Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 120


Three shocked voices could be heard from the distorted moving air around.

The three killers were appalled and reappeared from the hollow air, then retreated explosively from Xu Que while their faces were filled with astonishment.

One smash from his rod was enough to kill a Level 8 Original Infant Staged killer. How… How was this possible?

How can a Golden Core Stager achieve this?

The pair of Demon Fox ladies were dazed as well. Although they had witnessed the destructive powers of Xu Que’s Fiery Lotus, little did they know that Xu Que’s strength was insurmountable even without that skill.

Although the strike of his rod was imbued with his skill power, it would not have been so powerful without Xu Que’s inner strength. If he didn’t possess such strength, he would not be able to kill the Level 8 Original Infant Staged killer so easily!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing an Original Infant Staged cultivator. Acquired 200,000 experience and x1 item hoard!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"The Killer Sword’s passive ability is so useful!" Xu Que smirked. The additional added strength would stay as long as the Killer Sword was still in his possession.

This maximum Glory would stay passively and would not drop levels as long as he did not sustain any injury.

Even without activating Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations, he was able to crush a Level 8 Original Infant Staged killer into blood mist. Such an additional boost of strength was terrifying indeed!

Xu Que was over the moon. Carrying his rod over his arm, he starting to sing a modified theme from Journey to the West, "I’ve just searched two mountains! I’ve touched another river again! The killer’s wife is rich and flooding with gold! Hey, hey! Eat Sun Wukong’s rod. Your underpants will drop when I kill you, your legs shiver and chrysanthemums shall tremble. I’ll stab and make a giant hole out of you… Forming a street so big and wide…"

The Two Demon Fox ladies started to reveal bitter smiles. They were wondering why the monkey was starting to sing again and why did the lyrics sound so weird?

"We can’t continue! This monkey is too strong!"

"Mission failed! Let’s retreat!"

The three killers were decisive and determined whenever they undertook missions. However, after meeting with Xu Que’s peculiar powers, they immediately chose to retreat.

When an attack misses, retreat a thousand miles!

This was a rule set by killers and also a standard protocol across their own organization. They will never have doubts which may bring out the Heart’s Devil.

However, Xu Que had already decided not to let them escape.

He immediately purchased three Cold-Iron Flying Swords from the system store. Holding them in his hands, he executed the "Spirit-Grabbing Flying Sword" skill!

"Pff! Pff! Pff!"

In a flash, the three killers collapsed onto the ground in the darkness.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing an Original Infant Staged cultivator. Acquired 200,000 experience and a storage ring!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing an Original Infant Staged cultivator. Acquired 200,000 experience and a storage ring!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing an Original Infant Staged cultivator. Acquired 200,000 experience and a storage ring!"

As the quick Flying Swords disposed of the targets, the system beeps resounded in Xu Que’s head simultaneously.

However, he soon felt a wave of dizziness. It was akin to having a lack of oxygen. His vision started to become blur and everywhere was spinning. His body started to sway and he almost fell over!

The two Demon Fox ladies were still in a state of shock. But after witnessing Xu Que’s situation, the White Fox lady rushed to him and held him up, "Sun Wu Kong, what’s happening to you?"

"I don’t know either…" Xu Que was in a daze and the dizziness started to become more and more intense.

In panic, he asked the system, "System, what’s up with my body? Quickly activate the regeneration function!"

"Ding! Due to host using the "Spirit-Grabbing Flying Sword" four times in a day, soul strength is being consumed and you are weakened by 10%."

"What the hell?"

Xu Que was dumbfounded. He needed to consume 10 Empty Sky Pills to make up for that 10% decrease in his soul strength. That was equivalent to a whole 100 act tough points!

He then clearly saw the description of the skill, given by the system.


A Sky-rank intermediate skill trained by Mormons, originated from the lost chapters from ancient times. A homing skill. It is able to chase down one’s Spirit for thousands of miles. Powerful enough to kill in one strike. The higher one’s soul strength is, the stronger the skill potential! (Warning: This vicious skill consumes a very high amount of soul strength and is limited to two uses per day. If one presses on and exceeds daily usage, it will automatically weaken his soul strength!)

"God-damnit! I’m gonna faint!" Xu Que eyes rolled and immediately fell into the White Fox girl's breasts.

