Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 112

"Ah? Scandal? I…. Our Sky Incense Valley won’t ever cheat people." The Empress was extremely confused, showing it on her face as well.

Xu Que cleared his throat, "Stop covering up! Have you looked into my clear and extremely bright pair of eyes? Well, let me tell you. These aren’t just eyes. These are a pair of light which will uncover and reveal your cheating ploys ."

"Actually, I was able to see through the entire plan a long time ago. Let me tell you, your lowdown scummy ploys will never fool an intelligent genius such as myself. I could see right through you."

"First off, you made use of your terrific figure and gorgeous looking features to attract my attention. Next, you would make a move on me and blatantly express how attracted you are to me. Soon after, you would tell me about how your parents are mighty royalty within the kingdom. When you’ve finally reeled me in, you would give me all kinds of powerful treasures and medications to improve my cultivation and might even give me a large sum of spirit stones. Before long, you would make repeated requests to have sex with me and would even rape me if I refuse to give permission. Once that happens, I would become embroiled deeply within your ploy and have no choice but to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you."

"At the end, I would have everything I ever wanted and needed. I wouldn’t have to work. I could eat, play and do anything I wanted all day long. That would make me a useless person to society. I would become nothing more than a handicapped person! Before long, my physical body and my soul would regress and I wouldn’t have the slightest urge to act tough! Hmph! I won’t fall for your tricks!"

"A useless person to society? What do you mean? Don’t you worry. Any disciple that joins my Sky Incense Valley sect would never become handicapped..."

"That’s not what I meant. What I mean…" Xu Que was just about to speak more rubbish words when all of a sudden, the entire tower shook violently. Four beams of light appeared, along with immense killing intents and shot towards the tower.

"Not good! Many Infant Transformation Stage cultivators are here. There’s no time to explain. Missy, please get in the car…" Xu Que shouted out.

"Car? We’re in a tower. There’s no car around. But don’t you worry. The four of them are the Sky Incense Valley elders. Everything’s going to be alright."

"Alright your sister! Can’t you feel their killing intents? How can it be alright? You might be alright, but I’m in deep shit! Missy, I shan’t linger any longer. The mountains will remain tall and the river streams will continue to flow. We shall meet again if fate permits…" Xu Que then retrieved his escape emblem, and was prepared to flee after acting tough.

"You can’t leave this place. This tower…" The second the Empress opened her mouth to speak, she then realized a tremendous force ripping through the air within the tower. The force then swirled around in the room before landing upon Xu Que. She then asked, "You can rip open the air? You actually have the power to escape from the realms of this tower?"

Xu Que, who had just torn the escape emblem to activate it laughed out, "Of course. Fleeing after acting tough is one of my most commonly used skills. Imagine not being able to flee after acting tough. Won’t I look extremely stupid? Little miss, do not feel discouraged because I’ve seen through your (scandal) pubic hair. In fact, there aren’t many people in this world who are like me. Alright, I shan’t speak further. Farewell to you…"

When he finished speaking, the air within the room trembled violently, as Xu Que’s shadow gradually receded. The Empress knew that Xu Que was leaving and felt a strange feeling of loss and despair in her heart.


She then took out a Heaven Ending jade pendant and slung it onto his waist just before he disappeared. She then spoke out, "You and I are fated. Thank you for feeding faeces… I mean smelly tofu to me and treating my injuries… This jade pendant is yours…"

As soon as her last words were spoken, Xu Que had teleported a long distance away.

The Empress then glanced across at the eighth level of the tower and saw that it was empty. She felt a certain sense of loss and yet still felt a lingering presence around in the room that belonged to Xu Que.

When she glanced across at the pots and pans which Xu Que had used to fry the smelly tofu, she waved a hand across and stored all of these items into her storage ring.

He was already gone and these were the only items he left behind.

The air around still smelt strange, but the Empress took a deep breath and felt a special… connection.
"It was as if I haven’t had such an intimate and relaxed conversation with anyone in the longest time."


At this time, the tower started to rumble and tremble. Four old women of the Infant Transformation Stage rushed in furiously.

"Hong Yan… Are… Are you alright? Ai? What happened? Did you just have a… Breakthrough?"

The first Infant Transformation Stage elder rushed in and noticed that the Empress’ strength was much stronger than before. It was evident that she had a breakthrough.

"What about that rascal? How dare he contaminate the air around the Empress of the Water Nations. I would give him a thousand slashes. Even if he was the most worthy candidate and the one with the highest potential, Sky Incense Valley would never accept…" Another elder raged out as she tried to find a trace of Xu Que.

"Why isn’t he here? I know. Hong Yan, have you reduced that kid to ashes and dust already?" Another elder asked.

"My fellow senior masters, I’ve already handled this matter. You don’t have to investigate any further." The Empress spoke out plainly before the few Infant Transformation Stage elders in order to get their minds off the topic.

She would never tell these elders that Xu Que had fled, for they would chase him to the ends of the world in order to protect her dignity. When they’ve found him, they would do everything in their power to kill him.
"That’s good! My fellow sisters, let’s not speak of this matter any longer and allow it to pass!"

The few old ladies knew that this matter involved the reputation of the Empress and all decided to never speak of this matter again.

Just as the entire group of them decided never to speak of this matter again, the Empress broke the silence and asked, "Senior elder, might I ask, how did this person manage to enter the eighth level of the tower?"

"Hong Yan, you… Ai! Alright. Actually, this was all our fault. We never expected a mere Golden Core Stage cultivator to have such incredible soul strength and made it all the way to the seventh stage without difficulties. In fact, he was even able to vanquish the spell at the entrance of the eighth level and compromised your modesty."

The senior elder heaved a loud sigh as she explained, "However, according to the other elders, his performances in other levels were extremely precise and efficient. He was even able to surpass some of our Original Infant Stage disciples."

Hearing about Xu Que’s performance and quotes in the earlier stages, the Empress’ eyes lit up brightly.

"I shall walk the path which belongs only to the fittest and most capable."

"In this life, I have to be the best person who ever existed. Even when I die, I will be an heroic ghost."


If the Empress thought that the way Xu Que spoke earlier was strange, all these stories she was hearing now made her feel that something is stirring in her heart. As for Xu Que and his ‘Heavenly Explosion Faction’ stories, she started to imagine him speaking those words.

"Missy! Take a look! There’s really starlight in the Star Miscanthus!"

"Missy, these grilled chicken wings tastes extremely delicious!"

"Missy! Missy! Would you like another piece of smelly tofu?"