Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 116


At once, light started to flash past Xu Que’s body. Yellow fur started to grow on both of his arms, legs, and the sides of his cheeks. At the same time, a golden band formed on the crown of his head. He also wore a tiger-skinned robe.

On top of that, his pupils turned into golden color as if he had trained those pair of piercing eyes himself. He looked very aggressive indeed.

"Ding! Host ‘Xu Que’ had used the High-rank Disguise Puppet and successfully changed appearance. Please choose your Cultivation Stage!"

Xu Que lowered his head to take a look at his new appearance. Feeling satisfied, he let out a big laugh, "I don't think I need to change my Cultivation Stage. I shall keep it this way!"

Finishing up, he kept his Dark, Heavy Buster Sword within the inventory and entered the system store again.

He bought a Golden Iron Rod. Although it was merely a One-Star ranked Rod, if used for acting tough, he felt that it was sufficient.

"Hargh!" Xu Que held onto the rod and its shadow started to form on the ground and jokingly took on Wu Kong’s style. After adjusting his voice, he immediately proceeded towards the spell wall.

"Hold it! Who might you be?" The moment he reached the spell area, a faint voice emerged from within.

Xu Que scratched his head and spun the Rod in his hand. He mischievously laughed and replied, "I am the Great Sage of Equal Heaven, Sun Wu Kong. I am here to pay a visit to the Tiger-Dragon King!"


"What? Password?" Xu Que stunned for a second. This shithole requires a password? Damn it! I should have asked that two guys just now."

"That’s right. We will not let in those without a password. No exceptions!" An extremely apathetic voice from within the spell area could be heard again.

Xu Que became very anxious. Who knew that after he posed so many questions yet he still didn’t ask if there were any requirements to get inside the tribe. Srew that!


At the same time, not far behind Xu Que, two figures were lying atop a colossal ancient tree. They were keeping an eye on the spell wall’s entrance all the while.

Both of the figures were females and behind their backs grew countless tails.

One of the females who looked rather young had a crimson red tinge to her tails, akin to a bunch of flames.

The other seemed like a grown-up and charming lady with tails as white as snow. They looked very clean and well groomed.

Without a doubt, the pair of them were demonic foxes of the demonic human race!

One of them was a breed of Red Fox and the other was a White Fox.

Additionally, coupled with their alluring appearances, atop each of their heads grew a pair of hairy and pointy ears. Every blink and smile they displayed exuded a type of false but charming disposition.

With Xu Que appearing before the spell wall, they were alarmed.

The Red Fox creased her brows and stated with a mellow voice, "Sister, do you think this Sun Wu Kong is the helper the Tiger-Dragon King asked for? In the Tribulations, the Tiger-Dragon will be able to summon Five Heavenly Thunders at most. However, my sister, you have already successfully cultivated to the Six Tails Transformation and able draw out the power of Six Heavenly Thunders. I reckon that the Tiger-Dragon King will try to act against you before the Thunder Tribulations Worship begins."

"That shouldn't be the case. Although he looks strange, his Cultivation Stage is only at the Full Foundation Golden Core Stage. With the Tiger-Dragon King’s personality, he will never call for such a weak helper!" The female White Fox shook her head and replied softly.

The female Red Fox’s eyes lit up abruptly, "Then we should quickly call him over. Although Golden Core is not a very high Stage, if we get him to join us, it will definitely strengthen our Sky Demon Tribe!"

"We should see how it goes before taking any necessary actions. We should only be wary of him if he tries to get in the Thousand Demon Tribe rashly without the password!" The White Fox replied dignifiedly.

Both of them continued to focus their attention on Xu Que who was not too far away in the distance.

At the same time, Xu Que was still contemplating whether he would try to outwit them or break through the spell wall.

He suddenly thought of an idea and asked the system, "System, do you have any free ways to break through the spell?"

The system coldly replied, "Break through with brute force!"

"Good idea. What's the probability of a successful breakthrough?"

"After calculations, with the spell in its defensive phase, your probability of successfully breaking through with brute force is 0% and you may even suffer heavy damage. However, if you let the spell enter it's offensive phase, the probability will become 100%. To unlock the information on how to break the spell, please pay 10 act tough points!"

"Damn you! Do you believe that if you continue this way, I will quit acting tough altogether?"

"After evaluation, detected that Host’s words and feelings contrasts one another. Appraisal results: Impossible for Host ‘Xu Que’ to quit acting tough!"

"Eh, you have the ability to evaluate one’s thoughts? Such a good function. You should help me take a look into that woman’s thoughts in the Eighth level of the Tower of Soul and find out what she likes, her hobbies and whatnot. I don’t believe I won't be able to successfully woo her!"

"Monkey-head, get lost if you don’t know the password. If not, don’t blame us for activating the spell and get you killed!"

Just as Xu Que was arguing with the system, a voice could be heard from within the spell. The tone was menacingly cold and sounded rather threatening.

Xu Que abruptly stared towards the spell and became furious.

Son of a bitch. You dare to threaten me? Why don’t you go ask the others who I am? I am not afraid of anyone and my spirit is indomitable. You dare to threaten me? Hmph! You better wait there!

At the next moment, he laughed grimly, "Are you really sure you want the password from me?"

"I have orders from the King to not let anyone without the password in, no exceptions. You should get lost if you know your place!" The person from within the spell did not budge and replied coldly.

"Alright, you are really pushing me!" Xu Que grinned slightly, immediately kept his Golden Iron Rod and retreated a step.

Following, he squinted his eyes and accumulated his Qi within his dantian. A boundless aura started to brew deep within him.

Back in the woods, the Red Fox girl who was witnessing this scene exclaimed with eyes filled with excitement, "Sister, take a look! That Sun Wu Kong... looks like he is about to attack."

"Hmm, but it seems like he is going to suffer. The spell of the Thousand Demon Tribe is quite strong. It was set by one of the strongest individuals from the Tribe many years ago. Its defensive powers are remarkable and can practically reflect any skills. Even powerful Infant Transformation Stager cultivators had been injured by this spell before." The White Fox lady stared down and shook her head in disagreement.

Almost at the same time, the person from within the spell was alarmed and warned in a deep voice, "What are you trying to do?"

"Nothing. Didn’t you want the password? Listen up carefully!" Without holding back his smile, Xu Que’s eyes suddenly opened wide. His Qi rushed to his dantian and sang out loudly all of a sudden,

"The-King-called-me-to-patrol-the-mountains… I spin the Human World round and round, I play my drums, and knock my Gong, life’s a tempo..." The loud and clear singing voice penetrated into the distance and resonated through the entire forest.

"The King called me to patrol the mountains, to catch a monk for his dinner…"


In the forest, countless birds and beasts became alarmed and fled in disarray.

The two Demon Foxes were also astonished and became stunned.

"What… what is he singing?" The Red Fox was dumbfounded.

The White Fox was also at a loss. She nodded her head and was speechless.

"The King called me to patrol the mountains, to catch the Tiger-Dragon King for dinner…"

Before the spell wall, Xu Que was still singing at the top of his lungs. He got more intense as he sang. While singing, he started to change the lyrics and substituted the Tiger-Dragon King’s name in.

"Keep your mouth shut!" The voice from within the spell, which remained silent, seemed to have reacted. A furious roar abruptly followed.

"This mountain stream’s water, sweet as can be, both the pair of mandarin ducks and the immortal are not enviable…" Xu Que did not care and continued to sing intently. He accompanied his singing with a small dance and displayed a cheap and lowly image of himself. It was as if there were five characters written on his face-- ‘Come and beat me up!’