Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 119


Xu Que’s expression changed as he waved his Golden Iron Rod in response.

The two Demon Fox ladies also reacted quickly and stepped back in an instant.

However, it wasn’t because they sensed danger but rather, they thought that Xu Que wanted to take advantage of their bodies again.

Yet they were wrong this time.


Inside the pitch-black cave, a spark burst forth. Xu Que had slammed his rod against a flying sword. As a result, the sword ricocheted and embedded itself deeply into the stone wall.

Meanwhile, five Original Infant Staged killers, dressed in white and each with a red mask had appeared. They surrounded Xu Que and the two ladies within the narrow cave.

Xu Que was overjoyed. Wasn’t this bunch of killers from the same organization as the ones trying to kill the Flaming Sun Princess back then?

"So these are the killers from Tian Sha? They don’t look out of the ordinary." Xu Que waved his rod, lowered his body and smilingly stared at the five killers.

"Tian Sha!"

Both the White Fox lady and Red Fox girl reacted. They had misunderstood Xu Que’s intentions and realized that they had met with real danger!

"So you’ve come. Who would imagine that Tiger-Dragon king would strike so quickly." The White Fox lady’s eyes turned cold and continued with a grim tone, "However, attacking us in our Tribe’s territory entrance, aren’t you people a little overconfident?"

"Haha! I was told that the Demon Fox race ladies are remarkably beautiful and they are naturally charming with their eyes and lips being so seductive. Today, I’ve finally seen it for myself and you ladies indeed live up to your reputation."

"Too bad that you beauties are gonna be killed soon."

"The reason we’ve launched an attack within the entrance of the Sky Demon Tribe is that we are indeed confident of killing all of you. If not for that monkey’s quick reflexes, you would’ve already been dead long ago." The five killers laughed grimly and their attentions slowly shifted towards Xu Que.

They realized that they shouldn’t lose sight of Xu Que after his quick display of deflecting their attack.

"To be able to break my Spirit-Grabbing Flying Sword’s attack, you must have a high soul strength. We are fortunate that you are still at the Golden Core cultivation stage. If not, we would have failed our mission today." One of the Full Foundation Original Infant staged killer stared at Xu Que and let out a chilly laugh.

"You flatter me, you flatter me!" Xu Que laughed mischievously, "I was just asking myself, how did my reflexes get so quick? Looks like it was due to the increase in my soul strength."

The Red Fox girl abruptly rolled her eyes, "Stupid monkey. They are not complimenting you! Why are you acting humble?"

The White Fox lady became serious, "Sun Wu Kong, don’t be careless. They are an elite group of killers from Tian Sha and experts at that. I’m afraid that we may not achieve victory even if we face the weakest fighters from Tian Sha!"

"Don’t be afraid, just now I…" Xu Que waved his hands, not giving a care.

But before he finished, he was interrupted by the White Fox lady, "Wait, listen to me. I know that your Buddha’s Fiery Lotus move was very powerful. Still, bear in mind not to use it inside this cave. If not, the consequence will be dire!"

"Actually, what I wanted to say was that Hua Wu Que, who was from my Heaven Explosion Faction, killed tens of them a while back. Both of you, stand aside and watch. I won’t even need to use the Buddha’s Fiery Lotus to dispose them!" Xu Que replied light heartedly.

The pair of Demon Fox ladies were astonished.

Upon hearing that, the killers immediately emitted their murderous intents which filled the cave.

They glared at Xu Que and asked with chilly tones, "We had ten over members who’ve lost their lives back in Fire Nation. Do you have any relations to that incident?"

"Just a little. After all, it was done by the Heaven Explosion Faction. If you guys are not happy, you can wage a war with my Faction. We shall see who will suffer the most." Xu Que smiled from ear to ear and replied.

The killers laughed ominously, "Hehe… Heaven Explosion Faction? Never heard of it. The Tian Sha is well-known throughout the Five Nations. You want to challenge our organization with your puny Faction?"

"What? Our Heaven Explosion Faction is not that famous yet?" Xu Que was startled.

