Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 118

The White Fox lady froze.

‘This… This monkey, how dare he say…’

"Smelly monkey, stupid monkey, how dare you take liberties with my sister?! I’ll fight it out with you!" the Red Fox girl brandished her claws and fangs as she rushed towards Xu Que.

Xu Que extended his arm and pressed his hand on the little Red Fox’s head.

No matter how much the fox swayed her arms and kicked, her reach wasn’t long enough to hurt Xu Que.

"Wang Zhai Little Bun, how are you going to fight me with your stumpy arms and legs? I am the famous long-legged big brother!" Xu Que replied disdainfully.

(T/N : Wang Zhai refers to a cereal drink which has a very cute child for a mascot)

"You… Smelly monkey! How shameless!" The little Red Fox embarrassedly chided but no matter how much force she used, she could not advance and could only punch and kick the air.

"You have no boobs!" Xu Que rebutted indifferently.

"Smelly monkey, I…"

"So flat!"


"Like an airport runway!"

"Stupid monkey, shut your trap!"

"Wang Zhai Little Bun!"

"You…" The little Red Fox was furious and her three furry tails suddenly lit up.

Witnessing the situation, the White Fox lady let out a frown and shouted, "Enough! Stop quarreling! Sister, stop your nonsense. Sun Wu Kong, who exactly are you?"


Upon seeing her sister getting angry, the little Red Fox did not dare to press on further. She pouted her little lips and retreated while staring menacingly at Xu Que.

Xu Que then tidied up his clothes and laughed slightly, "I am Sun Wu Kong, from the Heaven Explosion Faction. The reason I am here today is to watch the Thunder Tribulations Worship!"

"So you are here to find the Tiger-Dragon King?" The White Fox lady asked.

"Yes, but his people are too aggressive. They chased me for no reason." Xu Que shook his head.

The both Demon Fox ladies immediately blanked out and were left speechless.

‘Too aggressive? They can't be as aggressive as you though. You sang at the top of your voice all of a sudden and destroyed the Tribe’s entire spell in one move…’

The both couldn’t help but turn their heads and looked at the mountainous spell area of the Thousand Demon Tribe.

The area had turned into ruins. White smoke could be seen everywhere and it was a tragic sight to behold. Corpses of several Golden Core Stagers could be seen lying everywhere. Those closer to the impact zone had completely evaporated from utter destruction.

More importantly, an ancient one which had been passed down centuries ago was gone just like that. It was destroyed in one move by this ‘Sun Wu Kong’!

Such a terrifying display of strength had left everybody’s hearts in palpitation.

"Let’s go. Since the Tiger-Dragon King does not welcome me, I shall reluctantly stay over at your place for the next two days, Nine-tailed Demon Fox!" Xu Que smiled from ear to ear and told the White Fox Lady.

The White Fox lady was alarmed as she retreated a step and asked, "Do you know me?"

"I don’t, but I am not blind. You are at the Full Foundation Infant Transformation stage and a beautiful lady of the fox race. You totally suit the position as the Queen of the Sky Demon Tribe!"

Xu Que had already guessed this some time ago. This White Fox lady had so many tails and must’ve been the leader of the fox race.

Also, she was exactly how he had imagined. A prideful and dignified Full Foundation Infant Transformation stager. She was definitely the Queen of the Sky Demon Tribe. She was the other candidate contesting for the throne of the new Demon King apart from Tiger-Dragon King!

The White Fox lady let out a hearty laugh, "Since you’ve guessed my identity and still showed me disrespect, you must be a demonic human too. I can punish you for breaking the rules!"

"Queen, calm down! I really didn't mean to do it." Xu Que insincerely asked for pardon and his tone was extremely relaxed.

The White Fox lady frowned, "Sun Wu Kong…"

"Please call me the Great Sage!" Xu Que corrected her.

"..." The two Demon Fox ladies were speechless once again.


At this point, a majestic aura could be felt abruptly coming from a distance away.

"Infant Transformation Stagers?" Xu Que blanked out for a moment.

Both the Demon Fox ladies had grim expressions and were clearly alarmed, "Not good. The elders from Thousand Demon Tribe have come. Let’s leave this place quickly."

"Sun Wu Kong, come with us." The White Fox lady glanced at Xu Que and asked in a soft voice.

"Please call me the Great Sage!" Xu Que corrected her again. However, he did not hesitate and followed the both of them.

Based on the strength of the aura, there were at least three or four Infant Transformation Stagers. No matter how much strength Xu Que had, in the face of three or four Infant Transformation stage cultivators, his only choice was to escape.

Unless he had 30 levels of Glory stacked, he would be powerless in front of them! After all, the Infant Transformation cultivation stage was extremely powerful!

With the pair of them leading the way, Xu Que followed closely as they wormed their way into a deep and dark cave.

This was a very complicated cave with many hidden tunnels. Some of them were similar and connects to other parts of the cave but some led to dead ends. It was an enormous labyrinth.

On top of that, Xu Que could feel light flowing past on the stone walls as if protective spells were alive within the walls.

"Thousand Demon Tribe had the giant mountain spell as a means of protection passed down from generations ago. We, the Sky Demon Tribe, have something of our own too. Unless someone has a map or the Token of Passing, or was being led personally by us, he will never be able to find his way." The White Fox lady explained as they coursed through the cave route.

"If this place is so safe, why did the both of you go to the entrance of the Thousand Demon Tribe?" Xu Que shrugged his shoulders and objected.

Although this cave was very complicated, if they use brute force to gain entry, it would not be a problem at all.

After hearing that, the White Fox lady replied bitterly, "There was a traitor from our Tribe and he handed the map and Token of Passing to the Thousand Demon Tribe, so…"

"So you wish to strike preemptively, and kill Tiger-Dragon King first?"

"That’s not the case. We’ve heard that the Tiger-Dragon King had hired assassins from a killing organization named Tian Sha to prevent me from participating in the Thunder Tribulations Worship!"

"Don’t they have Infant Transformation Elders? Why do they still need to hire assassins?" Xu Que asked curiously.

The Red Fox girl heard and rolled her eyes at Xu Que, "Smelly monkey, are you really a demonic human? How can you not know this. The Thunder Tribulations Worship is a sacred ceremony. The Elders have all made a vow with their own Heart’s Devil to never interfere in it. If they do so, they will be destroyed by the Heavenly Tribulations."

"Oh, no choice. I’ve travelled the world and led a wandering existence from young. I’ve almost forgot about the teachings of our ancestors while trying to achieve world peace." Xu Que shrugged his shoulders and lied.

The two Demon Fox ladies was already used to his eccentric personality and didn’t doubt him.

After all, the odor on his body along with his appearance points him being a part of the demonic human race!

Quickly, they rounded more than half of the cave and they could start to see some light. They were nearing the exit.

The White Fox lady turned and faced Xu Que, "The exit is up ahead. Remember, don’t spout nonsense when we get out. If the Elders hear it, there will be trouble!"

"Rest assured. I do not like to speak nonsense." Xu Que slapped his chest and made a solemn vow.

Both of the ladies had blank expressions on their face and looked speechless. They obviously didn’t believe Xu Que’s nonsense.

"Xiu!" At this time, trouble started to brew.

A faint light beamed past Xu Que. The sounds whistled through the air and something appeared around the White Fox lady’s body.

The light was a result of the flying sword which looked thin and delicate. It seemingly appeared out of thin air and abruptly flew towards her snow white neck silently.

Both the White Fox lady and Red Fox girl were completely unaware of it!