Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 114

"That’s terrifying! My acting tough level! It’s too impressive!"

Xu Que stood atop the mountain and raised his head to look at the passing clouds. His mind was still ringing with beeps and notifications and he was extremely glad.

The gentle wind blew across as his clothes flapped in the wind while he stared into a distance. He felt like a highly skilled martial artist standing atop a mountain, feeling unrivalled and yet lonely.

At the next moment however, he could see several shadows walking into the forest as they spoke to each other.

Xu Que happened to sweep his gaze across when he caught a short glimpse of those shadows. "Shit! Have my eyes gone bad? What were those people? Why did I see someone with horns on his head and another with a long tail on his back?"

The few shadows had already disappeared into the wilderness but Xu Que was still extremely curious. He was certain about whatever he saw and those shadows were clearly of humans. They even wore clothes and yet they weren’t completely human.

"Have aliens invaded this realm of cultivators?" Xu Que widened his eyes and thought deeply.

After a while, his eyes lit up, "That’s right. I almost forgot that there was another race apart from humans and demons in this realm. But that race... Wasn’t it already extinct?"

He started to get extremely suspicious. According to the memories of the owner to this body, this other race belonged to the demonic humans.
Demonic humans were the descendants of a breed between humans and demonic beasts. A long time ago, this race was extremely powerful. They were born of human form and would occasionally bear traits of demonic beasts. For example, some would have horns and others would have wings or tails.

However, as the time passed, the relations between humans and demonic humans soured and this race plunged into an awkward situation. Both sides had regarded each other as enemies and started raising arms in a bid to wipe out the other party. At last, the demonic humans had no choice but to go into hiding and were rarely seen.

Rumors had it that the entire race had gone into extinction. Although people would see traces of them from time to time deep in the forest or mountains, causing far too many rumors and stories floating around.

Xu Que never imagined that he would actually get the chance to see these fabled demonic humans around when he had only wanted to look for a quiet place in order to get over with his 49 Tribulations.

"That’s interesting. These are the original demonic humans which I’ve heard so much of." Xu Que’s lips curled into a smile and started chasing after them in excitement.

He wasn’t excited about meeting the demonic humans. Rather, he wanted to see what they were up to, for they were highly elusive. For all he knew, he might have another few opportunities to act tough!

He rode atop his Lightning Haste and leapt down from the mountaintop.

Before long, he reachrd a considerable distance behind the demonic humans. He then realized that they were three males and all of of them were of Golden Core Stage.

One of them had a pair of horns on his head while the other had a bushy tail, the last member having the most bizarre appearance. He had the torso of a man but the lower body of a snake!

"Hssss!" Xu Que looked at them and inhaled a breath of fresh air. He couldn’t help but feel amazed. This last demonic human was the result of a human who had sex with a snake! Or was it a snake who had sex with a human? If it was the former, Xu Que would’ve admired the human, for their story would be similar to a popular tale titled Madame White Snake.

At the same time, their conversation could be heard by Xu Que.

"This time, we really have to catch several soft skinned and fleshy kids to bring back. If not, our King would definitely be angry."

"Yes! The last time we caught an old man, his flesh was so rubbery that the King had meat stuck in his teeth for days. He was angry even three days after and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of sixth brother."

"This time is different. Our King is extremely particular about the Thunder Tribulation Worship and is dead set on acquiring the throne and becoming the new Demon King. If we fail to catch some children as an offering, we would get beaten into a pulp for sure."

"Let’s hurry up. I managed to chance upon several children playing by the lake. Some of them were extremely mischievous and kept on shouting something that the Lord of Commoners is a fake lord. I won’t show them any mercy."


As they finished their discussion, they increased their speed and started making their way down from the mountain.
When Xu Que heard this, he raised his eyebrows.

"Damn! I thought this race would be good natured. Looks like they’re the same as demonic beasts and enjoy eating humans!"

Without speaking a word or making a sound, he crept behind the three of them.

Later on, they arrived at a lake beneath the mountain.

The few demonic humans stopped and hid behind a tree. The snake-tailed demonic human crept stealthily into the river.

Xu Que slowly walked over towards the edge of the woods and looked around, noticing several children playing around and were running towards the lake.

Before long, all of them had reached the lake and a child then picked up a rock and threw it, causing ripples to form on the surface and water to splash out.

In that second, Xu Que could faintly hear the snake bodied human reeling in pain softly.

"Ai, these children really knows how to play but the blame should be on their parents for not looking after them properly. They even allowed their children to run amok around the lake. What if… What if… They trample over the flowerbeds and trees, and damage the environment? What would happen then?" Xu Que started to worry for mother nature and the environment all of a sudden.