He pointed at them and exclaimed, "Let me spell it out to you guys. The one who destroyed the entire Celestial Sect was Xu Que. The one who single-handedly exterminated the Blood River Sect was Xiao Yan. The one who previously killed tens of your organization members was Hua Wu Que. We still have quite a few more members who are more low-profile. For example, the Condor Hero Yang Guo, the Renegade Immortal Akuma Wang Lin. Ye Fan, who could cover the Heavens with a palm. The one with seven wives, Wei Xiao Bao, the First Generation Sect master Duan Mu Ci, and more. Oh, and there’s also me, the Great Sage, equivalent to Heaven, Sun Wu Kong!"

"Ha ha ha ha!!! " The five killers laughed out loudly in harmony.

"A mere Golden Core staged monkey, who’s neither a human nor demon, dares to proclaim himself as the equivalent of heaven, the Great Sage?"

"We will consider letting you enter Hell and be a dead monkey there!"

After finishing his sentence, an icy look flashed within their eyes. One by one, they held up their bloody red daggers which were as thin and delicate as cicada’s wings and rushed viciously towards Xu Que and the pair of Demon Fox ladies.

Their speed was so quick that their movements looked strange. It was as if they disappeared into emptiness and reemerged into an erratic attacking stance.

The Red Fox girl only cultivated at the Golden Core Stage, level 2, and was no match for the group of enemies. She was immediately pulled behind shielded by the White Fox lady.

However, it was futile.

To the killers of Tian Sha, there was nobody they could not assassinate in this world.


One of the killers who was at the Original Infant Stage level 9 suddenly emerged from behind the White Fox lady. Wielding his icy and crimson red dagger, he aimed for the Red Fox girl’s throat.


At this point, a Flying Sword appeared!

The sword cut through the air purposefully and soundlessly appeared right in front of the killer’s eyes.



The killer widened his eyes. His hidden face beneath the mask displayed outright astonishment. Before he could finish his scream, the Flying Sword penetrated the area of his brows and killed him on the spot.

"Spirit-Grabbing Flying Sword? How is that possible?"

"How are you able to use the skill exclusive to our organization?"

The other four killers were dumbfounded. They looked at Xu Que in utter disbelief.

Escaping death by the skin of her teeth, the Red Fox girl turned pale. The White Fox lady’s face was filled with shock too.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing an Original Infant Staged cultivator. The reward is 200,000 experience and 1 x storage ring!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

Xu Que waved his hand lightly with the wind, "I forgot to tell you guys. I am a genius. No matter what skill, I will be able to learn it in one look. Do you know why? It’s because I have the Golden-Fire Eyes. Come, take a look, it’s these! They are gold in color!"

He stretched his hand and pointed at his golden colored eyes and proudly proclaimed.

But in actuality, this "Spirit-Grabbing Flying Sword" was only being mimicked by the "Phaseless Magic". Although not as powerful as the original, this type of Flying Sword skill required a very high level of soul strength. With Xu Que’s powerful soul strength, this skill’s prowess was frightening, even if it wasn’t at full power.

"How deceiving and full of nonsense! Let’s kill this monkey first!"

The killer who had his Flying Sword skill imitated felt thoroughly embarrassed. He let out a deep war cry and rushed towards Xu Que along with the other three killers.

Based on their experience, it was clear that Xu Que was more of a threat than the White Fox lady. They knew that they had to dispose of him first.

"Sun Wu Kong, be careful!" The White Fox lady’s expression fell. She prepared her skill and wanted to aid Xu Que.

However, Xu Que laughed plainly, "Don’t come! Stay over there and witness me killing all of them with a swing of my rod!"

Finishing his sentence, he focused his eyes upon his targets. The Iron Rod abruptly spun in his hand, and he leapt upwards.

"Eat my rod!"

Xu Que let out a shout and smashed his rod at the distorted looking air on his left. He anticipated where the killer was about to move to.


One of the killers, who was at the Original Infant Stage Level 8, abruptly landed on the ground. His skull was smashed on the spot, and he turned into a mist of blood.