This time, his head was perfectly positioned and fell into her breasts. He immediately felt his head being cushioned and surrounded by silky and soft flesh. On top of that, a vague and light fragrance entered his nose.

Xu Que decided to continue to act like he had fainted and remained there!

He immediately shut his eyes tight and lay against the White Fox lady’s body as he scolded himself incessantly in his head.

Previously, he had used the Phaseless Magic to imitate the "Spirit-Grabbing Flying Sword", and it was all because he witnessed that the Red Fox girl was in danger. He made the decision in a split second and had no time to read the skill’s description.

Who knew that a mere Tian Sha killer possessed a Sky-rank skill, and an intermediate leveled one at that.

However, upon reading the description of the "Spirit-Grabbing Flying Sword", it really lived up to its rank. It was able to take down an Original Infant Stager in one move and not every skill could achieve that.

Its only disadvantage was that its limit was too much, being able to be used only twice a day. If overused, one would ended up in his situation, in which one’s soul would suffer the consequences and be weakened.

However, he felt that he didn’t suffer any losses. The three killer’s skills and movements were too erratic. On top of that, Xu Que couldn’t activate his Mystical Fires easily in such a restricted and narrow space. If he used the Lightning Haste or the Dark Willow Limbo, he would inevitably let one or two of them escape.

But now, in exchange for 100 act tough points worth of soul strength, he managed to kill the entire group of killers and also got to learn a Sky-rank skill. He didn’t lose anything. Also, after that battle, even if he deducted the 100 act tough points, he still got to earn an additional hundred over act tough points!

Thinking up to this point, Xu Que released the tension in his body once again. He couldn’t help but to let out a smirk and continued to embrace in the warm and soft sensation.

"Sun… Sun Wu Kong, wake up… What happened to you?" The White Fox lady was blushing red. Feeling Xu Que’s warm breath on her chest, her body went a little soft. But she couldn’t just push Xu Que aside, in fear that he had sustained severe injuries.

The Red Fox girl walked over in time, glanced at Xu Que and cried out in alarm, "Sister, take a look quickly. This stupid monkey is smiling! He is just acting like he fainted to take advantage of you."


The White Fox lady became surprised and pushed Xu Que aside.

Xu Que shamelessly let out an "Aiya". He held onto the stone wall and "woke" up.

Squinting his blurry eyes, he asked, "What happened to me? What is this place? What happened here?"

"You…" The White Fox was sharp. She was aware that Xu Que was putting on an act and was angered speechless.

She let out a ‘Hmph’, immediately turned her body and walked towards the exit of the cave.

The Red Fox girl stared at Xu Que, and waved her tiny fist, "Stupid monkey, smelly monkey! Don’t think that you can take advantage of us just because you saved us! My sister is the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox!"

"Right, and I am the Great Sage. Don’t you know that in the game, the Great Sage and Nine-Tailed Demon Fox are a pair of CP?"

"CP? What’s a CP?" The tiny Red Fox was stunned.

"It refers to a match made in heaven. Whatever, I shan’t speak further. Your sister and I are truly in love. Don’t you try to break us apart. Even if you take over my body, my heart will never be yours. Goodbye!"

After finishing his sentence, Xu Que strode towards the exit.

The tiny Red Fox stood confused at the same spot. She was extremely puzzled over Xu Que’s words.

A short moment later, she abruptly reacted. With an angry and bashful look, she exclaimed, "Stupid monkey! You continue dreaming if you want to marry my sister!"

However, Xu Que had already followed closely behind the White Fox lady and left the cave. If he had heard the tiny Red Fox’s words, he would have told her sarcastically, "You are so clever!"

Outside the cave...

A vast field came into their sight. It was accompanied by many demonic humans.

All of them looked bizarre. Some of them had a pair of giant wings, some were humans in their upper halves and a horse for their lower bodies. Some of them even had horns on their heads belonging to different animals.

These people were working in the fields and making use of their skills to harvest the crops.

In the distance, there were countless small houses and many of them had smoke coming from their kitchen chimneys.

This beautiful scene of nature will practically cut any sight-seers off from reality!

"What a beautiful Tribe!" Xu Que gasped in surprise.

The White Fox Lady was still angry and ignored Xu Que’s words.

However, at this time, a young lady with sheep horns on her head and in plain clothes rushed over, and anxiously said, "My Queen, something bad has happened at the Pill Refining House!"