"Splash!" a loud sound could be heard on the surface of the lake as a huge wave splashed out from the middle.

"Hehe… little brother, throwing stones must be fun huh? Let me take you somewhere more fun!" The snake-bodied man splashed out from the depths of the lake and opened out his arms, dashing towards the group of children.

At the same time, the pair of demonic humans jumped out from behind the trees they were hiding to obstruct the path of the escaping children.


"Mom! Dad! Save me!"

The children were so frightened, they started to wail loudly as mucus ran down their noses.

"The human race’s children are extremely noisy! Quickly knock them out before their parents are alerted!" The man with the horns on his head shouted out and the three of them started closing in on the children.

"What audacity! In full daylight, in full view of everyone, you dare to bully these children? Stop it right now!"


All of a sudden, a flash of lightning could be seen as Xu Que rode atop twin bolts of lightning while he shouted at the demonic humans.

The children and the three demonic humans paused in shock as they looked up at Xu Que in a daze.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

Xu Que’s lips curled upwards as he gripped onto the Great Buster Sword and pointed it at the three demonic humans and laughed coldly, "This road was built by me and these trees were planted by me. You’re in the territory of Heavenly Explosion Faction and dare to kidnap children here? Have you seeked permission from me, Yang Guo, the Eagle Warrior?"
(T/N: Yang Guo is the protagonist of popular Chinese film, Legends of the Condor Heroes)

Clearly, he was sick of pretending to be Hua Wu Que and now decided to act as Yang Guo.

He had also made an extremely grand entrance. At first, he caused the rumble of thunder to echoe before riding in over bolts of lightning. This caused the three demonic humans to feel some fear.

The minute they saw that Xu Que was a daoist, their faces fell and looked extremely nervous.

"Damn it! We were discovered by a human daoist."

"We’ve managed to evade detection for so many years. Could it really be that today…"

The snake-bodied man looked up as his eyes gleamed, "No. We have to kill him off. If not, our entire race would be exposed and calamity would befall."

"Old snake, watch these children. He’s only a mere Golden Core Stage cultivator. We can handle him." The man with horns on his head nodded at the children before a killing intent welled up in his eyes.
Xu Que was extremely elated as he shook his head, "I didn’t even say I was going to kill you and you speak of killing me? If that’s the case, bring it on. I shall allow you the first ten moves."

The man with horns laughed aloud through gritted teeth, "Wow, what a boastful man! We don’t need you to allow us ten moves. We’ll-"


Even before he could finish, Xu Que swung his Great Buster Sword and slammed it atop the head of the demonic beast. His horns was smashed into powder as blood seeped out from a crack on his head, dripping down.

The demonic human was stunned as he looked at Xu Que in shock.

Xu Que shouted out forcefully, "Why are you looking at me like that?! Didn’t you say you didn’t need me to give you ten moves?!"


The demonic human’s eyes rolled backwards as he fell heavily onto the ground with a loud smash. He didn’t even have a time to groan or reply and died on the spot.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing a Golden Core Stage demonic human. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a golden core!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

The system beeps rang out consecutively as Xu Que turned his gaze towards the remaining pair of demonic humans, "Come, it’s your turn now. Tell me, how many moves should I allow you to strike at me?"

The pair of them revealed looks of sheer terror and were so horrified, they couldn’t even speak. At the next moment, they turned around to flee.

Xu Que watched them and realized that they didn’t know any movement techniques and ran physically. He paid special attention towards the snake-bodied man. Although he had no legs, he ran pretty fast.

Xu Que shook his head and turned around to speak to the kids, "This hero is going to catch those two bad men. Run along home and remember not to come this far out without your parents. Understood?"

"Understood. Thank you Eagle Warrior!" The students nodded their heads like roosters in acknowledgement.

"Hm! Run along now!" Xu Que smiled as he lifted his Great Buster Sword and placed it on his shoulder before turning around to pursue the escaping demonic humans.

At this time, the last child was extremely curious as he chased up with Xu Que and asked, "Eagle Warrior, where is your eagle? Can I take a look at your eagle?"
Xu Que paused and replied blandly, "My eagle is sleeping in my pants. Little children shouldn’t look at it."

As he finished speaking, he turned around and rode atop his lightning bolts and started chasing after the runaway demonic humans.

The children looked at him in shock as one of them mumbled, "The Eagle Warrior is so cool. When I grow up, I wish to marry him."

"Idiot. You are a boy."

"Then… I shall let him marry me."

"Right. Your father will beat you to death if you speak like that again."