Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 111

It was clear that this woman could rouse such strong feelings within men which made them desire her deeply. However, most of these men couldn’t help but to feel deeply inferior to her.

That was why the first time Xu Que laid his eyes on her, his heart skipped a beat. Only the gods themselves would be able to sleep with such a perfect woman!

"Little miss, have you seen a goddess before?" Xu Que asked.

The Empress looked at Xu Que, her interest was piqued. She thought to herself for sometime before nodding her head and replying, "Yes, I’ve seen them before."

"Because I’ve never met any…. Huh? You’ve seen a goddess before?" Xu Que was trying to use his pickup line once more. He never would’ve expected her to answer such an unorthodox response. She’s met a goddess before? Fuck. Was she for real?

Seeing Xu Que look so stumped, the Empress gave a girly laugh before replying softly, "The mother of this world, who looks after and raises every single individual, is a goddess. The good that can be found in everyone, that comes from the goddess as well..."

"Gulp! I guess you’re right. But that wasn’t what I meant." Xu Que’s lips twitched as he replied under his breath.

The Empress laughed out once more, "Unless you’re speaking of the goddess who can fly into heaven because I haven’t met her yet."

"..." Xu Que touched the point of his nose helplessly.

Chatting up ladies was a skill which required precision, timing and ambience. After dropping his pick up line, she replied him in such a strange way that even he found it embarrassing to pursue the matter.

Thus it can be concluded that this lady was extremely different from those other easy, cheap goods out there!

"Can you tell me, how did you manage to enter the eighth level? Based on what I know, there’s a powerful spell restricting access to the eighth level right at the entrance!" the Empress asked. She didn’t know of Xu Que’s history but she guessed that he must’ve been someone who had come for the test, hoping to enter Sky Incense Valley.

Xu Que rolled his eyes before laughing out, "Just a mere restrictive spell won’t hinder me. Or you can also say that there’s nothing in this world that can obstruct me. If I wish to be somewhere, I shall be there. That includes your heart as well."

"My heart?" The Empress asked, clearly surprised.

"If I say that I can enter your heart, would you believe me?" Xu Que nodded his head and smiled.

"I believe." The Empress thought for sometime before nodding her head shyly.

Xu Que felt his heart wrench up. No! Please don’t believe in every single word I say. Damn it. Why have all my pickup lines failed against you? I can’t believe this.

"Don’t you wish to know how I can make my way into your heart?" Xu Que asked.

"I do!" The Empress smiled once more.

Xu Que then heaved a sigh of relief, thanking his lucky stars that he was finally given the opportunity to take center stage and demonstrate his abilities. Thus, he gave a serious expression and nodded his head, "Alright. Since you wish to know, I shall tell you. The eyes are the window to a person’s heart. Come, look into my eyes and I shall look into yours." Xu Que spoke out as he thrusts his face forward towards her. The distances between both their faces were several millimeters apart.

According to the legends, if a man and woman were to look at each other deep into the eyes for forty seconds, feelings would develop between them!

And so…

"Hehe!" Just after two seconds, the Empress couldn’t help but break out into a smile as her body turned away shily before speaking, "You are a very interesting young boy. At your age, there aren’t many people like you who make discerning their ages hard."

Fuck! This lady doesn’t even treat me like a man! She’s talking to me like a child. A boy! It’s no wonder none of my pickup lines worked on her. Damn it!

Xu Que finally reacted. He looked extremely unhappy, "Little miss. I must disagree with you. I am an honest and matured man. How can you say discerning my age is difficult? Are you trying to say I’m still very boyish? No! No! No! Look at me from all 45 degrees. Can’t you see how I’m as pure as the heavens? At this age, there’s nobody more pure than me."
"You shouldn’t address me as little miss. You would confuse the orders of seniority between us. Besides, I don’t really understand most of whatever you just said…" The Empress was half laughing.

"What should I call you if not little miss? Young sister? As for those words you didn’t understand, I’ve already told you the meaning of which is extremely deep. You’re still young now and might not understand. But that’s alright. As long as you stick around me, you shall learn fast enough…"

The Empress nodded her head gently and laughed, deciding not to argue with Xu Que on this topic. She felt as though Xu Que was extremely different from most of the people she had met. Especially those strange words he spoke and the way she spoke them. Some of those words even she didn't understand. However, she had this feeling that the things he was speaking about had some deep meaning to them.

Xu Que however, didn’t like this feeling very much. He felt like he had lost this time and had broadcasted this loss for everyone to see.

He didn’t speak and looked around, trying to size her up. He then decided to quit wooing her for now and stop with the pickup lines. Besides, it wasn’t everyday that he was able to enter such a special tower. His main priority should be to refine his soul strength as much as he could. Also, he recalled having boasted earlier about peeing off the top of the tower. He probably shouldn’t let anyone down and renege on his earlier promises right? Thus he decided to ascend further to the ninth floor.

Only the minute he stood up, the gorgeous looking lady called him back.

"Little brother, since you’re able to cross through the eighth level, the Elite Entrance Order should be yours. Why are you still trying to go up and risk your life? In the future when you enter the Sky Incense Valley, you can pick a sect elder to receive knowledge and training from. Based on how strong your soul and mental fortitudes are, why don’t I recommend you an elder?"

"Wait a minute. Who said I wish to join the Sky Incense Valley?" Xu Que held his hand up and interrupted her.

The Empress paused in shock, "Eh? What are you doing here if you’re not trying to join Sky Incense Valley?"

"I was just passing by and came in here to act tough. Once I was done acting tough, I would leave."

"Act tough? What do you mean by that?" The Empress shot him a suspicious look once again.

"It… It means, to just gallivant around since I had nothing better to do." Xu Que replied, looking distracted.

The Empress mumbled to herself for sometime before speaking out seriously, "Then will you consider joining the Sky Incense Valley? If you manage to join, I guarantee that you will have numerous of treasures provided for your cultivation. At the same time, the sect will cater its resources to ensure that you develop well…"

"Damn, I was just wondering what this was all about! So this is the case! It’s a (scandal) pubic hair! A huge huge (scandal) pubic hair!"

(T/N : The chinese characters for ploy/scandal is one character away from pubic hair. In this case, he said pubic hair instead of scandal)

Even before the Empress could finish speaking, Xu Que widened his eyes and started shouting, while looking at her.

This caused the Empress to feel extremely confused. She then realized that this black robed youth was extremely difficult to fathom. However, she was extremely intrigued by him as well. She laughed out, "Little brother, would you let me finish speaking?"

"No, I won’t! Don’t even think about it." Xu Que waved his hand around, "I was just wondering to myself and thinking that it was extremely strange that the sect would place a gorgeous lady on the eighth level. She probably used some strange spell to render her immune from my pick up lines, which actually worked. My pickup lines were ineffective on her. All these are extremely abnormal. Indeed, I didn’t expect any of this, for it was all a huge, huge (scandal) pubic hair! It’s a scam! A phoney from start to end!"