Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 117

"You’re courting death!" The voice from within the spell sounded furious as he emitted a roar which shook the ground.


Soon after, the spell wall in front of Xu Que let out a deafening boom. The entire protective wall of the spell started to turn and Qi could be seen swirling around in preparation to lash out.

In no time, the spell wall started to distort, as if iy was transforming into the mouth of a blood basin. The spell brought about an intense killing intent and covered Xu Que in an instant.

"Hehe... I’m waiting!" Xu Que also stopped singing and let out a mischievous laugh. He then started to gather a bunch of Molten Green Lotus flames in his left hand and the Bone Freezing Fire in his right.


He joined both of his palms together and the pair of flames started to splash against one another. All of Xu Que’s fingers started to move in perfect sync as the balls of flames squeezed against one another!

At the same time, behind Xu Que, back in the forest...

The pair of Demon Foxes could only see Xu Que’s back view. They also saw that the spell had already entered its offensive Killing mode and ramping up its attack. Both their expressions changed.

The Red Fox girl anxiously cried out in alarm, "Why… why is he not escaping? Sister, let’s quickly save him!"

"Oh no! He must have beeen scared stiff. Let’s go over quickly!" The White Fox lady also cried out.

The both of them jetted off the ancient tree. So quickly that they transformed into white and red beams of light.

However, the spell had already shrouded over Xu Que’s head.

"Not good! We won't make it in time!" Despair started to show in both the Demon Fox ladies’ eyes.

However, at the next moment, they were dumbfounded.

They witnessed Xu Que’s image becoming fuzzy. Following that, a green and faint light filled the air, accompanied by pieces of willow leaves floating in the air. Xu Que had disappeared in an instant.

"What… What’s this skill?"

"How magical!"

The two Demon Fox ladies were awestruck.


At this time, Xu Que abruptly appeared beside one of the trees. He was standing not too far away from the two Demon Fox ladies.

The three of them met eyes and were all startled by each other.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

The skill which Xu Que just executed was the "Dark Willow Limbo" which he had stolen from one of the Sky Incense Valley disciples. He did not expect to bump into the two pretty ladies after he had retreated from the attack.

Damn! Pretty fox ladies! How charmingly breathtaking!

Xu Que became alarmed after looking at them and at the same time, that Killing spell behind him had already extended out towards him. The protective spell wall stretched into a huge mouth-like figure. It covered the skies with an intense killing intent, akin to a catastrophe which was about to descend.

Ignoring what was happening, the unfazed Xu Que held the "Buddha’s Fiery Lotus" in his hand which he had just finished casting. He rushed towards the two ladies with a wide smile, "Hi, my pretty ladies! I am the Great Sage Sun Wu Kong from the Heavenly Explosion Faction and I am currently single. May I know how should I address the pair of you?"

"Umm…" The two Demon Fox ladies were astonished and didn't know how to react to his words. They stared at Xu Que blankly. Is it the time to be exchanging greetings?

"This is not good. Sis-sister, Sun Wu Kong, run quickly!" At this time, the Red Fox lifted her head and looked up. The spell was already almost enveloping them. She let out a shiver and cried out in alarm.

"Run!" The White Fox lady also reacted quickly. After the Red Fox girl’s warning, both of them simultaneously retreated.

At this critical moment, they had no time to care about Xu Que. However, they could tell that Xu Que was capable of escaping and thus evacuated themselves.

However, when the both of them retreated, they realized that Xu Que wasn't intending to run. On the contrary, he was standing at his original spot and was smiling at them from ear to ear. He was even waving to them.

"Is… is he an idiot? Eh, why is he not running away?" The Red Fox girl panicked and stomped her foot.

The White Fox girl was also stunned and she shouted, "Sun Wu Kong, escape quickly!"

"Oh yeah, give me a moment. Let me explode this dog shit of a spell first and make a name for my Heavenly Explosion Faction!" Xu Que nodded and replied calmly.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

After the system beep, Xu Que calmly turned his body and lightly moved his arm forward in a smooth motion.

"Har!" A bunch of erratic moving Buddha’s Fiery Lotus flames floated outwards gently, akin to a thread connecting a needle. It then started to blossom but was engulfed by the spell in the blink of an eye.

Following that, Xu Que stepped on his lightning and rushed out swiftly.

The two Demon Fox ladies were still having doubts over Xu Que’s words of "Explode this dog shit of a spell". However, after witnessing him rushing out, they let out a sigh of relief.

"Sun-" Just as the Red Fox girl was preparing to shout for Xu Que to escape with them, a magnificent blaze burst forth, akin to a golden explosion!

The two Demon Fox ladies were stunned.


In an instant, a ear-splitting explosion resonated and filled the air in all directions.

The entire ground shook violently. The violent energy tore the entire spell wall into pieces and ripples could be seen forming out of thin air. Instantly, the energy broke out of the wall.

The Two Demon Fox ladies were dumbfounded. They had not seen such a destructive display of power before.

Also, the energy ripples destroyed countless trees after breaking through the spell wall.

Luckily, the ladies were further into the forest and avoided the destruction. However, the strong gust of wind caused by the explosion rushed towards them and sent them flying!

"Ladies, be careful!" Xu Que had a serious and imposing look on his face. He rushed over from the distance and like a firefighting hero, spread his arms, leapt high into the air and pounced on them.

The two Demon Fox ladies did not have time to react. With a "Plop", they were pinned on the ground by Xu Que and was left with a look of confusion and astonishment.

‘Careful? What do you mean careful?’

"Rustle, rustle~~"

Afterwards, a gust of wind blew over.

Danger was over!

Seeing that the calamity was over, Xu Que propped his body up and let out a sigh of relief. He exclaimed earnestly, "What a close shave! I almost inured the both of you! Are you alright? Any injuries? I should help to do a body check-up. I am an awesome doctor…. Eh, what’s this soft thing?"

"Ah! What… what are you doing?" The Red Fox girl let out a sharp scream stood up in panic, and covered her chest area. She stared at Xu Que with an angered look.

The White Fox lady also fixated her eyes and stared at Xu Que in fury.

Xu Que was in an awkward situation. He laughed bitterly and waved his hand, "My bad. This was just a misunderstanding. For real, I am just cracking a joke. I didn’t think that I would… have actually touched it."

He originally wanted to act tough and act as the hero saving the beauties. Who would have thought that the Buddha’s Fiery Lotus’s powers were so unimpressive. Its impact didn’t manage to reach over and thus he didn’t have a valid reason to press his arms onto their chests. One had a large chest and the other was flat chested and the both of them were soft and silky on touch!

"You… Obscene monkey!" The Red Fox girl judged and pointed at Xu Que.

"Little Fox, be reasonable. When I touched you just now, how was I to differentiate your chest from your back since you’re so flat? And it wasn’t on purpose. d

Do you have to insult me and call me obscene?" Xu Que stared and rebutted.

"You… You…" The Red Fox girl’s face was filled with embarrassment and anger. She could not think of anything to scold Xu Que anymore.

The White Fox lady also reacted to Xu Que’s words and blushed slightly. She was somewhat angry and stared at Xu Que.

Xu Que took the initiative and spoke confidently, "Big Fox, don’t look at me this way too. When I touched you just now, it just felt like touching a pillow. The reason was that it was too big!"