Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 113

The words which Xu Que quoted were still ringing in her ears. She could still recall his handsome looking face which bore semblances of innocence. All of a sudden, the Empress turned around and glanced at an elder, who was holding onto several precious treasures, "Second elder, are you holding on to a bunch of Star Miscanthus?"

"Yes! The disciples managed to gather quite a number of it. I have a total of 158 stalks of Star Miscanthus. Hong Yan, do you need these Star Miscanthus for your cultivation, now that you’ve broken through? If that’s the case, take it all! You are the most outstanding disciple of our sect anyway…"

As he spoke, the second elder whipped out all the 158 stalks of Star Miscanthus and handed it all over to the Empress.

When the Empress received the Star Miscanthus, she didn’t keep them immediately. Instead, she ignited a fire in her hands before setting the Star Miscanthus on fire.

"Goodness! Hong Yan, what are you doing?"

"Quickly stop! Hong Yan, those are Star Miscanthus!"

"Hong Yan what’s wrong with you?"

The elders had a change of expression and immediately rushed forward to stop her.

However, they were too late for the Empress had already set fire to the entire bunch of Star Miscanthus. While they were all ablazed, she started waving them in the air. Starlight flickered into the air just like fireworks, as they whistled and sizzled in the air.


It was too beautiful, especially in such a night setting.

At this point, the windows of the tower, including those on the eighth level had been open. Hence, the disciples down below could see the Star Miscanthus shooting out through the window. When they saw it, they all started cheering in jubilation.

"Look! It’s Master Hua. He’s really made it to the eighth level and could even set fire to Star Miscanthus like he did previously!"

"That’s fantastic! Master Hua is really a role model for the cultivators in my generation! After saying he would make it to the top, he really did it! That’s too amazing!"

"Holy! Everyone, run away! I remember Master Hua’s words before he went up. He said he would reach the top and pee down!"

"Everyone run! Master Hua’s pee will be extremely potent, and might even hurt people!"

Everyone started screaming in fear.

The cultivators around all split up in different directions in order to avoid being urinated on.

On the eighth level, the four Infant Transformation Cultivators were staring at the Empress and were all astonished.

The Empress before them… Was she the same woman who ruled the entire Water Nation? Why did she look so foreign then?

And why was she smiling while looking at the Star Miscanthus in her hand? Her smile was still extremely charming and beautiful which captivated anyone who looked at her.

"Senior sister, Hong Yan… What’s happening to her? Why would she burn the Star Miscanthus? And she looked so happy doing it?" An elder asked curiously.

"Those are Sky Miscanthus! More than a hundred stalks…" The second elder who had given the entire bunch to her looked extremely pained.

The Empress continued waving the ignited bunch of Star Miscanthus.

When it had finished burning, she had left a permanent mark on the tower.

When everyone took a closer look, they realized the marks on the tower weren’t random. They were words.

"In this life, I have to be the best person who ever existed. Even when I die, I will be an heroic ghost."

The Empress had used the flaming Star Miscanthus to write these words down. For some reason, these words held profound meaning for her and even caused the image of Xu Que to surface in her mind.

"Second elder…" After she had finished burning the entire bunch of Star Miscanthus, she then turned her head around to look at the second elder who was still holding onto other treasures.

"Ah? Hong Yan! I’ve already given you all the Star Miscanthus and have no more left. The rest are in the treasure room and we have use for them! I… I can’t let you burn them all…" the elder hurriedly spoke out defensively.

"No, I’m not speaking of more Star Miscanthus. I… I wished to ask if we have rear chickens grown here in the sect? Can you grill some chicken wings for me to eat?"

She then thought about the decadent and delicious smelling chicken wings which Xu Que had roasted earlier on in the tower. The Empress wanted to learn his techniques and even had all his equipment needed to cook such delicious food.

"Hm… We do have chickens raised here in Sky Incense Valley. But Hong Yan, people eat chickens for their breast and thighs where there’s meat. Nobody eats the chicken wings or feet. We usually throw those parts away. Why… Why do you wish to eat chicken wings? Those parts can’t be eaten!"

The second elder heaved a sigh of relief as her request wasn’t related to the remaining Star Miscanthus. However, how could people eat such strange parts of the chicken, like its wings? Much less a dignified monarch of a nation.

Nonetheless, what happened next caused the elders to eat their words. The Empress managed to gather several chickens before killing them off properly. She then took out the wings and emulated what Xu Que had done earlier and placed them on the grill to cook. She then added the necessary marination and waited. Before long, the same delicious smelling aroma wafted throughout the entire valley…

At first, everyone within the area from the disciples to elders had all rejected the idea of eating chicken wings. Even though the aroma got more and more delicious, everyone still thought that there was no meat in the wings and thus it couldn’t be consumed.

Before long, under the graceful invitation of the Empress, the first disciple stepped forward to try. A second disciple stepped forward and ate it too…

The first elder also took a bite and the next elder stepped forward and bit onto it as well.

At the next moment, everything turned into chaos as all the Sky Incense Valley disciples and elders rushed forward to grab some chicken wings for themselves.

While the disciples completely immersed themselves within the new found delicacy, the Empress was by herself. She looked at the pan which Xu Que had used to fry the smelly tofu and thought deeply to herself. The stink which was emitted from the tofu was unrivaled and yet it tasted so delicious.

And at the same time, Xu Que who had taken great pains in order to use up his escape emblem, had appeared several hundred kilometers away, on a mountain with a loud whoosh.

"Heheh! I managed to act tough and flee yet again! Now, I truly dare to ask if anyone’s as good in doing this as myself? It’s just a pity that I left even before those four Infant Transformation Staged Cultivators arrived. If I could act tough in front of them, I might even have earned more act tough points. But... It was better to be cautious and careful. If not, it might backfire while I acted tough and make me look stupid."

The second he thought about these words, a long chain of system beeps rang out in his head.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough, the reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough, the reward is 60 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough, the reward is 80 act tough points!"
The system beep sounded loudly within his mind. Xu Que had long gotten used to it and was instead proud of whatever he had achieved.

However, he had been walking within this mountainous valley for half a day and the beeps and notifications were still coming in. This made him feel rather stupid, for he had no idea what was happening.

"Fuck me ‘till I’m dead. Who can tell me what on earth is happening? I… I didn’t do anything at all! Could it be that my acting tough had gotten to a point where I’m full of acting tough auras? But, there’s nothing here but plants and shrubs. There isn't’ even a demonic beast around for me to act tough to? Looks like… My acting tough level had gotten to such a terrifying stage where I’m able to act tough to anything!"