when she does!"


All of a sudden, the wooden door to Xiao Yu’s house opened with a creak.

The White Fox lady and Yun’er seemed to have expected this and shot Xu Que a sympathetic glance as they turned their heads towards the door.

A little rabbit girl was standing in the doorway. She had a small pair of ears standing erect on her head. All of a sudden, she disappeared into a ray of white light and shot towards Xu Que.

Xu Que stopped playing the Qin at this point as he held the instrument with both hands and smiled plainly. He wasn't the least flustered.

"This stupid monkey is going to get bitten by Xiao Yu for sure." White Fox and Yun’er thought to themselves while feeling sympathetic for him.

However, what they saw at the next moment left them speechless.

Xiao Yu dashed out of her home and slammed hard into the embrace of Xu Que. However, she didn't bite him as everyone expected her too. Instead, tears flowed down her eyes as she mumbled, "Big brother monkey, you sing extremely well. Can you sing for me once again? Your singing made me think of my mother."

"Sure!" Xu Que patted the head of this little rabbit who looked to be around eight or nine years old as he smiled warmly at her.

Soon after, he settled his hands down on the Qin once again and started playing.

Xiao Yu grabbed on tightly to his robes as she leaned in closer towards him and closed her eyes. She seemed to feel as though she was back in her mother’s embrace once more!

In actual fact, this effect wasn’t a result of Xu Que’s singing. It was because of the Qin which he had purchased. After he acquired the One Star Musician ability, the notes he played had a special effect. Added to the fact that he sang the song in a nursery rhyme sounding melody, it caused Xiao Yu to think of her childhood years.

White Fox and Yun’er were dumbfounded. Disbelief was written all across their faces.

They had never seen this side of Xiao Yu. She was so mild and gentle now. She had always been extremely spoilt and demanding, always insisting on having her way. Although she often refined pills for the entire race, she would always fly into an intense rage whenever she failed in making a batch. Whoever disturbed her while she was in that state would get bitten severely by her. 

And yet, she seemed to have been charmed by Xu Que with just a simple song. This caused both the white foxes to watch on in disbelief.

"My god! Damned monkey, you… You won't even let off a child! Let’s fight it out." At this point, the sound of a angry shriek rang out from a distance away. It came from the Red Fox.

She erupted like a volcano after assuming that Xu Que was at his vulgar ways again. Killing intent swirled around her before radiating outwards towards him.

Before she could sprint towards Xu Que, she glanced upon the menacing state casted upon her by the Nine Tails Fox and halted. The White Fox lady then pointed towards them, as if asking her sister to take another look.

The Red Fox then glanced at Xiao Yu, who looked so sweet and obedient. She was stumped by her demeanor and continued staring, clearly shocked.

"How… How’s this possible?" She mumbled in astonishment.

At last, the melody from the Qin ceased. Xiao Yu had already fallen asleep in Xu Que’s embrace.

While he was playing the Qin, he incorporated a sleep inducing spell within the melody. Although he had no idea how he could play the Qin, he knew that the One Star Musician talent was gifted to him by the system. Thus it felt like it was innate and that he had known how to play it all his life.

"Carry her back into the room to sleep. When she wakes up, she won’t be feeling any negative emotions."

Xu Que then handed the sleeping Xiao Yu over to Yun’er.

He then started smiling as he approached the Nine Tails Fox and asked plainly, "How was that? Didn’t I say it wasn’t going to be a problem?"

"How… How did you do that?" The White Fox lady asked, her eyes were full of curiosity and suspicion.

Xu Que gave a smirk as he raised his head to the sky and replied, "As long as I set my mind on something, I will definitely be able to achieve it."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points."

The system rang out continuously.

He had earned 80 act tough points just like that!

The 10 act tough points which Xu Que had spent was recovered just like that. He even managed to earn an additional 70 act tough points!

He then looked at the Nine Tails Fox who was stumped as he laughed out, "Now, you can tell me your name right?"

"Big sister, don’t tell him."

Even before waiting for the White Fox to open her mouth, the little Red Fox ran over and started whispering something into her older sister’s ears.

Several seconds later, the White Fox lady’s face started turning red. She then glared at the little Red Fox, "Do not speak nonsense! You’re starting to learn all the bad things."

"It’s true sister. He said it himself. He wanted us to…"

"Shut your lips. Go and cultivate. You’ve been playing too much for your own good." The White Fox spoke out to her younger sister.

The little Red Fox had an expression which showed that she clearly felt wronged. She looked at Xu Que angrily before running away.

Xu Que stepped forward and laughed out, "She’s still young and it’s normal for her to be playful. You don’t have to be so strict with her."

"You aren’t any better off." The White Fox rolled her eyes and turned around to leave.

Xu Que’s lips curled into a subtle smile.

At this point, the White Fox, Nine Tailed lady halted in her footsteps before speaking against the wind, "My name is called Su Ling’er!"

Xu Que was momentarily stunned.
Shit. Su Ling’er? How are you related to Su Da Ji?

(T/N : Su Da Ji was a mythical fox spirit and concubine for an emperor in the Shang dynasty.)

"Ka chi!"

At this point, Yun’er came out from Xiao Yu’s room and saw Xu Que standing alone outside. She paused before asking, "Sun Wu Kong, why are you still standing out here? Where’s the Queen and little seven?"

"Oh? The little Red Fox is called little seven?" Xu Que’s eyebrows were raised.

"Yes, that’s right. What’s the matter?" Yun’er nodded her head.

"Nothing. I was just asking. Oh right, Yun’er. Find me an upper class suite to stay. Afterall, I’m an esteemed guest of your Queen and a world renowned Great Sage of the world. After coming here for so long, nobody’s offered me a cup of tea yet. Surely, it won’t be nice if word of this gets out?"

"Hehe!" Yun’er started giggling as she replied, "You must’ve made the Queen angry. If not, she wouldn’t leave you all alone here. Come with me."

"Yun’er, you are wrong this time. Your Queen is clearly too shy to remain in my presence. It’s true! Ai, why are you walking so quickly? Wait up!"

Xu Que started walking faster to catch up to Yun’er.

Before long, he was led into a plain and simple room by Yun’er. According to Yun’er, all the rooms here looks the same and there aren’t any special rooms.

"That’s fine. Yun’er, I’m not a person who places too much emphasis on his own pleasures. Back when I was roaming around the world, I always used to earth as my bed and the skies for my blanket. I would eat winds and drink dews. Now that I have such a comfortable room, I am already extremely satisfied." Xu Que spoke out.

"Hm, that’s good then. Remember not to run around. We have special rules in the tribe. Go get some rest. I shall come and find you when Xiao Yu is awake and we can help her to refine pills"

"No problem. Leave it to me!" Xu Que thumped his chest as he escorted Yun’er out of the room.


As soon as the door closed, he conjured the system and entered the system shop. He then purchased a huge red sofa, a golden silk bed along with goose feather blankets and placed them all around the room.

He then jumped into his fluffy bed and leisurely scrolled through the system shops for Alchemist related items.

Afterall, he had his own Tribulations to cross in two days time as well. He decided to take advantage of this pill refining process to make some pills for himself.